Atlantis Launches All-Flash Hyper-Converged Appliance at up to 90 percent Lower Cost than Alternatives

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Atlantis Launches All-Flash Hyper-Converged Appliance at up to 90 percent Lower Cost than Alternatives
New Atlantis HyperScale targets midsized enterprises, delivering simplicity and freedom of choice at unprecedented prices
LONDON – May 5, 2015 -Atlantis Computing®, the leading provider of Software-Defined Storage, today announced the immediate availability of Atlantis HyperScale™, the first turn-key hyper-converged appliance to deliver all-flash performance for all applications at 50 to 90 percent lower cost than traditional storage or other hyper-converged appliances.
Atlantis HyperScale pre-integrates the company’s award-winning, patented Software-Defined Storage solution on the customer’s choice of server hardware from HP, Cisco, Lenovo or SuperMicro that feature Intel® Xeon® processors, as well as Intel® Solid-State Drives and hypervisors from VMware or Citrix. Atlantis also provides a single point of contact for premium around-the-clock maintenance and support for customers including 4-hour parts replacement. Every Atlantis HyperScale purchase includes a three-year global end-to-end service and support programme, covering the entire appliance, including the Atlantis software, hypervisor, solid-state drives (SSDs) and server hardware components.
Atlantis HyperScale will be unveiled alongside Citrix, VMware and industry-leading solution providers and customers at today’s launch event in the iconic Churchill War Rooms. Atlantis HyperScale is sold exclusively through Atlantis Channel Partners, who will integrate and deliver HyperScale solutions pre-configured to customers.
“Midsized businesses need lightning fast, cost-effective storage from a trusted source on the hardware they know and love. Atlantis HyperScale is the very first plug-and-play appliance to integrate all-flash speed at less than half the cost,” said Chetan Venkatesh, founder, president and CEO of Atlantis. “We are disrupting the way companies of all sizes buy and consume storage. No one has to remain hostage to steep hardware premiums or settle for infrastructure complexity. Atlantis HyperScale delivers enterprise-class Software-Defined Storage to the masses.”

Built on Atlantis USX, the company’s award-winning SDS platform, the appliance provides:

All-Flash Performance

Atlantis HyperScale delivers the performance of an all-flash array in every appliance, enabling IT organisations to meet the performance requirements of any workload. Atlantis HyperScale features Software-Defined Storage technology that performs in-memory in-line deduplication before data is written to storage, leading to extremely low latencies, high IOPS and lower storage network traffic.

Disruptive Cost

Atlantis HyperScale hyper-converged appliances cut datacentre infrastructure costs by 50 to 90 percent, while delivering all-flash performance. Atlantis reduces costs by using its patented data reduction and IO acceleration technology to reduce the amount of physical memory and local flash required per TB of storage capacity. Based on industry-standard x86 server hardware, Atlantis HyperScale eliminates the need for expensive proprietary hardware or multiple tiers of flash and hard drives required by other hyper-converged appliances. Starting at $78,000 for a 12TB all-flash four-server cluster, Atlantis HyperScale hyper-converged appliances cut datacentre infrastructure costs by 50 to 90 percent, while delivering exceptional performance.

Freedom of Choice

Atlantis HyperScale gives enterprises the freedom to use their preferred server and hypervisor platforms, eliminating complexity and additional investments in training, time and tools. This helps customers simplify their datacentres and prevent vendor lock-in. Atlantis HyperScale is the only hyper-converged appliance available on four leading server platforms and multiple hypervisors.

Modular Scalability

Atlantis HyperScale allows enterprises to scale storage in small modular units as they grow their compute resources, instead of forcing them to buy large and expensive storage arrays with limited performance. Atlantis HyperScale delivers the performance of an all-flash array in every appliance with 12 or 24 TB of capacity, empowering customers to scale-out performance and capacity to meet any application requirement.

