Lodging Operations Unit 2 Hotel Management –R. McCann Transients/guests

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Lodging Operations Unit 2 Hotel Management –R. McCann

Transients/guests are individual _______________________________________ for safety, shelter, and sometimes food. Guests _____________________________ lodging establishments. _______________________ means a place to sleep for one or more nights. Accommodations, it is another word often used to mean _____________________ __________________________________________.

Lodging operations can now be found in almost any community. Lodging operations include hotels, motels, motor inns or motor hotels, and bed & breakfast homes. These vary in the _____________________, the ________________of the accommodations, the _______________ ______ of the property and much more.

Owners choose names for their lodging operations that communicate the images they wish to portray. The term “inn” suggests warm, friendly feelings. “Hotel” portrays feelings of efficiency, service, and amenities.

Criteria for classifying and/or identifying hotels are based on:

*__________ *_________________ *____________________

*__________________________ *_________________________

*target market *guest mix

*level of service

Hotel Sizes - The industry uses the following to determine a hotel’s size based on its number of rooms.

Classification Number of Sleeping Rooms

Small __________________________

___________ 151 to 400

Large __________________________

____________ 1501 and over

6 Categories of Lodging

  • Commercial - services transient clients

  • _______________________________________________________

  • Residential – guest stay more than 5 nights in a row

  • _______________________________________________________

  • Resort

  • Specialty accommodations - _________________________________________

Levels of Service

  • A hotel’s service level is measured by the amount of _____________________________ a guest can reasonably expect to receive.

  • A consumer perceives _____________________________________________________.

  • In the hotel industry, the difference in service levels is often (but not always) tied to incremental increases in cost.

Full-Service hotels pride themselves on their high level of _____________________________ ____________________________________________________

Limited Service Properties - focus on charging lower prices & provide fewer services.

A full-service hotel is __________________________________________________________.

  • First distinguishing feature is its architecture, __________________________________.

  • Second distinguishing feature is the level of service.

  • Services may include: luggage assistance, _________________________, one or more restaurants, bars, lounges, room service, meeting/banquet facilities, spa services, and recreational facilities.

  • A ___________________________is a hotel staff member who helps guest make arrangements, such as dinner reservations, transportation arrangements. A concierge also advises guests on what to do and see in the area around the hotel.

Luxury hotels provide the ______________________________________, noted world-wide for their services, lavish room furnishings & public spaces, and technology.

  • Provide ______________________________, more _________________________ to guests, and more ____________________ than a typical full-service hotel.

Examples: Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons Hotels

Full service properties, one level below Luxury level, are known as First-class properties. They provide better quality and more luxurious, upgraded food service and usually Concierge Services.

Examples - _________________________________________________

Midrange properties – 24 hour front desk, upgraded interior and exterior decors, limited food service, extra room amenities and other services

Examples- _________________________________________________

Economy properties – Upgraded room with color television, telephone, vending machines, and generally located close to a restaurant

Examples - _________________________________________________

Limited Service Properties are also known as Budget properties. They are smaller, provides fewer services, and is less expensive than a full-service hotel simple, basic, clean rooms with no amenities other than clean towels, linens and soap

Examples - __________________________________________________

Budget hotels have the lowest rates and least amount of service.

  • focus is on comfortable, clean ________________________ rate.

  • Motel 6 was the first of its kind with room for ________ in the 1960s.

Ex.: Microtel is a newer property of this kind.

Limited Service Hotels offer a medium level of service and a midrange price.

  • typically have ______________

  • has the word Inn in the name

  • offers more services than a motel but fewer than a hotel

  • no _______________________

Ex.: LaQuinta Inns, Hampton Inns, Fairfield Inns

Resort hotels caters to the ____________________________. A resort is a place that provides recreation, entertainment, and relaxation for vacationers. Often _______________________ seashores, mountains, golf courses, natural wonders, and hot springs; properties provide high ______________________________________________. Health spas, private gym/spa and/or tennis facilities, expansive pool areas, and other unique _________________________ created by the hotel itself allow for the resort location classification. Ex. a Lazy River, ATLANTIS Resort

Convention hotels are designed to _______________________________________________ ___________________________________ shows.

