Anatomy & Physiology Chapter 8 Quiz 2 Study Guide (sect. 3 4) Know the following

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Anatomy & Physiology

Chapter 8 Quiz 2 Study Guide

(sect. 8.3-8.4)

Know the following:

  1. Location of the atlantoaxial joint

  2. True ribs, false ribs, floating ribs (# of each & differences)

  3. Features common to all vertebrate, and also for cervical vertebrae.

  4. Features of the sternum, first digit of hand & foot, representative vertebrate, axis, typical thoracic vertebrate, humerus and scapula.

  1. Bones of the brachium and antebrachium.

  2. Bones of thoracic cage

  3. Bones of pelvic girdle

  4. Location of the largest intervertebral disc

  5. Number of cervical vertebrate, thoracic vertebrate & lumbar vertebrate

  6. Scoliosis & kyphosis

  7. Pollex (What is it?)

  8. Number of bones in the big toe and thumb

  9. Number of ribs of women compared to men

  10. Location of bifid spinous processes

  11. Description of what takes place with the annulus fibrosus and nucleus pulposus in a herniated (slipped) disc.

16.The number of bones in the wrist and hand of an adult.

17. Anterior-view of the skeleton, figure 8.1 a on page 235

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