Sunday August 21, 2005

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Sunday August 21, 2005
During 2005 we celebrated our 10th anniversary as a league. Having served as commissioner for half those years I am proud of our development and believe the league can continue to grow and strengthen both on and off the field. In 2005, we grew to 16 teams and had more than 400 players participate. We saw our reach extend into the five boroughs with the addition of the Bronx Royals and Brooklyn Falcons providing two new and exciting teams in the southern Metro area we hope will remain with us for years to come.
The WRWBL also continued to make noise on the national stage sending teams to tournaments in New Jersey, Upstate New York, Pennsylvania and Minnesota. In May the New City Outlaws took home their second consecutive Atlantic City Tournament title by winning five straight games. In June, the Outlaws, Danbury Barons and North Castle Lookouts participated in the National Semi-Pro Baseball Association's Northeast Invitational in Hackensack, NJ. All three teams placed finishing 2-3-4 with Danbury earning second place. While there, both the Lookouts and Barons defeated the Brunswick, Maryland Orioles -- 2004's recognized National Champion and the #1 team in the U.S. The Lookouts and Barons defeated the O's on consecutive nights keeping them scoreless for the tournament with back-to-back shutouts. On Fourth of July weekend the New York Thunderdogs and Peekskill Tides headed to Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame Tournament while the New York Orioles participated in the Firecracker Tournament in Pennsylvania with all making good showings. Finally, the Lookouts hit the road again this time to Austin, Minnesota for the SpamTown Challenge hosted by Hormel Foods. North Castle finished second in the national field.
The following is a sampling of some of the major accomplishments of 2005:

  • Completion of our filing to become a fully incorporated tax-exempt organization

  • A series of feature stories in the Journal News where players from several teams were profiled throughout the season as well as a front page article on wood bat play

  • Sustained television coverage from News 12 Westchester during the regular season and playoffs

  • Development of our 10th anniversary logos used throughout the season and today

  • Addition of two new quality fields in eastern Westchester County including Disbrow Field in Rye and IBM Field in Armonk

I thank you for allowing me another rewarding year as your commissioner. I am confident the future remains bright and full of new opportunities.


Steve Madey

Commissioner, Westchester Rockland Wood Bat League

League History -- A 10-Year Look Back

The Westchester Rockland Wood Bat League (WRWBL) was founded in 1995 as an age 18 and up aluminum bat summer recreational league by Ms. Elizabeth Vinberg who wanted a place for her son to play when he turned 18. Initially named the Westchester/Putnam Men's Adult Baseball League (WPMABL) we began with just four teams playing a 16-game schedule. That year the Somers Storm, Somers Orioles, Yonkers Black Sox and Westchester Wildcats served as pioneers for all of us today. In the coming years, the WPMABL added the high-powered Yonkers Yankees, the Cross River Indians, New York Diamonds, Ossining Prison Keepers, Bronx Reds, Washington Heights Trojans and the Northern Highlanders to become a 8-10 team league from 1996-1999.

