Atlanta Boom Volleyball Institute faq sheet Question: How did your program become so successful with a national reputation for growth, fun and scholarships? Answer

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Atlanta Boom Volleyball Institute

FAQ Sheet
Question: How did your program become so successful with a national reputation for growth, fun and scholarships?

Answer: We are a Christian organization and God has been blessing here!
Question: When/Where are your tryouts?

Answer: From our home page, click on ‘Headlines’ and you will see tryout info there.
Question: What is the cost of tryouts?

Answer: Though the SRVA region allows $50 to be charged, we will continue to charge $35 for our tryouts
Question: Where are your practices held?

Answer: We practice in churches, rec centers, YMCAs and schools in locations near the I-285 perimeter of Atlanta
Question: What happens at your tryouts?

Answer: We look for skill and talent. But we also look for great attitudes, potential, and coach-ability as well as many other intangible skills that determine greatness.
Question: What are your age groups?

Answer: 10-Under, 12-Under, 13-Under, 14-Under, 15-under, 16-under, 17-under, and 18-under
Question: How many teams will you have?

Answer: As many as we can field based on tryouts. We would love to have at least two teams at each age group
Question: Am I good enough to make an Atlanta Boom team?

Answer: Yes! The question is "Will you work hard enough to show everyone you ARE good enough at tryouts!” Everyone has potential to be a part of our program.
Question: What if I don’t have a lot of years of experience in volleyball?

Answer: We have several levels of teams that you have potential to make: Diamond, Orange, Black and White
Question: Is there training available so I can get ready for tryouts?

Answer: Yes, we train every Sunday and many of our athletes came to get stronger, or make their school team or prepare for tryouts. Many want to play club ball now because of the training they’ve been getting and continue to get while in season at their schools!
Question: How much does the club season cost?

Answer: The cost varies depending on which team you make. It ranges from $1,400 to $3,595
Question: What is your fee structure?

Answer: We have an ALL INCLUSIVE fee structure where EVERYTHING is included. Your player fees cover back pack, warm-ups (embroidered), jersey, practice t-shirt, spandex, knee pads, hotels, airfare (when team flight required), van/bus rental (when team flight required), gym rental, coach’s pay/stipends, balls, ball carts, equipment, etc. You only pay an additional cost for FOOD here.
Question: What am I paying for?

Answer: Training!! Opportunity to grow!! Team and club experience!! Intangibles associated with belonging to a program with an excellent reputation nationally and collegiately.
Question: What is my commitment time look like?

Answer: Teams practice twice weekly and play tournaments twice monthly. Diamond level teams practice three times weekly and will play in more tournaments.
Question: When are practices?

Answer: Weekdays there are 2-to-2.5 hour practices starting after 7pm. Sundays are 2-to-3 hour practices after 2pm.
Question: How long does a tournament last?

Answer: There are 1-day and 2-day tournaments that occur on weekends with the occasional 3-day tournament (National Qualifiers, Invitationals, National Championships).

Question: Are academics important at Atlanta Boom?

Answer: Absolutely!! We check report cards and progress reports for our players to ensure they are good STUDENT ATHLETES. We even have STUDY HALL at our tournaments.
Question: Where do your athletes come from?

Answer: We serve a larger geographical area than any other club in the Southern Region. Our kids come from as far as Chattanooga (TN), Birmingham (AL), Columbus (GA), Columbia (SC), Gainesville (GA), and even Pensacola (FL)!! But locally our kids come from Atlanta, Marietta, Douglasville, Decatur, Conyers, Fayetteville, Duluth, McDonough, Smyrna, Lithia Springs, and all over Dekalb/Gwinnett/Fulton county and more!
Question: Do players get collegiate scholarships at Boom?

Answer: Yes!!! We have 217 scholarships in 15 seasons in colleges and universities that are Division I, II & III, NAIA Division I, II, & III, Junior College, Christian College, Community College, you name it. There is a volleyball collegiate home for EVERYBODY if you accept and manage the possibilities!!
Question: What do you expect of your athletes?

Answer: The Three E’s: (E)nergy, (E)ffort and (E)nthusiasm!!!!! We can take you as far as your athleticism and hard work will allow!!
Question: What is your reputation for winning?

Answer: National Championships, athletes in the Olympic Pipeline, International Championships, Bronze medalist at AAU Nationals, All-Americans, Gatorade Player of the Year, local and regional championships, Female Boom Coaches ranked #1 in the country in the past, Georgia State record holders, players on High School State Finalist and Semi-Finalist teams, collegiate coaches who ASK to run camps here.
Question: Do you have qualified coaches”

Answer: Yes, our coaches have player-coach experiences at the Division I, II, and III levels and have the same passion and commitment that is the heartbeat of Atlanta Boom. They KNOW that they are more than coaches and take their roles willingly with conviction and passion. Our coaches will teach and play alongside the players. They will drive the player home or pick them up for practice. They will study with them, mentor them, counsel them, encourage them, motivate them, push them, and pull them along when they are not yet ready to be pushed!! Our coaches are amazing and have the best interest of the players at heart…not just the win!!! There’s more than volleyball going on here!! And our coaches know it!!
Question: What is Atlanta Boom best known for?

Answer: We are the most family-oriented program in the South-East…we have fun and have great parent support. We cheer and enjoy the game and the players. We have a Boom-Family support network like none other to help with car pools, tutoring, mentoring, food table, transportation, family support, bonding events and team celebrations, sleepovers, parenting seminars & webinars, recruiting assistance, and academic support. All the resources of the Boom Family are used to benefit the Boom players and families!
Question: How do you get everyone to cheer like you do?

Answer: We have cheer practices and parents who are willing to lose themselves in the game and triumphs of their daughters and teams.
Question: How do you get the teams to support each other?

Answer: We promote sisterhood and the concept that ‘It Takes A Village’ and together we are stronger!
Question: Club ball is so expensive!! How can my family afford to let me play?

Answer: Club ball is cheaper than annual college tuition! It is worth the investment and effort it takes to find the money to support player in their dreams of becoming better players and collegiate scholarship recipients. It is an investment in time and money. Most importantly, it is an investment in the player’s and family’s future and will teach life skills and experiences that you can never place a price tag on!! You can afford it because players can’t afford the high cost of college tuition, student loans, and student-work-study and part-time jobs, and study-time-sacrifices of trying to pay for college without assistance through athletic or academic scholarships! College Tuition $35,000/annually – Boom Opportunity for Scholarship – Priceless!!

Question: There are sooo many clubs! Why Boom?

Answer: We are here to develop our players to their full potential. Our players are trained in multiple roles and multiple positions. We are here to help our players enjoy the sport, compete well, and have fun. Our mission is to help our players develop into bold, confident, and viable young ladies. We have a reputation for good sportsmanship and are pioneering the game in so many ways. We are one of the oldest programs in Metro Atlanta with a higher level of local, regional and national know-how and experience than the many 1-, 2-, or 5-year programs that are still figuring things out. We CARE about our kids and everyone that knows US, knows THAT…from opposing clubs to college coaches to the families that we serve!! We teach in a loving, nurturing, goal-oriented way that allows the skills of our players to grow at a faster pace and result in higher confidence on and off the court! Our club is the best choice and there are many clubs who respect us when we face then in competition or go all-out to support them when we compete in the same arena away from home.

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