Annual Faculty Activity Report

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Annual Faculty Activity Report

Academic Year 2010-2011
Name Florence Appel Rank Professor

Department Computer Science Date June 1, 2011

I. Teaching

  1. Courses taught

Fall '10 courses

ACSG 575 (4.5) – Information Ethics – Enrollment: 25

First time course offered. It was delivered as a graduate level course, but there were five undergraduate students in it as well, taking it for undergraduate credit. Assignments were adjusted for both student levels.

CMPSC 321 (4.0) / ACSG 590 – Database Theory and Design - Enrollment: 15

CMPSC 100 (0)– S-STEM Seminar – Enrollment: 15

Spring ‘11 courses

ACSG 552 (4.5) – Advanced Database - Enrollment: 18

CMPSC 100 (0) – S-STEM Seminar – Enrollment: 15

CMPSC 200 (4) – Virtual Worlds – Enrollment: 18

New preparation for me.

All courses make use of Blackboard to facilitate discussions outside the classroom (discussion board posts), group work, and assignment submission.

  1. No independent studies, internships or senior projects to oversee this year

  2. Advising work

    • Standard academic advising for about 15 Computer Science majors

    • S-STEM advising (NSF scholarship program) throughout the year, especially freshmen

  1. Teaching innovations, improvements and self-evaluation

For my ACSG 575 course, I utilized an ethics website that was developed by Michael Sandel of Harvard. My students were assigned to watch videos from this site, and participated in the online ethics community built around the site.
II. Scholarly-Creative Activity

  1. Publications and presentations

Publications - website

Privacy For Database Design,, a comprehensive website in fulfillment of my NSF-funded project Integrating Privacy Into the Database Curriculum; includes student mini-lessons and instructional modules containing privacy content, instructor guidelines, resources & teaching tips. I continue to maintain it with updates and new materials.


What One Small Department Does on Behalf of Its Women Students, IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society 2011 (ISTAS), May 2011.

    1. Work in progress

    1. Meetings & workshops attended

  • ACM SIG Governing Board Meetings, October 2010, NYC; February 2011, NYC.

  • ACM Education Council, Orlando, February 2011.

  • ACM SIGCSE Symposium, Dallas, March 2011.

  • CELE Technology Conference, May 2011.

  • IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society 2011 (ISTAS).

    1. Grants - No grant proposals written.

    2. Professional organizations

  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

    • Special Interest Group on Computers and Society (SIGCAS)

    • Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE)

    • ACM Committee on the status of women, ACM-W

    • Consortium for Computing in Small Colleges (CCSC)

    • Academic Alliance, National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)

  1. Honors – None received

  2. Other scholarly activity


New textbook review

  • Computer Ethics textbook, Cengage Publishers.

Conference Paper Review

  • 42nd Annual SIGCSE Symposium (Special Interest Group – Computer Science Education).

  • Integrating Technology into Computer Science Education (ITICSE).


  • Edited two online SIGCAS newsletters (September and December 2010); authored SIGCAS chair’s messages for these issues.

III. Service

  1. Department of Computer Science

  • Director of the National Science Foundation S-STEM Scholarship program

  • Recruitment (working with Admissions, contacting applicants), mentoring and advising of students, working with Student Services to provide support programming, renewing awards, liaising with local businesses and Information Services to place students in internships; programming & planning (with Jean Mehta & Jean Riordan) for the monthly S-STEM Seminar

    • Department contact person, National Center for Women In Technology (NCWIT) Academic Alliance

  1. College of Arts and Sciences

  • Director, Women and Gender Studies (served third year of three year term)

  1. University

    • Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee, (third year of 3-year term; spring semester as chair); oversaw the FAC negotiating team through negotiation of a new CBA

    1. Community

    • Congregation Etz Chaim of DuPage County

Member, Religious School Committee, 8/2004 – present

Sunday School teacher, 1/2007 - present

  1. Profession

    • Chair, Special Interest Group on Computers and Society (SIGCAS)

I have just completed the third year of my second three-year term as SIGCAS Chair. In this capacity, I preside over a four-person Executive Committee, oversee the publication of a quarterly electronic newsletter, write a quarterly “Message from the Chair” column, represent SIGCAS at two national SIG Governing Board (SGB) meetings each year, and lead SIGCAS with initiatives, membership activities and collaboration efforts with other SIGs. I officially represent SIGCAS at meetings of other ACM committees.

    • Midwest Regional Ethics Bowl judge, Harper College, November 2010.

    • Local Arrangements Chair, IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society 2011 (ISTAS), Saint Xavier, May 23-25, 2011.

IV. Report on use of course reassignment(s)

Standard Course Release: Directed a semester of the NSF S-STEM scholarship program; the other semester’s directorship is funded by the grant.
V. Additional activity related to role as faculty member

Nothing additional to report

VI. Future Plans


  • Join AP CS project – this is a National Science Foundation funded coalition to develop a new Computer Science Advanced Placement course that focuses on computing principles rather than programming. I have applied to become part of the group to offer corresponding pilot courses for which students would receive AP credit at the University level. I will teach three sections of this course (CMPSC 112) in 2011-2012. I will be attending a workshop at Purdue this month.


  • Continue work on the Privacy for Database Design website at

  • Continue reviewing activities: conferences, journals, NSF.

Service to the Mathematics & Computer Science Department

  • Director, NSF S-STEM scholarship program. Plans include accompanying students to a graduate school fair at Purdue (West Lafayette); dinner with students and their high school mentors.

  • Organize & deliver (with Jean Mehta) weeklong computing workshop for 20 high school girls, June 2011.

  • Take several female students to attend and participate in the Missouri-Kansas Regional Celebration of Women in Computing, Atlanta (October 2011) with Jean Mehta.

  • Represent (with Jean Mehta) our departmental membership in the NCWIT Academic Alliance.

Service to the University:

  • Attend University retreat, July 2011.

Service to the Profession:

Serve as ACM SIGCAS liaison to the ACM Education Council; contribute to the Social & Professional Ethics section of the developing ACM 2013 Computing Curriculum Guidelines.

Organize (Chair) Second Midwest Women in Computing Conference, April 2012; received Provost Course Release for this work.


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