Atlanta Lions Soccer Camp Objective

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Atlanta Lions Soccer Camp


The Atlanta Lions, SC Youth Soccer camp is a great place for all Kids who are looking to learn the basics of the game of soccer, improve their skills, work hard, make new friends and have a great deal of Fun !!

Our mission is to get our kids involved in some outdoor activities and to provide them with the tools to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, while learning the game that we so dearly love.

How To Get Involved

At Atlanta Lions, we value the contribution of our community and understand our responsibility and duty towards the community that has made this Soccer club successful in the past years

We encourage all parents to take the opportunity to come out with your kids and have fund. Please use the contact information below to register your kids.

Who Can Participate

Kids between the ages of 4 and 13 years Old

Required Attire:


Soccer Shorts

Soccer Socks

Soccer Boots

Shin Guards


Ashu Conrad (ATL LIONS Coach) (304)719-9546

Innocent Wamey (678) 852-5440
Thomas J.Biguio (ATL Lions President) (770) 374-1560

Camp Duration:

One Month – Every Sunday

Dates : April 7, 14, 21, 28

Session Duration : 1 Hour ( 5pm – 6 pm)

Commitment Required from Parents

The Atlanta Lions SC Soccer Camp is free for all. We ask that all parents remain at the field during the duration of the entire session.

Download 4.94 Kb.

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