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L'Amour, Louis

Sackett's land. 2004. Read by John Curless, 5 hours 13 minutes. TB 13765.

Son of a feared fighting man, Barnabas Sackett inherited his father's fiery temper, sense of justice and warrior skills. Declared an outlaw in his native England, Barnabas set his daring sights on the opportunities of the New World. The ruthless piracy of the open seas and the unknown dangers of the savage American wilderness lay before him. And so did the thrill of discovery and the chance to establish a bold new future if he survived. TB 13765.

Llewellyn, Richard

Up into the singing mountain. 1960. Read by Ray Jones, 12 hours 22 minutes. TB 4912.

Sequel to How green was my valley, TB 2756. Huw Morgan leaves the passionate, prejudiced and inbred world of his young years to seek adventure among the Welsh settlers in Patagonia. TB 4912.

Llewellyn, Sam

Maelstrom. 1994. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 15 hours 16 minutes. TB 10938.

Fred Hope was a nice guy at one time, running an eco-hotel in Devon, a scrap yard on Humberside and a charter boat. Then his whale-watching activities landed him in jail for manslaughter. When he gets out he opts for a quiet life but he is just one of those people who gathers trouble to them. His wife's brother Hugo needs to be watched, for he has distasteful habits and friends to match. This time he has disappeared to Norway in Fred's charter boat with some very unpleasant Americans who want an old-fashioned whale-hunt. TB 10938.

London, Jack

Wilderness tales. Read by John Shedden, 2 hours 34 minutes. TB 8975.

Like water seeping from some mighty reservoir, the trappers and prospectors trickle through the dark forests and mountain passes, threading the river highways in bark canoes or breaking trail for the wolf dogs through the Arctic landscape, and stone clashes with steel as the natives of the Northland resist the invasion. The basic struggle for survival between man and the environment and between man and man can seldom have been more compellingly drawn than in these stories set in the wilderness of the Yukon. TB 8975.

Ludlum, Robert

The apocalypse watch. 1995. Read by William Dufris, 23 hours 55 minutes. TB 10707.

Harry Latham is a multilingual officer who, after thirty months in deep cover, traces and enters the Bruderschaft Valley in the Hausruck Alps and finds, to his horror, a processing centre for those dedicating themselves to the emergence of the Fourth Reich. Harry is captured, betrayed by his own people and, without his knowledge, undergoes surgery to invade his brain. He is then permitted to escape, for the particular information he now carries puts scores of innocent people under suspicion, which in turn puts groups and organisations against one another. TB 10707.

McDermott, Andy

The hunt for Atlantis. 2008. Read by Laurence Bouvard, 16 hours 51 minutes. TB 16411.

Archaeologist Nina Wilde believes she has found the location of the lost city of Atlantis and now she wants the opportunity to prove her theory. Someone else though wants her dead! With the help of ex-SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase and beautiful heiress Kari Frost, Nina faces a breakneck race against time around the world, pursued at every step by agents of the mysterious and murderous Brotherhood of Selasphoros. TB 16411.

MacLean, Alistair

Fear is the key. 1961. Read by David Sinclair, 9 hours 44 minutes. TB 6233.

The drowsy calm of Marble Springs is shattered when an unknown Englishman ruthlessly shoots his way out of the county courtroom, abducting the lovely Mary Ruthven at gun-point. Who is he? And what is his concern with the girl, with the General's secluded house, and with the great oil-rig 12 miles out to sea? TB 6233.

MacLean, Alistair

Ice Station Zebra. 1963. Read by Steve Hodson, 10 hours 36 minutes. TB 5247.

The US atomic submarine "Dolphin" leaves the Holy Loch in a hurry one stormy night. The orders are to take a Dr Carpenter under the North Polar ice-cap, surfacing near a burnt-out weather station called Zebra. But who is he and what does his locked bag contain? What has happened at the lonely station and what is wrong with the "Dolphin"? TB 5247.

MacLean, Alistair

Breakheart Pass. 1974. Read by Marvin Kane, 5 hours 30 minutes. TB 2500.

Set in Nevada in 1873 where a crowded troop train is waylaid by Paiute Indians with tragic but surprising results. TB 2500.

MacLean, Alistair

Dark crusader. Read by Jon Cartwright, 8 hours 58 minutes. TB 9548.

The job is for a fuels expert in Australia; the salary astronomical. Eight scientists have already gone - and vanished without trace. The trail leads to a remote Polynesian island, where Bentall and the girl posing as his wife find themselves in mortal danger. Behind the community of archaeologists and their Chinese henchmen a desperate crime is being prepared, and as the presence and meaning of the Dark Crusader comes to light, the story moves to an enthralling climax. TB 9548.

Manning, Jason

High country. 1993. Read by Jeff Harding, 10 hours 4 minutes. TB 14851.

High country; book 1. In 1825 Zach Hannah was a raw youth when he left the hill country of Tennessee to seek his fortune in the West. The mad demand for beaver pelts spawned a booming fur trade that sent men to battle against the fury of nature, hostile Indian tribes, and sense each other in an adventure that only the strongest could survive. Zach Hannah took the challenge to learn the ways of the wild and those who lived in it to discover that white treachery could be as deadly as Blackfoot terror and to find passionate love with a beautiful Indian woman and a fight to the death to protect. TB 14851.

Martel, Yann

Life of Pi. 2002. Read by Garrick Hagon, 12 hours 38 minutes. TB 13950.

Pi and his family, who own a zoo, decide to emigrate from India. On the way, tragedy strikes and the ship is sunk. Pi finds himself in a life boat with a hyena, a zebra, a tiger and an orang-utan. He manages to keep his wits as the food chain establishes itself. TB 13950.

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