Atlantian Letter of Decision, June, 2013

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Atlantian Letter of Decision, June, 2013

Dame Hróðný Rognvaldsdóttir, Golden Dolphin Herald of Atlantia, sends humble greetings to her fellow heralds. Please find here the items intended for our June 2013 Letter of Intent. I wish to honour and thank the following heralds, for without their comments and guidance, this letter could not have been written; Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane (Metron Ariston) , Alys Mackyntoich (Eastern Crown) , Beatrice Shirwod, Etienne Le Mons (Vexillum) , Gunnvor silfraharr (Orle), Isabella Delfino (Sable Trident Pursuivant), Maven Whitlocke, Niccolina the Wanderer (Hippocampus), Odierne Lion (Red Hawk), Ragnar Leifsson, Caer Gelynniog Cornet), Sabine Berard, Tankred Bras-de-Fer, and Wynne ferch Rodhri (Neried).


Alesander Davidson - New Name

Consulting Herald: Ealasaid Fensterwald

Amira of Raven's Cove - New Name & New Device

Per chevron sable and purpure, three compass stars in chevron Or and a cubit arm argent.

Consulting Herald: Lochlainn hua Rigbarddain, Raven's Cove Baronial Cornet herald

Arthur of Linden - New Name & New Device

Argent, a brown bear proper dormant between four linden leaves vert.

Consulting Herald: Maven Whitlocke

This is a resubmission after the Atlantian December 2012 pend of the name "Arthur of Linden" for re-working the name since the elements "Arthur" and "of Linden" as documented could not be reconciled as being compatible to the guidelines in SENA for regional naming groups and their mixes ( There were suggestions for dealing with this but it being the holidays, we were unable to reach Arthur in time to learn his preferences. Therefore his device "Argent, a brown bear proper dormant between four Linden leaves vert" was also pended. The consulting herald has found a Dutch village named “Linden”, so citing the Lingua Anglica rule, we are sending this to Laurel.

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