A convention is a large meeting, usually sponsored by a group for its members. Number of people attending is ______________________________________________.

  • _______________________________ is exhibits during which people that have goods and services to sell show their goods and services.

  • _______________________________ is the place where trade shows are held. These facilities must be quite large.

  • _______________________________ are often located near a convention center.

A _______________________________________ is locally funded, or privately owned structure that caters to large meetings, conventions and trade shows.

Extended Stay Properties are for guests who stay for 5 to 29 days are called extended-stay guests. Long-stay guests stay for 30 days or more. Normally these guests are traveling business people. The major characteristic of these hotels is that they provide ____________ __________________________, ______________________________________________ and _______________________________________________; some have on-site laundry facilities.

A suite is a hotel accommodation that consists of ____________________________. All-suite hotels were developed to provide more space at a lower cost. A suite in these hotels is usually two hotel rooms joined together. These suites combine _______________________________.

Extended-&-long stay suites provide ______________________________________________. Some have grocery shopping services for guests.

Residential hotels cater to long-stay guests. The décor is usually more like a home with a kitchen, living area, and bedroom

  • They offer many amenities such as ________________________________________

  • Usually individually owned

  • Property operated by a ________________________________________

Condominiums - Many new, upscale hotels are being built with _______________________ above them. The condo owners can use the hotels amenities (room service, housekeeping)

Two types of condo ownership:

  1. _____________________________________ who may live in it fulltime or rent the condo periodically to others when not in use

  2. ______________________________________- the owner owns the right to use the unit for a specific time of the year each year.


A motel is distinguished from a hotel by its ____________________________________. They are _____________________________________ lodging facilities. Parking is close to the _____________. Rooms are entered from the outside and minimal guest services are provided.

  • Motels offer a room with a bed, television, phone with free local calls, private bath, and daily housekeeping.

  • Many motels have _______________________ & have begun to offer ______________ ___________________________________

  • ___________________________________ consists of breakfast foods that do not need to be cooked.

Specialty Accommodations

They vary in their levels of service, but usually provide _____________________ than full-service hotels. Some specialty accommodations provide guest rooms with private baths, telephones, and televisions.

  • ________________________- private home offering one or more guest rooms; Full breakfast is part of the room charge

  • ________________________ - 60% of occupancy is generated by conference

  • _______________…rooms, housekeeping services & places for guests to participate in recreational activities

  • _______________ - an inexpensive place to stay small rooms, kitchens and baths are shared; no linens or toiletries

  • ______________________ -located in natural environment

Food and Beverage Service

  • Food & beverage is an essential part of the lodging’s service in the lodging properties.

  • Many properties have ________________________ (casual & fine dining), ________________________, ____________________________, and cocktail lounges.

Limited-service properties often offer a continental breakfast & coffee in the lobby and vending machines.

A room rate that includes meals is called a Meal Plan.

Types of Meal Plans:

Full American_________________________________________

Modified American_____________________________ (breakfast & dinner)



Independent Hotel Ratings

  • A Star system is primarily used to denote the level of ____________________________, with ____________ being the __________________ and _____________________ being the _________________________. International travelers can be reasonably confident about what to expect by using these stars as a guide. The criteria by which each hotel is judged may vary from country to country.

  • _________________________________________ In the United States, the government ____________________ play any role in classifying hotel. This is left up to independent organizations. Magazines, associations and other special interest groups issue ratings based on their won criteria.

5 Star/Diamonds- staff provides exceptionally high degree of service, striking and luxurious facilities, and many extra amenities. Guest services are executed in a flawless manner. The guest is pampered by a professional and attentive staff. The property’s facilities and operation help set the standards in hospitality and service for the industry. The hotel décor creates an elegant ambience from the lobby to each individual guest room or suite. Amenities: Luxury dining with a famous chef, concierge service, room service, well-equipped fitness centers, state-of-the-art business center, valet parking

4 Star/Diamonds- excellent service, high level of hospitality, a variety of amenities and upscale facilities in guest rooms, on the grounds and in the public areas . _________________________ _________ you can count on. Amenities: proximity to desirable shopping areas and restaurants, valet parking, concierge & room service, fitness and business centers, tasteful room décor.

