Asus g70 Series Notebook Double-Barrelled Rig for the Ultimate Gameplay

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ASUS G70 Series Notebook

Double-Barrelled Rig for the Ultimate Gameplay

ASUS G70Sg delivers high impact entertainment with dual hard disk drive and powerful graphics.

Dual Graphics Engine

At the pinnacle of performance in a portable platform, the G70Sg features an independent NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTX graphics engine equipped with up to 1G of dedicated physical memory, the G70Sg is built to please the hardcore gamers with unparalleled fluid, stutter-free visuals.

Dual Hard Disk

The G70Sg has enough drive bays to accommodate two hard disks, for a combined mass storage capacity up to 640GB. Not only is this more than ample storage for one’s media library, it is also an additional option to separate gaming content from other media and files.

Dual Core CPU

Powering the G70Sg, is a choice of Intel Core 2 Duo, and Core 2 Extreme processors, the latter being Intel’s highest performance CPUs. For user friendliness, the G70Sg features ASUS Direct Console software with which the user can manage the G70Sg many features and even select CPU performance levels between Standard, Turbo and Turbo Extreme. In concert with ultra fast dual core processor and dual hard drive storage, the G70Sg has been tested to achieve 3DMark 2006 score of 8,116 (Vista Ultimate 32-bit, 1024x768) and 8,208 (Vista Ultimate 64-bit, 1024x768).

Clearly a Bigger,Better Definition

The G70Sg displays HD content with full HD 1920 x 1200p resolution delivers unmatched visual and audio quality.

Gamers are some of the most demanding consumers in their quest for system performance. To answer this need, ASUS has developed a “Multi Dual-Engine” architecture in designing the G70Sg with a duplex structure in its major system components, including dual hard drive bays and dual fan systems. Together with high-definition visual and audio capabilities, the G70Sg sets a new standard of mobile gaming, at the level of extreme performance, offering the capability of dedicated gaming rigs in a portable package.

Emotive Design

Every inch of the G70Sg is designed to match the spirit of gaming; with hexagonal and aluminum effect textures, the G70Sg evokes high performance similar to that of a sports car’s dashboard. These design flourishes are complemented by interactive LED lighting system arrayed strategically placed around the casing of the G70Sg that is not only attractive but informative as well. For instance, LED lights at the rear of the unit change color with fan speed, and that on the side of the display can be configured to flash when the CPU is under load.

Dual Display

The G70Sg is equipped with a 17” WUXGA (1920 x 1200) or (1440 x 900) Full HD display to match its processing capabilities. Its primary LCD screen boasts an ultra-quick 8ms response time to eliminate ghosting as well as dual lamp for high-brightness visual comfort. It is then supported by a secondary screen that displays critical system information, in-coming email and message alerts and personalized messages ensures a disruption-free game-play when gaming in full screen mode.

Dual Support Hardware

The G70Sg is not only about power, it is also in making that power useable. Gamers who are accustomed to operating high performance desktop systems will appreciate the G70Sg dual cooling fans. Added convenience is provided by dual mode touch pad that also provides easy access to multimedia controls as well as additional hotkeys (including a four-way key) that can be configured for a tailored gaming experience.

Dual Sound Power

To complete the high-definition suite, the G70Sg is equipped with top-notch audio features including, Dolby Home Theater and Altec Lansing speakers. A total of 4 speakers are built-in and strategically placed at 4 corners of the notebook for the best 3-D surround effects. In addition, the front speakers have flashing lights that change colors with sound volume variation for an animated enhanced game ambience.

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