Atlantic Cape Community College Education Association Executive Committee (exec comm) Meeting Minutes July 21, 2015 Room j-202

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Atlantic Cape Community College Education Association

Executive Committee (EXEC COMM)

Meeting Minutes

July 21, 2015

Room J-202
Call To Order:

President Sandi Greco called the meeting to order at 12:35 pm. A quorum was reached with said executive committee members present:
Heather Peterson Danielle Epps Kathy Landau

Cheryl Garwood Rahshana Murphy Marcia Kleinz

Karl Giulian Phil Cragg Sandi Greco

Caesar Niglio Dennis Huey Danays Alavardo

Absent: Mary Jayne Santilli, Mike Kammer and Pat Heller

Sandi discussed how the nominations and voting process (secret ballot) will operate for the election of EXEC COMM (Umbrella) Officers. Marcia would like to see the voting policy/procedures reviewed moving forward. It was recommended that this should be addressed at the By-Law level.
Nominations from the floor:

President- Caesar Niglio

Vice President- Sandi Greco and Michelle Perkins

Secretary-Danays Alvarado and Jim Sacchinelli

Treasurer- Dennis Huey expressed a desire to step down. Pat Heller was nominated but was not in attendance. Given this, the vote on the treasurer’s office will be conducted at the next EXEC COMM meeting.
Elected Umbrella Officers:

President- Caesar Niglio

Vice President- Sandi Greco

Secretary- Jim Sacchinelli
At this point in the meeting, Sandi turned the floor over to Caesar. Jim Sacchinelli began taking minutes. Several board members thanked Sandi for her service as President.

Caesar asked everyone to please review the proposed By-Laws that were handed out and recommend any changes.
Marcia discussed past Presidents and the role they play in the TLC.
A meeting will be held on 8/12/15 to solely discuss and possibly approve the By-Laws. Time and place to be announced later.
Board of Trustee (BOT) Report:

Caesar reported that the BOT recognized recent retirees. Results of the Presidential review of the College President (by the BOT) were also presented at the meeting.

Danays will continue to lead the Membership Committee. Some items that were discussed included:

  • Pension Issues: PERS or ABP. Marcia will address these concerns and provide feedback at the next regular meeting.

  • Documents: How do we handle old union-related paperwork? This question has been asked before and Marcia will look in to this for the body.

  • Area Reps: Should we have them? Something to look at when we finalize the By-Laws.

  • Welcoming new members: Each set of unit officers should welcome their new members. New members should also be given a list of union leadership.

Treasurer’s Report:

Dennis reviewed the report that he prepared and distributed to EXEC COMM members. An end balance (as of June 30, 2015) was reported at $9,278.19 with an unresolved balance as of 7/21/15 at $10,388.27.
LAFAP Reports:

Marcia reported a mix up at the NJEA level and not at our level. Culinary was reminded to file reports. All other units are currently in good standing.

Heather Peterson reported the following:

  • We will be participating at New Student Day by giving out some items like notebooks and pencils to students since the SGA will be giving out backpacks.

  • No ceremonies were planned by the union for 9/11. Any ideas should be shared with Victor.

ACCEA (County) Meetings:

While it is quiet during the summer, please be reminded of Rep Council and Legislative Action Team (LAT) meetings that start up again in the fall.
Workshops and Conventions:

Marcia reported the following:

  • Bargaining Summit will be held in October at the Regional HQ in Hamilton Square.

  • There will be added conferences related to Higher Ed at the NJEA Convention in November.

Unit Reports:

  • ACAFA: contracts signed

  • ACCCOSAP: no report

  • SSAACCC: contract went to print shop

  • TLC: working on a few minor details concerning travel reimbursement

New Business:

Marcia reported that the College was permitted, by law, to assess retroactive health care costs regardless if other colleges did or did not do the same.
Old Business: None reported
Public Comment: None.
Executive Session: No session needed.
Adjournment: Motion to adjourn at 1:55 pm. Approved by acclimation.


Jim Sacchinelli, ACCCEA Secretary

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