Monday: Baby Name 10 pts pts

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Name_______________________________________ Date: Spring 2014
Egg Baby Project Guidelines
Directions: Congratulations Mom & Dad! You will work on it in class/homework; whatever you do not complete in class is to be finished for homework. Each day will you turn in the required assignment for your daily grade. The completed project is a summative grade. Put your name on each page that is turned in for a grade.

Monday: Baby Name - 10 pts. ____________pts

The meaning and origin of the baby’s name plus a description of

how you decided on the name.

Monday Homework: Method of Delivery - 10 pts. ____________pts

Give an explanation of each of the methods of delivery (Natural,

C-Section, Induced, and Water). Your explanation need to be

Written in your own words using appropriate language and details.

Tuesday: Birth Certificate - 10 pts. ____________pts

Create a birth certificate on the computer. The birth certificate

should have the following information (baby name, date of birth,

weight, time of birth, parent’s name, and hospital name).

Tuesday: Twins & Triplets - 10 pts. ____________pts

Add a picture of each identical twins, fraternal twins and triplets.

Tuesday/Homework: Baby Registry – 10 pts. ____________pts

(Target, Wal-mart BabiesRUs)

Each student will record/write the prices of each item on

the Baby Registry. Total it at the end.
Wednesday: Day Care Interview – 20pts. ____________pts

See instruction page.

Wednesday: Family Tree - 20 pts. ____________pts

See instruction page.

Wednesday Homework: Feeding - 10 pts. ____________pts

Select 3 different pictures of bottles you can use for bottle feeding

your baby. Select 1 picture of a mom breast feeding (do not show

her private parts, be respectful/ picture must be teacher approved).

__________ /100 summative grade

Name _______________________________________________ Date ____________

Egg Baby Project-Day Care Interview
Directions: You are to look up the information below on the website for a day care in the (Kingwood/Houston) area. If you can’t find information on the website then you must call the center.

Name of Daycare _______________________________________________

Address of Daycare _____________________________________________

City _______________________________ State _____________________

Phone ________________________________________________________
Date called ____________________________________________________

Name of the person interviewed/talked to ____________________________

Student may use the following script(when calling):

“Hello my name is __________. I am a student in a child development class at KPHS/AHS. I am completing a project for the class and needed to gather information about daycare. Do you have time to help me now? Great, thanks.”

  1. How old does the child have to be to start daycare? ______________

  2. How early does the center open? _____________________________

  3. What time does the center close? _____________________________

  4. How many days a week is it open? ____________________________

  5. What holiday is the center closed? __________________________

  6. What illnesses/fever would prevent my child from attending? _______


  1. What are the costs for one infant full-time (all day for five days a week) to attend the center? ______________

  2. What is the cost if you have twins? $___________ and triplets? $__________

Most Important

Remember you are representing me and this school when you make this call so be sure to ask the person there name for your records, be polite, speak clearly and tell the person thank you!!!

Name: _________________________________________________________
Egg Project-Baby Registry
Directions: Use the internet to locate the prices of these items. You can use the following websites Wal-mart, Target, Babies R Us.

Check Off

Equipment & Items


Store Name

Diaper rash ointment


12 pack cloth diapers


Reusable ultra diapers for infants




Changing table w/ drawers


Set of 2 change pad covers


Cloth bibs 10 pk


Odor-less diaper pail


Nursery bedding set in a bag


Convertible car seat


Baby swing


High chair


One dozen bottles


1 case of infant formula


Baby bed


Baby bed mattress


Infant Support Cushion


3 in 1 Convertible Bassinet


4-drawer dresser


Portable bath tub with thermometer


Plastic baby safety gate


Braun Thermo Scan Ear thermometer


Pack n Play (portable bassinet)


Baby monitor set


Baby stroller


Diaper pail


Fisher Price Snugabunny Bouncer


4 Baby hooded bath towels and washclothes


Total Spent: $______________

Family Tree
Directions: You will create a family tree for your egg/child. The family tree must consist of:

Parents of your mother=Your Grandparents

Your mother’s name=Your Mother

Parents of your father=Your Grandparents

Your father’s name=Your Father

Your Siblings name(s)

Your Name

Your Egg Baby(s) Name

You will be creative in constructing your family tree.

For examples look at the website.

Download 193.97 Kb.

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