One of Ms. Vinberg's creations was today's all-star game, which was originally held at Somers Reis Park. Back then she cooked and baked for everyone. Today we are thankful to our sponsors like Pepsi who have added to the day's events. Her idea was to celebrate the league -- a mantra we still hold dear today. It was a chance to bring together the players, their wives, girlfriends and families to celebrate the completion of another season. We continue that tradition today.
From 1996-1999 teams would come and go but the Yankees would set the standard by which all would follow winning three consecutive championships (96'-98') dominating the league. The Yankees would regularly do battle with the Somers Orioles, Northern Highlanders and later the Pleasantville Red Sox providing our version of the Sox/Yanks rivalry. In 99' the Red Sox dethroned the Yankees in an epic three game series that still remains the top finals series in league history. All three contests went to extra innings including a walk-off grand slam by Yankees infielder Tommy Vazquez to win game two. However, the Sox were not to be denied outlasting the Yanks in game three.
In 2000, the league took its first missteps renaming itself the Hudson Valley MABL and ballooning to 18-teams and two separate A and B divisions. The result was schedule chaos and declining interest. During that season the Southeast Storm won the only B-league championship ever awarded in the league's history. The Red Sox would repeat defeating a young but up and coming Danbury Barons club coached by a new manager named Vinny Carlucci in the A-league final.
The 2000 off-season was a tumultuous one to say the least. New leadership began temporarily administering the league, six teams either dissolved or departed, the league broke it's affiliation with the MABL and a little-known umpire named Steve Madey was unanimously named the league's first independent commissioner. Madey enthusiastically led the league through a tough financial patch recommending a centralized model for finances, rules and scheduling an approach still used today. He has remained for five years of growth and prosperity.
Madey helped the league affiliate with the National Adult Baseball Association (NABA) a relationship we still maintain today. The league renamed itself the Westchester/Rockland NABA (WRNABA). By a slim 7-5 vote the managers agreed that 2001 would be played with all wood. No one that night realized; but it would be the best decision made in the league's 10-year history.
2001 was a great re-building season with the Yankees, Red Sox and two newcomers the Barons and Tarrytown Lookouts duking it out in the semifinals. Similar to this year, the Barons and Lookouts both knocked off the two heavyweights and the torch was passed and competitive balance changed. The Barons would go on to win their first championship. They did so by winning both games of the series pulling out victories in the ninth after trailing 5-4 and 9-8. In doing so they were the first club to have their names engraved onto the brand new championship cup which we still use and will award to our champs here today.


With 2001 in the books and enthusiasm growing the WRNABA welcomed established clubs from other leagues who wanted a better home in 2002. The New York Monarchs and New City Outlaws were added to the competitive mix making the WRNABA a deeper more talented group of teams. In addition, a second major decision was made that positively altered the league. Each team agreed to begin playing weeknight games regularly -- a formula we still use today. In 02' the Lookouts would avenge their heartbreaking 01' loss eliminating arch-rivals Danbury in the semis before defeating the Outlaws for their only title.
In 2003 the league grew to 14 teams and a 26-game schedule. It once again changed its name to the Westchester/Rockland Wood Bat League (WRWBL) and developed a new logo and website design. The Outlaws and Lookouts would meet again but this time the boys from New City were not to be denied. Outlaws lefty Chris Berretta pitched a brilliant game three for the clinching victory. Just a week earlier Berretta and longtime girlfriend Amy were involved in a serious car wreck. Berretta walked away largely unscathed but Amy was left clinging to life. Berretta's unexpected start surprised even his teammates in one of the most dramatic personal triumphs in the league's history. Amy would make a complete recovery completing the happy ending.
In 2004 the league decided to get real aggressive playing a 34-game regular season schedule. It was a long road and one experiment everyone agreed had failed. Despite the long year, one club seemed to have no problem. The Outlaws continued to roll winning 31 of 34 games blowing away rivals Danbury and Tarrytown in laughers during the regular season. Undaunted, the Barons bounced the Lookouts in the semis and swept New City surprising just about everyone but themselves. In the process they became the first team to have their name on the cup twice.
2005 saw the WRWBL officially incorporate the Westchester Rockland Wood Bat League name as a tax-exempt organization protecting its officers and the organization as it grows in the future. This season league grew to 16 teams and saw approximately 400 players see action at some point during the year.
Like 2001, 2005 began with three teams that had traded places in the finals (Outlaws, Barons, Lookouts) again on top. But new teams emerged and like in 01' the torch was passed. The Rockland Cavaliers and the first-year Brooklyn Falcons each advanced the finals setting up a completely new finals match-up for the first time since 2000. The Cavaliers, who had posted the worst record in league history just three seasons earlier (1-25 in 2002) completed the greatest turnaround in WRWBL history by winning nearly 30 games and reaching the finals. In doing so they proved that any team can emerge and be a champion here.
The response to the WRWBL’s approach in the Metro area has been unprecedented. The WRWBL is regularly covered by the region's media including the New York Times, Journal News, North County News and News 12 television. In addition, our league and teams are nationally ranked by the National Semi-Pro Baseball Association.
We just wonder what 2006 and the next 10 years will bring?

