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Masefield, John

Bird of dawning. 1933. Read by Eric Gillett, 7 hours. TB 1293.

A sea story about the wreck of a China clipper and the rescue of her crew. TB 1293.

Mason, A E W

The four feathers. 2001. Read by Nigel Graham, 13 hours 11 minutes. TB 14184.

Just before his regiment sails off to war in the Sudan, British officer Harry Eversham quits the military. He is immediately given four white feathers symbols of cowardice - one each by his three best friends and one by his fiancée. To disprove this grave dishonour, Harry dons an Arabian disguise and leaves for the Sudan, where he anonymously comes to the aid of his three friends, saving each of their lives. Having proved his bravery, Harry returns to England, hoping to regain the love and respect of his fiancée. TB 14184.

Masters, John

The Himalayan concerto. 1976. Read by Garard Green, 13 hours. TB 3021.

While staying on a houseboat in Kashmir, a composer is asked to help in investigating some mysterious happenings on the Tibetan border. The task proves far more mysterious and deadly than he imagined. TB 3021.

May, Peter

Snakehead. Read by Laurence Bouvard, 11 hours 15 minutes, TB 12859

The discovery of a truck full of dead Chinese in southern Texas brings American psychologist Margaret Campbell together with Li Yan, the Beijing detective with whom she once shared a turbulent relationship. They set out to identify the Snakehead behind the 100-million dollar trade in illegal immigrants. TB 12859.

Mayle, Peter

Hotel Pastis. 1993. Read by Michael McStay, 10 hours 4 minutes. TB 9917.

Simon Shaw, 42 and freshly divorced, dreams of getting away, and like most advertising men finds reasons for doing nothing about it. A short break in the seductive air of Provence turns into something more. The enchanting Nicole makes him an offer he can't refuse; he transforms an old gendarmerie into the Hotel Pastis, a haven for the rich and famous. But what are Jo-Jo and his jail-bird friends plotting over the local firewater every night in the cafe? Perhaps Simon is only just beginning his mid life crisis. TB 9917.

Melville, Herman

Moby Dick. 1851. Read by Duncan Carse, 24 hours 34 minutes. TB 1700.

The story of Captain Ahab's relentless pursuit of a cunning and ferocious whale. TB 1700.

Monsarrat, Nicholas

The master mariner. 1978. Read by Garard Green, 23 hours 55 minutes. TB 3398.

Master Mariner; book 1. Matthew Lawe's act of cowardice in the midst of Drake's defeat of the Armada has brought upon him a wild witch's curse that he stays on earth until his guilt is purged. For four centuries he is to live the hazardous life of a British seaman. The first instalment takes him to with Hudson in search of a north-west passage; as a buccaneer to the Caribbean; and finally to victory at Trafalgar. TB 3398.

Munro, Neil

The new road. 1994. Read by Nick Underwood, 14 hours 14 minutes. TB 14282.

It is 1733, and the great military roads of General Wade are carving their way into the heart of the Highlands, destroying the influence of the once all-powerful Clans. Into this changing landscape come two adventurers who travel north from Inveraray in the autumn of that year on a clandestine mission to investigate rumours of a planned uprising. TB 14282.

O'Brian, Patrick

The unknown shore. 1997. Read by Robert Gladwell, 15 hours 52 minutes. TB 11079.

A novel about the sea, telling the tale of the Wager, an ill-fated ship on Anson's expedition round the world. She is driven onto rocks off the coast of Chile, and sinks. The survivors fall into trouble of every kind, including mutiny and bloodshed, before being led northwards to safety by a band of stony and depraved Indians. TB 11079.

Oldfield, Pamela

Lily Golightly. 1987. Read by Carol Marsh, 18 hours 19 minutes. TB 6910.

Lily has barely adjusted to her married name when her husband, Patrick, sets sail for New York to take up a position in his uncle's firm. But instead of the long-awaited summons, news comes that he has succumbed to gold fever and is planning to go west to California without her. Lily makes up her mind to share his adventure ... TB 6910.

Orczy, Emmuska

The scarlet pimpernel. 1905. Read by Peter Gray, 10 hours. TB 2053.

The Scarlet Pimpernel; book 1. As the French Revolution gives way to the Reign of Terror, Sir Percy Blakeney an English aristocrat known for little more than dandyism and sloth, risks his life to enter France in disguise to save French aristocrats from Madame Guillotine. TB 2053.

Orczy, Emmuska

I will repay. 1909. Read by Peter Gray, 7 hours 5 minutes. TB 2054.

The Scarlet Pimpernel; book 2. It has been ten years since Juliette de Marny's father asked her to swear revenge upon Deroulede for the death of her brother in a duel. At last she finds herself in Deroulede's house with an easy opportunity to betray him to the Citizens of France for conspiring against the people. Juliette realizes, too late, that she is in love with Deroulede. Can the Scarlet Pimpernel rescue Deroulede from certain death by guillotine? Will Deroulede forgive Juliette for her betrayal of him? TB 2054.

Orczy, Emmuska

Eldorado. 1913. Read by Peter Gray, 14 hours. TB 2055.

Scarlet Pimpernel; book 3. Determination to rescue the young Dauphin leads the Scarlet Pimpernel and his beautiful wife Marguerite into many dangers. TB 2055.

Parks, Tim

Rapids. 2006. Read by Christopher Oxford, 8 hours 57 minutes. TB 14757.

In the dramatic landscape of the Italian Alps a group of English canoeists arrive for an introduction to white water. Camping, eating and paddling together, six adults and nine adolescents seem to set to enjoy what their leader insists on calling a community experience. Contains strong language. TB 14757.

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