Asus delivers World's Fastest Triple Channel Memory at 2333MHz

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ASUS Delivers World's Fastest Triple Channel Memory at 2333MHz

Company helps consumers work faster and better by breaking yet another record

ASUS, one of the world’s premier technology companies and the leading maker of motherboards worldwide, today announced its motherboards have achieved the fastest DDR3 triple channel memory ever recorded. Designed for outstanding performance, P6X58D Premium motherboards have proven themselves able to support triple channel DDR3 at 2333MHz, certified using Intel XMP, or Extreme Memory Profile. This is the strictest memory testing standard in the industry, designed for dedicated gamers and overclockers, but becoming increasingly popular with more mainstream audiences. Few pass XMP with such flying colors, demonstrating the quality and sheer capabilities of ASUS hardware.
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The P6X58D Premium features ASUS Xtreme Design, aimed at enthusiasts, gamers and benchmarkers. Testing has established its great performance and stability, explaining the achievement of the new record. The X58 chipset-based P6X58D Premium boosted the triple channel DDR3 to 2333MHz together with an Intel Core i7-980X processor and Kingston HyperX® triple-channel DDR3 memory*.

ASUS boosts the fastest triple channel DDR3 on the P6X58D Premium motherboard

Rigorous Testing Leads to the Win
Not known for holding back, ASUS routinely puts all its motherboards through strenuous testing to discover their utmost potential and ensure complete stability and compatibility. This relates to both Intel and AMD platforms, giving most PC users in the world great peace of mind when choosing ASUS. In another milestone, the Intel P55-based ASUS P7P55D-E Series of motherboards recently hosted record-breaking dual-channel DDR3 memory clocked at 2.5GHz, the fastest ever of its type.
The AMD 890FX-based Republic of Gamers Crosshair IV Formula motherboard has also gained from extreme testing and envelope pushing, featuring the first high performance dual channel DDR3 for AMD users.
The ASUS dedication to uncompromising performance testing is sure to bring great benefit to the industry and consumers in years to come.
*Kingston HyperX® triple-channel DDR3 memory, part number KHX2333C9D3T1FK3/6GX

About ASUS

ASUS is a leading company in the new digital era, with a broad product portfolio that includes notebooks, netbooks, multimedia, motherboards, graphics cards, displays, desktop PCs, servers, wireless solutions, mobile phones and networking devices. Driven by innovation and committed to quality, ASUS designs and manufactures products that perfectly meet the needs of today’s home and office users. ASUS won 3,268 awards in 2009, and is widely credited with revolutionizing the PC industry with the Eee PC™. With a global staff of more than 10,000 and a world-class R&D design team, the company’s revenue for 2009 was US$7.5 billion. ASUS ranks among BusinessWeek’s InfoTech 100, and has been on the listing for 12 consecutive years.

ASUS Motherboards: No.1 in the World

ASUS is the no.1 motherboard brand in the world, commanding the biggest market share globally. Today, one in every three computers houses an ASUS Motherboard. ASUS is the pioneer of numerous innovations that have gone on to become industry standards. Recent examples include the Hybrid Phase power design, Hybrid Processor, Hybrid Switch overclocking design and Protect 3.0 for safe operation. With decades of expertise and dedication to pushing the motherboard design envelope, ASUS is poised to continue leading the industry in performance, safety and reliability.

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