Teams Then…And Now
In its 10-year history the WRWBL has been home to nearly 50 different teams. Here is a list of all we could remember!
Ardsley Angels

Ardsley Athletics

Bronx Reds

Bronx Royals

Brooklyn Falcons

Carmel White Sox

Chappaqua Indians

Cortlandt Riveters

Cross River Indians

Danbury Barons

Greenburgh MuckDogs

Mount Kisco Horseman

Mount Pleasant Yankees

New Castle Lugnuts

New City Outlaws

New Rochelle Rockies

North Castle Lookouts

Northern Highlanders

New York Diamonds

New York Knights

New York Monarchs

New York Orioles

New York PBA

New York City ThunderDogs

Ossining Prison Keepers

Peekskill Pirates

Peekskill Tides

Pleasantville Red Sox

Rockland Cavaliers

Rockland Federales

Rye Indians

Somers Cyclones

Somers Orioles

Somers Storm

Sound Shore Knights

Southeast Storm

Tarrytown Lookouts

Throgs Neck Braves

Washington Heights Trojans

Westchester Cubs

Westchester Devil Rays

Westchester Yankees

Westchester Wildcats

Yonkers Black Sox

Yonkers Indians

Yonkers Yankees

2005 Team Information

Bronx Royals

Manager: Kevin Grimley

Home Field: Roberto Clemente

2005 Record: 3-24

Team MVP: Derek Kosciolek

1st Season (3-24 overall)

Brooklyn Falcons

Manager: Carlos Lalane

Home Field: None

2005 Record: 20-9

Team MVP: Rashawn Cherry

1st Season (20-9 overall)

Danbury Barons

Manager: Vinny Carlucci

Home Field: WestConn St.

2005 Record: 29-1

Team MVP: Lou Vernagallo

6th Season (129-27 overall)

2001 & 2004 Champs

New City Outlaws

Manager: Joe Maggino

Home Field: Suffern High School

2005 Record: 22-7

Team MVP: Brian Brophy

4th Season (92-22 overall)

2003 Champs

New Rochelle Rockies

Manager: Joe Mandile Sr.

Home Field: City Park (2005 2005 Record: 6-23-1

Team MVP: Jimmy DiMele

1st Season (6-23-1 overall)

New York Monarchs

Manager: Mike Cozza

Home Field: None

2005 Record: 9-14

Team MVP: Paul Gardella

4th Season (75-57 overall)

New York Orioles

Manager: Jerry Magaletti

Home Field: WCC

2005 Record: 12-14

Team MVP: Mike Ferrauto

2nd Season (26-32 overall)

NYC ThunderDogs

Manager: Chris Duggan

Home Field: Roberto Clemente 2005 Record: 10-19

Team MVP: Dave Lopez

3rd Season: (27-59 overall)

North Castle Lookouts

Manager: Chris Jones

Home Field: Purchase College

2005 Record: 24-6

Team MVP: Matt Belmont

7th Season (127-48 overall)

2002 Champs

Pleasantville Red Sox

Manager: Scott Perlman

Home Field: None

2005 Record: 16-14

Team MVP: DJ Price

7th Season

1999 & 2000 Champs

Peekskill Tides

Manager: Paul Marino

Home Field: Louisa Street Field

2005 Record: 14-14

Team MVP: Marc Kenyon

2nd Season (33-29 overall)

Rockland Cavaliers

Manager: Jim Brett

Home Field: Clarkstown HS

2005 Record: 24-5

Team MVP: Joe Farina

1st Season (24-5 overall)

Somers Cyclones

Manager: Andy Panos

Home Field: Somers High School

2005 Record: 8-19-1

Team MVP: Danny Garcia

2nd Season (10-47-1 overall)

Westchester Cubs

Manager: Greg Locke

Home Field: Horace Greeley 2005 Record: 8-16

Team MVP: Chris Mentrasti

5th Season (70-99 overall)

Westchester Yankees

Manager: Todd Sayers

Home Field: Disbrow Field

2005 Record: 7-22

Team MVP: Rob Borman

3rd Season (18-67 overall)

