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Hope, Anthony

The prisoner of Zenda. 1894. Read by George Hagan, 6 hours 17 minutes. TB 13035.

The perilous and romantic adventures of Rudolph Rassendyl, an English gentleman in Ruritania, who by impersonating the king, defeats a plot to oust him from the throne. TB 13035.

Humphreys, C C

Jack Absolute. 2004. Read by C C Humphreys, 11 hours 6 minutes. TB 14318.

Jack Absolute; book 1. 1777. After years away, Jack returns to London to find that he's famous. A playwright has stolen his name and made "Jack Absolute" the star of his hit comedy The Rivals. This notoriety makes the real Jack's job somewhat difficult - he's a spy! But Jack’s retirement has to be put on hold when a duel over an actress forces him to seek refuge with his old commander. John Burgoyne has been appointed to lead an army down from Canada and crush the American Revolution. Jack has experience of the Iroquois of North America and can help rally these vital allies to the King's cause. But there is a traitor at the heart of the British army, willing to betray Jack's every move. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 14318.

Innes, Hammond

The wreck of the "Mary Deare". 1956. Read by Ian Stuart, 8 hours 13 minutes. TB 10101.

The "Sea Witch", fighting its way through the March gales in the Channel, encounters a steamer which appears to ignore its signals and bears down on the little vessel. There is no one to be seen on board. The crew board her and find one man. This is the start of a series of events culminating in a desperate struggle for survival in the cold seas off France. TB 10101.

Innes, Hammond

Campbell's kingdom. 1957. Read by Ian Stuart, 8 hours 51 minutes. TB 9669.

After Stuart Campbell passed away, he left behind him only a derelict oil rig and his home, now a crumbling old shack. His sole heir was his nephew, Bruce Campbell Wetheral. It was said that no one in his right mind would live seven thousand feet up in the Rocky Mountains trying to fulfil a dead man's dream, but Bruce was not one to give in that easily; he only had six months to live, so what did he have to lose? TB 9669.

Innes, Hammond

The angry mountain. 1982. Read by Michael McStay, 8 hours 6 minutes. TB 9480.

Dick Farrel is a man haunted by his wartime memories of torture and fear, a time better forgotten, but past and present merge when a trip to Eastern Europe embroils him in the twilight world of the industrial spy. Farrell becomes a reluctant player in a lethal game as the hunt shifts from Czechoslovakia to Southern Italy. Beneath the blazing summit of Vesuvius in full eruption, he comes face to face with the living ghosts of his past. TB 9480.

Innes, Hammond

Dead and alive. 1946. Read by Joe Dunlop, 5 hours 43 minutes. TB 9566.

"The letter said 'Find out what has happened to Monique'. Pinned to it was a faded photograph of a girl. I stared at it, thinking of the docks of Naples, the dirty streets below the Castello San Elmo, of Terracina, Cassino, Formia and all the other towns where war had left rubble. This might be the likeness of a beautiful girl - or the memory of a skeleton buried beneath a shattered building ..." TB 9566.

Kaewert, Julie

The Avengers. 1998. Read by Tim Bruce, 6 hours 55 minutes. TB 13152.

A novelisation of the film "The Avengers" - a 1990s remake of the television series featuring John Steed and Emma Peel. TB 13152.

Keneally, Thomas

A victim of the aurora. 1977. Read by John Richmond, 8 hours 45 minutes. TB 3209.

During a polar expedition before the First World War, one of the men is found strangled. Tension, already high under the stress of the Antarctic conditions, is stretched almost beyond endurance. TB 3209.

Kent, Alexander

Richard Bolitho, midshipman: a midshipman Bolitho story. 1975. Read by Derek Chandler, 4 hours 39 minutes, TB 6553.

Richard Bolitho series; book 1. Although only 16, Midshipman Richard Bolitho is already a veteran of 4 years on the King's Navy. In October 1772 he joins his second ship, the 74-gun "Gorgon". Her captain is ordered to take her to Africa's West Coast to destroy the growing menace of piracy across the trade routes. Soon it becomes evident that their enemy is as dangerous and skilful as any encountered in the line of battle. TB 6553.

Kipling, Rudyard

Kim. 1901. Read by Anthony Parker, 15 hours 30 minutes. TB 955.

Kim is an orphan sahib and bazaar-boy who lives by his wits. His chameleon's talent for disguise draws him into the Great Game - British Intelligence in India - and on a mission to thwart foreign agents on the North-West Frontier. His travels coincide with the quest of his friend the Tibetan Lama, who is seeking redemption from the Wheel of Life. TB 955.

King, Stephen

The girl who loved Tom Gordon. 1999. Read by Laurence Bouvard, 6 hours 24 minutes. TB 12036.

A girl gets lost in the Northeast woods and begins to lose hope of ever getting out alive. She listens to Red Sox baseball games on her walkman, creating an imaginary friendship with her hero Tom Gordon. As she struggles to survive she realises that something in the woods is watching her. Contains strong language. TB 12036.

Kingsley, Charles

Westward ho! 1855. Read by Stephen Jack, 25 hours 27 minutes. TB 1541.

A patriotic tale of adventure, Jesuit intrigue and naval enterprise in the time of Queen Elizabeth. TB 1541.

Kyle, Duncan

A cage of ice. 1970. Read by Jon Cartwright, 7 hours 13 minutes, TB 8630.

The envelope was addressed to Professor Edwards. It contained a published paper on hydro-electrics by a Russian academician. To retrieve it, men were willing to kill and go on killing. Edwards fled for his life until a well-framed murder charge stopped him. The KGB had missed a trick and in Washington the CIA were determined to avert a world catastrophe. TB 8630.

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