Ajc atlanta Board Member Interest Form 2010-2011

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AJC Atlanta Board Member Interest Form 2010-2011

Name: ________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________ City________________ Zip____________________

Email: ____________________________________________________

Cell Phone: ___________________ Work Phone: _____________________ Home Phone: _________________

Preferred contact method: __email __cell phone __ work phone __ home phone

Please attach a current personal biography, resume or CV.

I’ve been a member of AJC for ______________ years.

Name of Spouse and children (if applicable) _____________________________________________________________
Profession / Employer ______________________________________________________________________________________
Synagogue Affiliation (if applicable)_____________________________________________________________________________________________
Other Jewish, Civic & Volunteer Activities ______________________________________________________
Please place a checkmark () in the appropriate box.

Program Area


Include me in the following:

Israel & International Relations

Be a part of AJC’s “Diplomatic Corps.”

  • Consular Relations- Promote AJC’s international agenda developing relationships with Atlanta’s consular corps. Consular visits and meetings.

  • General Programming (Plan forums on issues affecting Israel, the Middle East and world Jewry.)

  • Africa Institute

Inter-Ethnic Relations

Strengthen AJC’s relations with Atlanta’s diverse ethnic communities

  • Atlanta Black/Jewish Coalition

  • Indo-Jewish Dialogue

  • Latino Outreach

Inter-Religious Relations

Strengthen AJC’s relations with Atlanta’s diverse religious communities.


Fundraising to secure the future of AJC.

  • Human Relations Dinner (Corporate Community)

  • Judge Learned Hand Luncheon (Legal Community)

  • Selig Distinguished Service Award Dinner (Annual Campaign)

Public Affairs

Enhance AJC’s voice on issues in the Atlanta community.

  • Domestic Policy Issues (Energy Security, Iran)

  • Communications (PR, Marketing)

  • Thanksgiving Diversity Luncheon

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (January 2011)

Be a part of the 11th Annual Atlanta Jewish Film Festival!(AJFF)

  • Assist with fundraising

  • Implement outreach strategy

  • Volunteer at the January 2010 festival

I would like to recommend these friends and associates that may be interested in AJC activities:

Return this form to Jennifer Harris at 6 Piedmont Center, Suite 510, Atlanta, GA 30305 or fax to 404.261.2344. Thank you!
Directory: atf
atf -> Audit of the african union original: English the high level panel
atf -> Japan will have the presidency of the Council in April. It will be a busy month, with several important events planned
atf -> Turkey will hold the presidency of the Security Council in September. As in each year, many world leaders will be in New York for the general debate at the General Assembly set to begin on the morning of 23 September
atf -> Dissolving the Subject: History and Philosophy of Flow
atf -> The uk will hold the presidency of the Council in November. With several days taken up by the holidays (Eid and Thanksgiving), a retreat and a mission to Timor Leste, the calendar will be very full
atf -> About ajc ajc seeks a secure Jewish future in a more just world, believing that each pursuit depends upon the other
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atf -> Sponsorship Information

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