Yonkers Indians

Manager: Nick Botticelli

Home Field: Fleming Field

2005 Record: 13-17

Team MVP: Mike Oliva

3rd Season (35-55 overall)

Westchester Rockland Wood Bat League

League Officers

Commissioner Steve Madey 5th season

Rules Committee Chair Scott Perlman 5th season

Operations Director Chris Jones 5th season

General Counsel Paul Marino 1st season

Secretary/Archivist Mat Terrillion 1st season

Player Agent Matt Meyers 1st season

League Statistician/Newsletter Editor Nick Botticelli 3rd season

Creative Director/Webmaster Chris Duggan 3rd season

Board Member/All-Star Committee Jason Ostrowski 1st season

Board Member Andy Panos 1st season

Board Member Casey Robinson 1st season

Umpire Assignor Vincent Roma 1st season

Program Editor/Writer Bryan Ulrich 2nd season
The Westchester Rockland Wood Bat League’s mission is to provide a safe, well-organized, centrally governed and highly competitive environment for current and former local college players, as well as former minor league ballplayers on weekends and during the week. This schedule allows student athletes, recent graduates and working professionals the ability to continue playing hardball without the taxing schedule. We believe that providing strict codes of conduct, pooling financial resources and maintaining professional relationships with our fields and officials will offer a mutually beneficial relationship. This concept has kept many players who would have quit the sport or switched to softball active in America’s pastime.

Umpire Thank You
A special thanks to our assignor Mr. Vinny Roma, of the Westchester Umpire’s Association and Allan Zuckerman and Harold Schulman of the Rockland Umpire's Association who collectively worked very hard this year to assure the best officials reached our fields. The names below are officials who worked our games this season. Anyone not mentioned is purely accidental.
From everyone in the WRWBL to all our officials: “Thanks Blue
Ed Aber, Sal Algozzino, John Aris, Bob Baird, Scott Bednar, Tom Bender, John Borchert, Tom Bruno,, Rich Cesca, John “The Hawk” Cristos, Peter Cintron, Tom Curley, Sal Digrandi, John Dematas, Neil Devita, Howie Fennell, John Fischer, Larry Fischer, Kevin Flanagan, Hugh Glassey, Dave Greiner, Ed Huber, Richie Katz, Bill Kramer, Greg Kubis, Wayne Laipert, Mike Landsman, Marty Landin, Billy Lambert, Ray Lopez, Steve Madey, John “Doc” Mauro, Ken Michaels, Frank Miranda, Joe Montesano, Doug Murtha, Dom Novielli, Bill Oliphant, Jim Parker, Bobby Parker, Al Roma Jr., Vinny Roma, Ben Rossi, Don Roth, Dave Sachs, Ed Santos. Ray Sarcone, Ferdinand Scaglione, Stu Schmeltz, Bill Southard, Charlie Stockinger, Mark Savedoff, Jimmy Walsh, Cary Wasserberg, Allan Zuckerman

League MVP
Joe Grillo -- North Castle Lookouts -- Grillo was named the league's most valuable player and raised the bar for consideration of future MVPs. The second baseman played in all 30 games -- one of only four WRWBL players to accomplish this goal all year. In 129 plate appearances he batted .451 with 51 hits, five home runs and 46 RBIs winning two legs of the league's triple crown the first player to do so since 2001. The 51 hits erased the previous league record of 44 set in 2004 during a 34-game schedule. His five round trippers led the league and the 46 RBIs also broke the previous record of 37 set in 34 games in 2004. Grillo smacked 14 doubles breaking a third league-record and posted an on-base percentage of .489. At one point of the season, he had a 13-game hit streak which tied the previous league record. In the field he made just two errors all season for a .966 fielding percentage. Grillo's team won a team best 24 regular season games and went deep into the playoffs.

