Alliant Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (gwac) Ordering Guide

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U.S. General Services Administration

Alliant Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC)

Ordering Guide

October 1, 2010

GSA Federal Acquisition Service

Office of Integrated Technology Services

Enterprise GWAC Centers (West and Southwest)

Web site:

Enterprise GWAC Call Center: 1-877-534-2208

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Purpose 3

Authorized Users 3

How to Become an Authorized User 3

Accessing Alliant 3

Alliant Contract Information 4

Scope 4

Scope Compatibility 4

Not Allowed on Alliant GWAC 5

Assuring Information Technology (IT) Services or IT Services-based Solutions are the Principle Purpose of every Order 5

Scope Compatibility Reviews for Prospective Orders 5

Alliant Contract Access Fee (CAF) 6

Alliant Term 6

Order Period of Performance 6

Roles and Responsibilities 7

GWAC Contracting Officer 7

Ordering Contracting Officer 7

Order Types 8

Performance Based Preference 9

The Order Process 9

Step 1 Plan the Acquisition 9

Step 2 Define Requirement and Develop Solicitation 10

Performance-Based Service Acquisition (PBSA) 10

Performance Work Statement (PWS) 10

Statement of Objective (SOO) 10

Incentive 11

Solicitation 11

Additional FAR and/or Any Specific Agency Provisions and Clauses 12

Step 3 Issue Solicitation - Offer Fair Opportunity to All Alliant Primes 12

Compete Requirement Offering Fair Opportunity to be Considered 12

Streamlined Order Competitions/MultiPhased Approach 12

Step 4 Evaluate Proposals – Price & Other than Price 13

Pricing-General 13

Pricing-Fixed Price (FP) 13

Pricing-Cost Reimbursement 13

Pricing-Time and Materials (T&M) and Labor-Hour (LH) 14

Step 5 Order Award Documentation, Debriefings and Protests 14

Order Award Documentation 14

Postaward Notices and Debriefing of Unsuccessful Awardees for Orders Exceeding $5 Million 14

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) 15

Order Level Protest 15

Ombudsman Process 15

Step 6 Administer and Closeout Order 15

Quality Assurance – Contractor Surveillance 15

Reporting Past Performance 15

Reporting and Order Closeout 15

Contact Information for Client Support 16

Enterprise GWAC Centers West and Southwest 16

Alliant Contractors 17

Contractor Responsibilities and Guidance 18

Delegation of Procurement Authority 18

Contract Access Fee Calculation and Remittance 18

Contractor Administrative Reporting 19

Potential Organizational Conflicts of Interests 19

Contractor Training and Proposal Preparation 19

Responding to Opportunities 20

Making Sure IT Services or IT Services-based Solutions are the Principle Purpose of every Order 20

Not Allowed on Alliant GWAC 20

Past Performance 20

Ombudsman Process 21

Systems 21

IT Solutions Shop: 21

E-Buy: 21

Tracking and Ordering System (TOS): 21

Central Contractor Registration (CCR): 21

Federal Procurement Data System - Next Generation (FPDS-NG): 22

Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act Portal: 22

Appendix A: Glossary of Acronyms 23

Appendix B: Delegation of Procurement Authority 24

Appendix C: Examples of IT Services and Solutions 28

Appendix D: Two Examples of a Multiphased Approach 30

Appendix E: Additional Guidance for Time and Materials and Labor-Hour 32



This guide provides the procedures for ordering IT services-based solutions under the Alliant GWAC. It defines the roles and responsibilities of the major parties involved in the ordering process, and it provides helpful instructions for using the contract.
The Alliant GWAC will be referred to as “Alliant” while Task Orders issued against Alliant will be called “Orders.” The Contracting Officer with authority over Alliant will be referred to as the “GWAC CO” and the Contracting Officer authorized to issue and administer Orders will be referred to as the “Ordering Contracting Officer (OCO)”. See Appendix A for Glossary of Acronyms. This guide does not replace ordering agency policies or best practices, and does not take precedence over the terms and conditions of Alliant. It is the responsibility of the OCO to follow statutes, regulations, and agency-specific policies regarding the issuance of an Order and to incorporate those requirements at the Order level.
Updates to this ordering guide and other helpful information will be posted on the Alliant website at

Download 186.97 Kb.

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