3 Star/Diamonds- Mid-scale hotels - Convenience and comfort in the city or suburb; sophisticated with additional amenities, services and facilities, upgraded of service and comfort for the guest. Amenities: _________________________________________________________. Often located near highways and office complexes, restaurants are usually located at the property.

2 Star/Diamonds- Value properties - noticeably enhanced room décor and quality of furnishings, but are not over decorated. Properties offer ___________________ and target the budget traveler. These properties do not have ____________________________, but offer free parking and sometimes swimming pools. Often offer _________________ to nearby areas.

1 Star/Diamond- Economy hotels and motels - ________________, functional, ____________, comfortable accommodations, ____________________________- free local calls, cable tv, free parking; restaurants are often located nearby, no room-service, may have a swimming pool.

Management and Ownership

Properties are classified by the types of ownership: ___________________________________

Independent lodging property is __________________________________ not connected with any other business, usually one owner. The owner could be a single person, a partnership, or a corporation. Owners often participate in ____________________________________________. Groups advertising, shared customer reservations center or services, bulk purchasing of necessary supplies, training opportunities for employees are some of the advantages of participation in affiliations.

Chains are ___________________________ that have the same _________________________ ______________________________

A franchise is a unit of a chain that has been _____________________________________. The outside owner runs the franchise _________________________________________. The owner pays a __________________ in exchange the owner receives training, support, advertising, etc.

Advantages of a chain

  • A recognized brand name

  • The chain owner also works to develop brand loyalty. One way is through Frequent Guest Programs (_________________________________)

Ex.: Whenever you stay at a unit of the chain, you earn points. Like health club privileges or free nights stay.

  • _________________________________________ is one office that handles the reservations for all the units in the chain. A guest can call one toll-free number to reserve a room at any hotel in the chain anywhere in the country or the world. Guests can also make reservations via Internet for any property world-wide

Brands -many hotel corporations have lodging properties at various service and price levels. Each Brand has a different Target Market. Target Market is ____________________________ ____________________________ or the group of people the property is attempting to attract.

Examples – families & leisure travelers; business travelers; convention/meeting attendees; long-stay guests; budget minded guests; and special event guests

The Guest Mix is the actual mix of__________________________________________________ at any given time.

Hotel Management as far as customers are concerned, they identify the owner with the brand name on the hotel. The owner _______________________________ the hotel(s). Management salaries ____________ as the number of guest rooms increase. A larger hotel will theoretically be harder to manage (due to a larger staff, more outlets, and a greater amount of meeting space).

Hotel Locations: Downtown/Urban Resorts Highway Airport Suburban

_______________________________ - Hotels are located in dense urban areas, or in the center of a city’s business district, near offices and retail stores and close to entertainment centers. Many properties are full service. They usually attract business travelers during the week and leisure travelers on the weekends.

_______________________________ developed because businesses moved to the suburbs. Accommodations were needed for business meetings, conventions, and individual business travelers and social events.

______________________________ - As the highway system developed, the demand for lodging along the highways developed. Most accommodations along with highways are limited-service hotels and budget hotels.

________________________________ -This property is the easiest one to identify, as the airport is the special attraction.

  • Commonly provided _______________________________________________ ___________________________________ to make it easy for the traveler.

  • Hours for the restaurants, lounges, and other on-site facilities may be _______________________________ to accommodate 24 hour travelers

  • _____________________________ is common to assist international travelers

Gateways Cities - are traditionally cities located in areas that make them the first practical stop for an _________________________________________________. In the USA, Seattle, San Francisco, & LA are gateways for __________________ and _____________________. NY, Boston, & Washington are gateways to _____________________________________. Miami and Houston are both gateway cities to _____________________________________.

Improvements in airplane technology are allowing for longer direct flights from cities not commonly considered gateways. _________________________________________________ are good examples of new gateway cities.

Lodging concept is the ___________________________ of the lodging property or chain. This includes the theme, target market, décor, ambiance, and level of service.

Ex.: __________________________________________ in Tennessee were guests can spend the night in an old caboose or in a Pullman-car suite.

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