Alliant classroom technology proposal Project Background and Description

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Alliant classroom technology proposal

1.Project Background and Description

An Alliant International University (Alliant) classroom technology refresh began in 2012 and has continued to present with select classrooms in San Francisco, Fresno, and Alhambra. Alliant IT produced a classroom standard that meets industry standards and includes consistent user friendly interfaces for Alliant instructors and staff across campuses. Alliant IT selected Anderson A/V to install and configure the standard configuration in 2012. Podiums were configured with “one click” operation, received favorable reviews from the users and the equipment has been almost trouble free. Recently there has been a need to step up the pace of instructional technology installation, equipment failure has overwhelmed the refresh resources and overtaken the refresh timeline.

2.Project Scope

The list of priority upgrade classrooms are as follows:

Fresno – Rooms 2157 & 2161 (2)

Irvine – Rooms 320 & 331 (2)

Los Angeles – (0)

Sacramento – Classroom 4 and 7 (2)

San Diego – DH317 and Library 102 (2)

San Francisco – 206 & 217 (2)

San Francisco Law – Library and Classroom 1 (2)

3.High-Level Requirements

  • Pushbutton and/or automatic selection between A/V components

  • Projection and/or flat panel video

    • WXGA and 720p or better

    • Fill 94” diagonal

  • DVD/Blu-ray

  • Sound/speaker system

  • Computer and monitor

  • Laptop connections

    • HDMI

    • VGA

    • Audio

  • Document camera capability in select areas

  • Camera integration

  • Podium with rack mount components

4.Specific Exceptions in Scope

Some campuses require Alliant to specifically use union contractors. The pricing may vary in those areas.

5.High-Level Cost Estimate

Total per room = $21,000

Total cost of project - $21,000 X 12 = $252,000

Approval and Authority to Proceed

We approve the project as described above, and authorize the team to proceed.




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Approved By


Download 9.76 Kb.

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