Cy Young Winner
Kevin Rettig -- Danbury Barons -- Like Grillo, Rettig raised the bar by which future Cy Young award winners will be measured. In 12 appearances he posted a perfect 10-0 record becoming the first undefeated pitcher to win the award. The 10 wins sets a new league record breaking the previous mark of nine set during the 2002 season. Not overpowering, the righty uses great stuff and superior pitching to keep hitters off-balance. In 55 1/3 innings pitched he allowed just 43 hits, 33 of them singles and no homeruns. His 2.93 ERA was eighth best league-wide and more than enough to give the Barons high-octane offense a chance to win each night. His 43 strikeouts and 13 walks demonstrated his outstanding command of the strike zone each start. Rettig was the main cog in the Barons 30-game winning streak taking home 11 of those victories. He was a unanimous decision for this year's award.

Rookie of the Year
Rashawn Cherry -- Brooklyn Falcons -- Cherry, 21 was the brightest star among a cluster of new and young players who joined the WRWBL for their first season in 2005. The ace of the expansion Falcons staff he help guide them to the playoffs demonstrating poise and maturity beyond his years. In 14 appearances he led the league with 72 2/3 innings pitched. His 8-2 record and 1.73 ERA were both among the league-leaders for all pitchers. Cherry racked up 59 strikeouts and allowed just 35 runs all season. He also proved to be a bulldog taking the ball in relief earning a save as well.

Comeback Player of the Year
Dino Scuderi -- Yonkers Indians -- Scuderi had one of the biggest turnaround seasons of any player in WRWBL history. In 21 games in 2004 he labored to a .234 average with just 15 hits reaching base at a .319 clip. In 2005 he emerged as one of the Indians most important players batting .430 -- a nearly 200 point turnaround in 25 games played. Scuderi collected 37 hits more than double his 04' total including nine doubles. His 27 RBIs were 20 more than 2004 and his .490 on-base percentage climbed more than 170 points! Truly a remarkable turnaround and a testament to his hard work for the emerging Indians.

Manager of the Year
Vinny Carlucci -- Danbury Barons -- He once joked that the only way he'd win this award is if the Barons went undefeated in a regular season. Carlucci's premonition almost came true. Danbury began the year 26-0 flirting with 30-0 into late July. He finished 29-1 the best single season in league history. In six years he's notched more wins than any WRWBL manager and won two championships. His teams are always prepared to play and regularly include some of Fairfield's best talent.

Sportsman of the Year
Chris Carlucci -- Danbury Barons -- Chris joins his eldest brother at the podium as this year's selection for league sportsman of the year. On a team that is known as the 'bad boys' Carlucci stands out as a model of fair play and good sportsmanship. He exemplifies everything we expect each year from all our players each season.

2005 Gold Glove Winners

Pitcher -- RJ Grant -- North Castle Lookouts -- Grant posted a perfect 1.000 fielding percentage showing agility off the mound. He had a fantastic pick-off move getting six runners this season.

Catcher -- Rich Salerno -- Pleasantville Red Sox -- Rich was tops among backstops with a 182 chances making just three errors all season good for a .984 fielding percentage. He also threw out 19 base stealers -- tops in the league.

First Base -- Lou Gigante -- Yonkers Indians -- Gigante posted a .973 fielding percentage showing great range and glove work at first for the Indians often playing on a tough Fleming Field surface.

Second Base -- John Moolick -- Rockland Cavaliers -- Moolick led all infielders in chances with a 148 outpacing the next two bagger by nearly 80 chances. His .946 fielding percentage was among the best of any second baseman in the league.

Shortstop -- Larry Castrovinci -- Yonkers Indians -- Castrovinci earns his first gold glove and is one of three Indians to take home first time honors. Larry made the fewest errors of any full-time shortstop and had the highest fielding percentage (.920) as well.

Third Base -- Mike Shea -- Peekskill Tides -- Shea was a web-gem machine for the Tides regularly coming up with highlight reel plays. A first time winner himself, he was one of the most consistent third baseman in the league among the leaders in chances and assists.

Outfield -- Dave Lopez -- New York City ThunderDogs -- Lopez anchored an outfield for the Dogs getting to 80 balls this season among the most from regular outfielders. He made just two errors posting a .975 fielding percentage and had two outfield assists to his credit.