“With Atlantis HyperScale, the company has translated its Software-Defined Storage platform – with all its flexibility, rich feature set and scalability – into a highly consumable appliance that presents a compelling alternative to midsize enterprises,” said Simon Robinson, Research Vice President, 451 Research. “With a focus on simplicity, speed and efficiency, Atlantis HyperScale brings a new dimension to the fast-evolving hyper-convergence market, which is poised to disrupt the storage market in a significant way. Channel partners and customers should both come out winners.”
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About Atlantis

Atlantis, winner of the Best of VMworld and Best of Citrix Synergy awards, offers the industry’s most flexible and powerful Software-Defined Storage (SDS) platform. Atlantis delivers better performance than the fastest all-flash array, at half the cost of traditional storage. Atlantis HyperScale leverages the Atlantis patented SDS platform to deliver all-flash hyper-converged appliances that are less than half the cost of alternatives. To date, Atlantis has deployed over 40 Petabytes of storage for more than 870 mission critical deployments, including some of the largest virtualisation deployments in the world. Atlantis is privately held and funded by Adams Street Partners, Cisco Systems, El Dorado Ventures and Partech Ventures, with headquarters in Mountain View, California and offices in Europe.

Atlantis Computing, Atlantis HyperScale, Atlantis ILIO, Atlantis HyperDup, Teleport and Atlantis USX are trademarks of Atlantis Computing. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


For More Information:

Julia Ginna

Atlantis Computing

+1 (650) 393-0436
Emily Gallagher/Liem Nguyen

Touchdown PR

UK: +44 1252 717 040

US: + 1 (512) 970-9711

Supporting Quotes

Udo Schillings, Vendor Manager


“Software-defined products offer organisations the possibility to build flexible and cost-efficient infrastructures. In the hyper-converged space, we see Atlantis leading the field regarding performance and reliability,” said Udo Schillings, Vendor Manager, ADN. “With the new HyperScale appliance, our partners can provide customers a solution that offers all-flash performance and seamlessly integrates into an existing infrastructure. With Atlantis in their portfolio, partners can set themselves apart from the market and offer a real alternative buying servers, storage and networking separately.”


Ewen Anderson, CEO
“Organisations are looking for cost-effective solutions for end user computing services that don’t compromise on quality. The Atlantis HyperScale hyper-converged appliance will completely change the way customers deliver those services by removing the need to purchase conventional storage,” said Ewen Anderson, CEO, Centralis. “It is now possible to get all flash performance at a hugely reduced price, and because the appliance is available on a range of platforms it’s going to integrate seamlessly into our customers’ existing infrastructures. Performance, reliability and a compelling price point - it’s a win-win for everyone.” 



Rob Sims, Senior Solutions Architect, Cetus


“The new solution gives organisations freedom to choose their own hardware or hypervisor. The Atlantis HyperScale hyper-converged appliance runs on HP/Lenovo/Cisco/SuperMicro; allowing our customers to leverage their existing computing and storage infrastructure,” said Rob Sims, Senior Solutions Architect, Cetus. “As a partner, this is a huge benefit because it’s flexible, easy to install and very scalable; allowing us to help our customers build a solution to underpin the data centre of the future.”  


Entisys Solutions

Mike Strohl, CEO
“At Entisys, we serve as trusted advisors to clients who have come to rely on HP servers and Atlantis USX. By offering an Atlantis HyperScale appliance on HP servers, we can now deliver faster time-to-value and time-to-market for our clients,” said Mike Strohl, CEO, Entisys Solutions. “The hands-on testing we’ve done proves Atlantis HyperScale on HP servers provides incredibly fast all-flash performance that is far less costly than existing hyper-converged appliances, while delivering a better overall solution and with more bang for the buck. Our clients gain the value of all-flash and hyper-convergence along with the freedom to choose their preferred server and hypervisor. We are excited that Atlantis HyperScale is helping us realise the vision of an all-flash datacentre.”

