Fispa ordering Process for at&t business Internet dsl service

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FISPA Ordering Process for AT&T Business Internet DSL Service

  1. To participate in this program you must have a Special Price Agreement on file with FISPA and be current (zero days past due less filed disputes) on any FISPA related AT&T account.  FISPA fees will be billed by FISPA directly to the Member and include a one-time, $100 setup, and an ongoing 4% of the monthly, current billing charged to your credit card on file with FISPA.  The DSL support and ‘billing relationship’ is direct between the Member and AT&T utilizing AT&T’s Business Direct online billing portal.  To set up your DSL account complete and submit the  B-2 Business DSL Internet Service Wholesale Procurement Agreement.  After your account is set up using B-2, to place an order (individual or bulk) use the FISPA-AT&T New DSL Service Order Spreadsheet.xlsx or FISPA-AT&T NEW DSL Service Order Spreadsheet.xls.

  2. All orders should be submitted via the AT&T ordering spreadsheet. The only time an order should be issued in the Web Order Tool is if you are instructed to do so by AT&T.

  3. All entries on the ordering spreadsheet should be CAPITALIZED. Except for column H which is the field for att, it must remain “att”.

    Column L is the speed column and it must have the speed entered exactly as what is in the word document including how it is capitalized and no extra spaces.

  4. Prior to placing your order, a secondary prequal should be conducted. Use this link¤t_page=PREQUAL
    The address and phone number that is placed on the order must be exactly as is used to qualify the site.

  5. Use the TN of 9085551234 for the prequalification.

  6. If you do not get a positive result using the 908 number, redo the prequal using the actual onsite TN. Always use the 908 number first. The only time an alternate number should be used is if the site qualifies for Broadband at a speed that is not acceptable for the application and this will allow us to see if the site will qualify ADSL, this is only an option in the states of NV, CA, TX, OK, AR, MO, KS, IL, IN, OH, MI and WI

  7. If you have a successful prequal hit you should see results that look this

DSL Service Location

HOUSTON, TX  77060


This location is estimated to be 1310 feet from the central office.


Orderable DSL Services

Single IP

Multi IP

ADSL Up to 768 Kbps / Up to 384 Kbps IR-Direct (Dry Loop) ($45.00)

ADSL Up to 1.5 Mbps / Up to 384 Kbps IR-Direct (Dry Loop) (Dynamic IP) ($50.00)

ADSL Up to 1.5 Mbps / Up to 384 Kbps IR-Direct (Dry Loop) (Static IP) ($60.00)

ADSL Up to 3.0 Mbps / Up to 512 Kbps IR-Direct (Dry Loop) ($55.00)

ADSL Up to 6.0 Mbps / Up to 768 Kbps IR-Direct (Dry Loop) ($65.00)

SDSL 192 / 192 Kbps ($150.00)

SDSL 384 / 384 Kbps ($200.00)

SDSL 768 / 768 Kbps ($270.00)

SDSL 1.1 / 1.1 Mbps ($350.00)

SDSL 1.5 / 1.5 Mbps ($400.00)

ADSL Up to 1.5 Mbps / Up to 384 Kbps IR-Direct (Dry Loop) ($65.00)

ADSL Up to 3.0 Mbps / Up to 512 Kbps IR-Direct (Dry Loop) ($70.00)

ADSL Up to 6.0 Mbps / Up to 768 Kbps IR-Direct (Dry Loop) ($80.00)

Sometimes on the prequal results you will see the word BROADBAND in place of the word ADSL.

  1. When you populate your order you must use the information from the prequal.

  2. Column “I” is where the type of service is indicated: Dynamic (S) or Static (M)

  3. Column “L” of the order form is where the speed is indicated. The information below must cut and pasted into the field and must be exactly as typed with no extra space in front or behind


Broadband Up to 768/Up to 384

Broadband Up to 1.5/Up to 384-1.0

Broadband Up to 3.0/Up to 512-1.0

Broadband Up to 6.0/Up to 768-1.0

Broadband Up to 12.0/Up to 1.0

Broadband Up to 18.0/Up to 1.5

Broadband Up to 24.0/Up to 3.0


Standard ADSL 768-384Kbps IR-DIRECT

Enhanced ADSL Up to 1.5/Up to 384 IR-DIRECT

Enhanced ADSL Up to 3.0/Up to 512 IR-DIRECT

Enhanced ADSL Up to 6.0/Up to 768 IR-DIRECT

  1. Column M Line share = N

  2. Column N Dry Loop = Y

  3. Column O Managed = N

  4. Column P Email = N

  5. Column Q have the Customer Name

  6. Column R the Site ID

  7. Columns S through AW should have the information requested.

  8. Column AZ; This field is limited to 100 spaces. Include information:, Building Name, Store name and type of building, such as mall, high-rise, campus. Also include information such as location of NID, Time of day for installation, where the CPE is to be placed, if WIFI should be disabled (the default is enabled).

    1. The following information is not included in your 100 spaces. It is used by the order writer only. This is also the field to indicate if more than 5 static IP addresses are required or if ordering ADSL IR 1.5 Single Static.

  9. Once you have completed your order, attach the spreadsheet The spreadsheet should be titled with Wholesale Customer Name_Intitials_DATE_Alpha (Alpha indicating the sequence of the orders for the day)

  10. Send your order to AT&T via email to

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