Outfield -- DJ Price -- Pleasantville Red Sox -- Price earns his second gold glove by playing an outstanding centerfield for the Sox. Among the best ranged outfielders in our league he had a .980 fielding percentage and collected five outfield assists often getting to balls most would not.

Outfield -- Mike Oliva -- Yonkers Indians -- Oliva brought another dimension to the Indians this season with his stellar defensive play. Oliva tracked down 88 balls this season tops among outfielders. In doing so he made just one error all season with a .989 fielding percentage. His 10 outfield assists led the WRWBL.

Outfield -- Mat Terrillion --Danbury Barons -- Terrillion is the gold-standard upon which this award is built. Mat becomes the only five time winner for his outstanding defensive play. Terrillion compiled a .988 fielding percentage making just one error all season. His five assists were among the league's best and he regularly would make diving plays out in center.

Utility -- Joe Farina -- Rockland Cavaliers -- Farina was without question the most effectively versatile player in the WRWBL. Playing third, short, second or catching he compiled a .962 fielding percentage in 133 chances making just five errors all year. In addition, he boasts one of the strongest throwing arms in the WRWBL

2005 Category Leaders (Batting)

Batting Champion -- Mike Ferrauto, New York Orioles .488

Home Run Kings -- Joe Grillo (Lookouts) & Rolando Segura (Falcons) 5

RBI Leader -- Joe Grillo, North Castle Lookouts 46

Hits Leader -- Joe Grillo, North Castle Lookouts 51

Runs Scored -- Mike Oliva, Yonkers Indians 42

Stolen Bases -- Mike Oliva, Yonkers Indians 27

On-Base PCT -- Chris Alvarez, Danbury Barons .602

Doubles -- Abraham Sosa, Brooklyn Falcons 15

Triples -- Andrew Barbaro, Brooklyn Falcons 5

2005 Category Leaders (Pitching)

Appearances -- Jim Brett, Rockland Cavaliers 15

Innings Pitched -- Rashawn Cherry, Brooklyn Falcons 72 2/3

Wins -- Kevin Rettig, Danbury Barons 10

ERA -- Scott Perlman, Pleasantville Red Sox 1.69

Strikeouts -- Chris Marin, New Rochelle Rockies 71

Saves -- Mat Terrillion, Danbury Barons 5

Complete Games -- Scott Perlman, Pleasantville Red Sox 5

WHIP -- Scott Perlman & Kevin Rettig 1.00

First Team All-League

Manager -- Vinny Carlucci, Danbury Barons (29-1)

Catcher -- Mike Ferrauto, New York Orioles (.488 3HR 32 RBIs)

Pitcher -- Kevin Rettig, Danbury Barons (10-0 2.93 ERA)

Pitcher -- Rashawn Cherry, Brooklyn Falcons (8-2 1.73 ERA)

Relief Pitcher -- Jim Brett, Rockland Cavaliers (14 AP 9-0 2.55 ERA 4SV)

First Base -- Lou Gigante, Yonkers Indians (.487 3HR 34 RBIs)

Second Base -- Joe Grillo, North Castle Lookouts (.451 5HR 46 RBIs)

Shortstop -- Mark Kenyon, Peekskill Tides (.394 20 RBI 15 SB)

Third Base -- Lou Vernagallo, Danbury Barons (.473 3HR 39RBIs)

Designated Hitter -- Rolando Segura, Brooklyn Falcons (.465 5HR 23 RBIs)

Outfield -- Mike Oliva, Yonkers Indians (.470 2HR 26 RBIs 27 SB)

Outfield -- Tom Thulin, Danbury Barons (.436 2HR 31 RBIs)

Outfield -- James Caroleo, New City Outlaws (.435 3 HR 32 RBIs)

Utility Player -- Joe Farina, Rockland Cavaliers (.359 3HR 35 RBIs)

Second Team All-League

Manager -- Carlos LaLane, Brooklyn Falcons (20-9)

Catcher -- Matt Gizzi, Rockland Cavaliers (.423 2HR 27 RBIs)