Andrea Nelson, Director of Marketing, Storage Group
“As customers implement software-defined storage in their enterprises, performance and scalability for future growth are key considerations,” said Andrea Nelson, Director of Marketing, Storage Group, Intel Corporation. “By using a standards-based hardware solution with Intel® architecture, along with Intel® Solid State Drives, Atlantis HyperScale is able to offer faster response times.” 

MTM Technologies

Bill Kleyman, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation
“Atlantis is an integral MTM partner and USX has delivered amazing customer results. HyperScale takes storage abstraction to a whole new level by revolutionising how organisations manage storage, data centre resources, and entire virtual machines,” said Bill Kleyman, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation, MTM Technologies. “Throughout beta testing, several customers have already jumped onboard to completely change the way they think about and control data. Biggest benefits: Ease of use, amazingly seamless integration, and the capability to run on hardware and hypervisor of choice. HyperScale truly supports a heterogeneous environment in which we can completely abstract the control layer and give customers a powerful, cost-effective solution to manage storage, various silos, and a hybrid IT environment. Bottom line: Atlantis is creating a bimodal IT architecture capable of supporting an influx of new applications, users, and cloud. We’re excited about our HyperScale partnership and shared growth opportunities.”
Nirvana IT

Brandon Harrell, Co-founder and Director of Technical Sales
“Atlantis has been putting the storage industry on notice over the past few years with their USX product. They are now uniquely positioned to put the Hyper-Converged industry on notice as well,” said Brandon Harrell, co-founder and director of technical sales at Nirvana IT. “Atlantis HyperScale is going to put true problem solving capabilities into our clients hand; capabilities that provide simplicity and a freedom of choice that haven’t been possible until now.”
Arizona Tile

Chris Murray, Director of Information Technology
“We received an Atlantis HyperScale (SuperMicro) appliance from Atlantis and within hours were up and running with a fully functional storage, network and compute infrastructure. The whole process is incredibly streamlined compared to the traditional approach of building up dedicated storage, computer, and hypervisor environments and then connecting the separate pieces together. With HyperScale we simply had to power on each node, answer a few questions and before our eyes the whole environment was built. The end result was a fully integrated infrastructure with stellar all-flash performance,” said Chris Murray, Director of Information Technology, Arizona Tile. “The Atlantis in-memory data reduction and IO acceleration technology from Atlantis yields incredible I/O speeds and actually reduces the amount of data saved down to the flash. We calculated that we could replace all of our racks of gear with just a few of these systems.  It is mind-blowing to be able to bring up such a leading edge environment so quickly and so easily. The IT department is excited about the performance, form factor and ease of use; while the business is intrigued with the possibility of lowering the cost of co-location and IT services while improving the end-user and customer experience.”


The Epiphany School of Global Studies

Bobbi Jo Kelly, Director of Technology
“Growth is very rapid and a constant for us. Keeping up with the demand on hardware is tough. We put serious strain on our servers—on average 500 to 600 devices are accessing the servers on a daily basis. The consistent traffic can cause significant delays in the processes of our infrastructure’s hardware,” said Bobbi Jo Kelly, Director of Technology, The Epiphany School of Global Studies. “We are looking forward to the addition of Atlantis HyperScale making dramatic improvements in the efficiency and reliability of our existing hardware and are excited about the cost savings we expect to garner. We anticipate the Atlantis appliance will quickly relieve the burden of processing and server strain so that the relentless access will streamline and result in a quick, reliable experience for our end users.”

Wake Technical Community College

Dr. Ryan Schwiebert, Vice President for Information Technology Services and CIO
“We are excited to put the Atlantis HyperScale appliances to work in our environment. Their cost-effective flash storage solution will enable us to offer more services with better performance than we would otherwise be able to implement,” said Dr. Ryan Schwiebert, Vice President for Information Technology Services and CIO for Wake Technical Community College. “Our partnership with Atlantis will enable us to improve the services we currently provide for our students, faculty and staff.”


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