Are you smarter than…Parent Letter

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Are you smarter than…Parent Letter


May 7, 2010
Dear ___________________________,
On Thursday, May13th, Auburn Elementary School will be holding three rounds of Are You Smarter Than…: one for third grade, one for fourth grade, and one for fifth grade. To determine which students will participate in the live games, qualifying rounds have been held in each class. The two students with the highest scores from each class will compete against their grade level’s contestant the night of the game. Mr. Kenny Moles will be competing against third grade students, Mr. Brad Hill will be competing against fourth grade students, and Officer Bowyer will be competing against fifth grade students.

We are pleased to announce that your child had one of the top scores in his/her class! In order to ensure attendance the night of the game, we ask that you complete the bottom portion of this letter and return it to your child’s teacher by Tuesday, May 11th. Thank you in advance for your support!

The Family Involvement Committee
Student’s Name: __________________________________________
Yes, my child will be able to participate in Are You Smarter Than… on Thursday, May13th. I will make sure they he/she is at AES by 6:00 that night.

No, my child will not be able to participate in Are You Smarter Than… on Thursday, May 13th.

Parent/Guardian’s Name: ___________________________________
Parent/Guardian’s Signature: ________________________________

Download 5.45 Kb.

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