Pitcher -- James Huestis, Danbury Barons (8-0 2.40 ERA)

Pitcher -- Chris Berretta, New City Outlaws (6-1 1.89 ERA)

Relief Pitcher -- Mat Terrillion, Danbury Barons (14 AP 2-0 0.59 ERA 5SV)

First Base -- Greg Schanck, Rockland Cavaliers (.409 1HR 25 RBIs)

Second Base -- Anderson Rivas, New York Orioles (.453 20 RBIs 24 SB)

Shortstop -- Melvin Castillo, Danbury Barons (.409 2HR 27 RBIs)

Third Base -- Jose Fulgencio, Brooklyn Falcons (.447 7-2b, 18 RBIs)

Designated Hitter -- Lou Osso, Pleasantville Red Sox (.409 3HR 26 RBIs)

Outfield -- Chris Alvarez, Danbury Barons (.480 25BB 15 RBIs .602 OBP)

Outfield -- Gregg Donohue, New City Outlaws (.378 3HR 22 RBIs)

Outfield -- DJ Price, Pleasantville Red Sox (.356 4HR 35 RBIs)

Utility Player -- Pete McGowan, Pleasantville Red Sox (.346 3HR 17 RBIs)

Third Team All-League

Manager -- Joe Maggino, New City Outlaws (22-7)

Catcher -- Dino Scuderi, Yonkers Indians (.430 1HR 27 RBIs)

Pitcher -- RJ Grant, North Castle Lookouts (6-2 2.63 ERA)

Pitcher -- Chris Granata, New City Outlaws (5-1 2.24 ERA)

Relief Pitcher -- James Duer, North Castle Lookouts (12 AP 3-0 2.73 ERA 3 SV)

First Base -- Alexander Brooks, Peekskill Tides (.353 3HR 21 RBIs)

Second Base -- John Moolick, Rockland Cavaliers (.345 30H 16 RBIs .500 OBP)

Shortstop -- Charles LaLane, Brooklyn Falcons (.371 1HR 22 RBIs)

Third Base -- Bill Pawson, Rockland Cavaliers (.346 27H 10 RBIs)

Designated Hitter -- Bobby Henshaw, Yonkers Indians (.348 1HR 17 RBIs)

Outfield -- Scott Seabury, New City Outlaws (.382 29H 20BB 26SB .500 OBP)

Outfield -- Reggie Armstrong, Westchester Cubs (.343 1HR 13 RBIs)

Outfield -- Dave Lopez, New York City ThunderDogs (.341 31H 18 RBIs)

Utility Player -- Greg Locke, Westchester Cubs (.373 19 RBIs)

Honorable Mention All-League

Manager -- Nick Botticelli, Yonkers Indians (16-19)

Catcher -- Matt Kennedy, Westchester Yankees (.329 4HR 8-2b 20 RBIs)

Pitcher -- Scott Perlman, Pleasantville Red Sox (5-2 1.69 ERA 5CG)

Pitcher -- Ben Hamm, New York City ThunderDogs (13 AP 3-3 4.23 ERA 72 IP)

Relief Pitcher -- John Magaletti, New York Orioles (4-0 1.71 ERA 54 K 1SV)

First Base -- John McElwee, Westchester Yankees (.298 25H 9-2b 16 RBIs)

Second Base -- Dan Troncoso, Yonkers Indians (.363 29H 14 SB)

Shortstop -- Danny Garcia, Somers Cyclones (.326 30H 15 RBIs)

Third Base -- Mike Shea, Peekskill Tides (.300 23H 12 RBIs)

Designated Hitter -- Joel Perez, New York Monarchs (.411 30H 15 RBIs)

Outfield -- Steve Smith, Somers Cyclones (.330 30H 10SB 12RBIs)

Outfield -- Bobby Crosby, New Rochelle Rockies (.373 22H 13RBIs)

Outfield -- Steven Hurta, Peekskill Tides, (.400 1 HR 14 RBIs)

Utility Player -- Jimmy DiMele, New Rochelle Rockies (.330 1 HR 10 RBIs)

