Girl’s Tier II national Championships Bob Greenmore Tournament Registrar

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Girl’s Tier II National Championships

Bob Greenmore - Tournament Registrar

(802) 272 - 8523


Greetings Team,

Congratulations on advancing to the Girls Tier II National Championships in Burlington, VT! Whether you have visited Vermont before, or this is your first visit to the Green Mountain State, we are looking forward to providing you with a memorable USA Hockey National Championship for your players and families.
Here is some helpful information that you will need in order to finalize your registration. The following steps will allow you to register your team, secure your accommodations, input your contact details and roster. This information will then be readily available to the host association as they make plans for your participation.

Within 12 hours of qualifying for the Nationals Championships please take the following steps to complete registration:-

Please click the below link and follow the steps to register your team.

  1. Complete all steps of the team registration.

  2. Please remember to follow all steps to make hotel arrangements. Please see the National’s Guidebook to ensure you follow the correct guidelines.

  3. Accommodation details can be found on the team registration page.

  4. Please send a high-resolution team picture to your host for the Girl’s Tier II game program.

Mechanical Specs

File Formats Accepted: Illustrator AI/EPS (all fonts must be outlined), JPEG, TIFF or PDF (print quality).

Sending Artwork to Mike Hickey

Email ad materials to (if less than 10mb):

Dropbox ad materials (if more than 10mb):

  1. Please make note of the Mandatory Meeting (see the Tournament Guidebook). The Girl’s Tier II Opening Coaches meeting will be Wednesday March 30th, 2016 at The Double Tree Inn on Williston Road in South Burlington, VT at 8:00 pm.

  1. Girl’s Tier II Opening Ceremony - March 31, 8-9pm @ Gutterson Fieldhouse at UVM

Bring a team banner to carry in the ceremony. Wear your team jersey plus hats, scarfs, and other apparel to show your state pride!

  1. Player Gift Exchange - Bring a gift from your state to exchange before your first game on March 31st.


General Comments:

Each team must be certified with regard to its eligibility to compete in the National Tournament. Each coach and player must also be certified before participating in the tournament. The instructions outlined in this document must be followed closely so that no problems develop concerning eligibility questions.

Please contact your District Registrar (see attached contact list) within 72 hours of having qualified for the National Tournament for instructions. Team credentials will be reviewed for completeness and accuracy. The designated person will complete and sign off on the Team Roster Registration Certification form (2-C) and the Credentials Verification Sheet (1-C) and will send a copy of the Official Team Roster (1-T), the Team Roster Registration Certification Form (2-C) and the Credential Verification Sheet (1-C) to the assigned District Registrar contact. The team’s credentials package will be returned to the team and this entire package must be taken by the team to the tournament and it be available for inspection by the tournament credentials committee at any time.
Presentation Requirements:

Certifying teams, coaches and players is a time-consuming and complex task. In order to make this process as efficient as possible, each team’s credentials must be presented in a manner that is highly organized and systematic. Please assemble all documents in a three-ring binder and present in the following order:

Required Information:


Team Information


Certified Team Roster (1-T) approved by the team’s USA Hockey District Registrar.


Game Verification Sheet (1-C).


Sanctioned game score sheets, arranged chronologically from the first game on, to be used to verify team and player eligibility under the 20/10 or 14/10 rule.


Coaches’ Information


Signed USA Hockey Consent to Treat Form.


Signed USA Hockey Participant Code of Conduct Form.


Proof of appropriate CEP level, as mandated by the district in which the coach is registered. This may appear on the Team’s Official Roster or Supplemental Roster or be provided by way of a photo copy of CEP card (front and back). Copies of CEP cards are NOT required if other documentation provided.


Manager’s Information


Signed USA Hockey Consent to Treat Form.


Signed USA Hockey Participant Code of Conduct Form.


Players’ Information


A Players’ date of birth (DOB) must be verified by a USA Hockey District or Associate Registrar. Ac:\users\susanh.usah\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.outlook\jqixwomo\vdob.bmp in column V, next to the players name, on the Official Team Roster indicates the player’s DOB has been verified and recorded at the National Office. The Birth Certificate SHOULD NOTbe included in the Teams’ Credential Book. If there is no mark in the column next to the players name the player must provide one of the following: Copy of government issued birth certificate or Copy of a passport ID page. (Hospital issued birth certificates are not accepted.)


Non –US Citizens must have an approved transfer from the National Office. This is indicated on the roster in column C with c:\users\susanh.usah\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\temporary internet files\content.outlook\jqixwomo\transfer .jpg (There will be an S in the circle if the player has a Student Visa). If the transfer has not been completed the circle will be empty. The player will need to submit the Written Transfer form to the National Office to complete the transfer. This form can be found in the Association’s Cyber Sport software. Player will need to provide proof of resident status and proof of release and transfer from home country ice hockey federation if required.


USA Hockey Consent to Treat Form (signed by player and parent/legal guardian).


Signed USA Hockey Participant Code of Conduct Form.

For additional information, see 2015 - 16 USA Hockey Annual Guide,and Nationals Guidebook for more information.


The National Office will be mailing you two (2) National Championship patches for each player and five (5) additional patches for your staff. There are forty-five (45) patches total for the team. (Please make sure your shipping address is correct on your registration)
We request that the patches be sewn on each player’s home AND away jersey, on the upper right chest (see sketch below).
bw image
Patch location on front

of jersey.

With all teams participating in the USA Hockey National Championships displaying these patches, it will make their presence felt, accentuate the excitement of the tournament and act as a positive reminder of the accomplishments they have achieved.

Thank you for your cooperation and best of luck! We look forward to seeing you in Vermont!
Carol Weston – Director

Toyota USA Hockey Girl’s Tier II 2016 National Championships

Burlington, VT

March 31 – April 4th, 2016


2015 - 2016

USA Hockey District Registrars


Anthony Montagna

215-322 4320

Tom Hansen

608 516 4029


Stephen Palmacci

781 820 7911

Robert Yohe



Keith Kenitzer

502-239 0370


Diane Ytuarte


Northern Plains

Todd Porter

406 661 1181

New York

Thomas Branden

716-863 8119


Wendy Goldstein

714 838 2827

714 496 3893
Rocky Mountain

Bruce Karinen


Mark Bodner


New England

Mike McCullough



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