2005 Hall of Fame Inductees

Troy Lehrer -- 1997-2003 (Ossining Prison Keepers/Northern Highlanders/Danbury Barons) -- Although always controversial, Troy Lehrer was a fantastic hitter for the seven seasons he competed in the league. In 146 games played he retired with a .414 lifetime batting average with 182 hits in 440 at bats including 12 homeruns, 39 doubles, 11 triples, 147 runs scored and 140 RBIs while playing first base for the Prison Keepers, Highlanders and later the Barons. In 2001 he won a championship with Danbury and he retires with a .512 on-base percentage and .634 slugging percentage. He was a five time all-star, two-time team MVP and won a gold glove in 2003.

Patrick Mauro -- 1999-2003 (Pleasantville Red Sox) -- Mauro was one of the top offensive threats in the league while an outfielder for the Pleasantville Red Sox. In five seasons his teams won back-to-back championships in 1999 and 2000 dethroning the once invincible Yankees. For his career Mauro was a .401 lifetime hitter with 153 hits in 382 at bats including 9 homeruns, 37 doubles, 101 runs scored and 82 RBIs. He retired with a lifetime .600 slugging percentage and .500 on-base percentage. A patient eye he drew 74 walks or nearly 20 per year and kept his strikeouts down with only 34 in the same stretch. An outstanding leftfielder Mauro had all the tools with the arm, speed, power and plate discipline to dominate. Mauro was a four-time all-star selection and was the team's MVP in 2000 and 2002. He won the league batting title in 2000 with a .481 average and was first team all-league in 2002.

John Mauro -- 1999-2003 (Pleasantville Red Sox) -- Like his brother Patrick, John was the other half of the feared Red Sox combination. In five seasons the Red Sox cleanup hitter gave opposing pitchers the jitters. For his career John was a .349 hitter with 133 hits in 382 at bats including 15 homeruns, 29 doubles, 109 runs scored and 104 RBIs. He retired with a .559 slugging percentage and .462 on-base percentage. Mauro was the league's preeminent power hitter as it established itself as the best place to play in the early years. In 1999 (aluminum bat) he led the league with 10 homeruns and had at least three more in the playoffs that season. He was the team MVP in 1999 and led the league in doubles in 2000 (wood bat) as well. A fiery team leader he was a feared hitter for many years.

Mike Marano -- 1994-2003 (Yonkers Yankees/Tarrytown Lookouts) Marano was a pitcher/shortstop/outfielder for the Yonkers Yankees for 9 seasons. During the league's aluminum bat years the Yankees won three consecutive titles 96-98 and Mike was the team's top pitcher and #2 hitter. In more than 175 games he was a lifetime .388 hitter with 220 hits in 567 at-bats. That's an average of 22 hits per season. This included 17 homeruns, 57 doubles 21 triples and 117 RBIs. Marano is the all-time leader in runs scored with 196 and second all-time in stolen bases with 119. Not to be forgotten are his numbers as a pitcher. In 71 appearances over the 9 seasons he was 50-10 with a 2.72 ERA in 411 innings pitched. A power pitcher he registered 530 strikeouts and allowed only 124 runs. His best overall season was 1996 when he went 9-0 with a 1.55 ERA and 83 strikeouts but also hit .396 at the plate. He completed his career with the Lookouts helping them reach the finals in 2003. To his credit he fired two no-hitters as well. Marano was a seven-time all-star, team MVP and Finals MVP during his career. He may be the most accomplished candidate we've ever had.

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document -> Table of Contents Introduction Pg. 3 Eligibility Season Practices Workouts Pg. 4 Games League Region Rinks Locker Room Pg. 5 Equipment Storage Dues Uniforms Under Armor Travel/Lodging Pg. 6 Academics School Grades Mentoring Excused absences Commitment
document -> Girl’s Tier II national Championships Bob Greenmore Tournament Registrar
document -> Atlantic Coast Wrestling Association
document -> Hockey association
document -> Army rotc unc-charlotte Army rotc point of contact

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