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Atlas (disambiguation)

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Most things with a name that includes the term "Atlas" stem directly or indirectly from the mythological character Atlas

Atlas may also refer to:



  • 1 Greek mythology

  • 2 Science

    • 2.1 Astronomy

    • 2.2 Biology

    • 2.3 Physics

    • 2.4 Mathematics

    • 2.5 Space

  • 3 Computing

  • 4 Geography

  • 5 Entertainment

  • 6 Literature and press

  • 7 Comics

  • 8 Companies

  • 9 People

  • 10 Military

  • 11 Automotive

  • 12 Sport

  • 13 Other

[edit] Greek mythology

  • Atlas (mythology), a Titan who bore the spheres of the heavens; inspiring the widely used image of a man carrying a celestial sphere on his back or shoulders (also known as Atlas Telamon or "enduring Atlas").

    • Farnese Atlas, a 2nd-century Roman marble copy of a Hellenistic sculpture of the Titan, "Atlas"

  • Atlas (no relation) was a mortal son of Poseidon and first king of Atlantis.

[edit] Science

[edit] Astronomy

  • Atlas (moon), a moon of Saturn

  • Atlas (crater), a prominent impact crater on the Moon

  • Atlas (star), a triple star system in the Pleiades cluster

[edit] Biology

  • A book about flora and/or fauna of an area or region; for example, Atlases of the flora and fauna of Britain and Ireland

  • Atlas (anatomy), the topmost cervical vertebra of the human spine

  • Atlas Bear, a species of bear native to Africa, now extinct

  • Atlas Beetle, a rhinoceros beetle (Dynastinae) in the genus Chalcosoma

  • Atlas Cedar, a large cedar tree native to the Atlas mountains of Algeria and Morocco

  • Atlas Flycatcher, a bird in the an Old World Flycatcher family

  • Attacus atlas (or Atlas moth), a large saturniid moth

  • Testudo atlas (Colossochelys Atlas or Atlas turtle), an extinct species of cryptodire turtle from the Pleistocene period

[edit] Physics

  • ATLAS experiment, a particle detector for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN

  • Argonne Tandem Linear Accelerator System, a particle accelerator at the Argonne National Laboratory

[edit] Mathematics

  • Atlas (topology), a collection of local coordinate charts in mathematics

[edit] Space

  • Atlas (rocket family) family of rockets

    • SM-65 Atlas, early model Atlas rocket

    • Mercury-Atlas, the US Space Program project that astronaut John Glenn participated in

    • Atlas II

    • Atlas III was a US launch vehicle (2000 - 2005)

  • Advanced Technology Large-Aperture Space Telescope, the proposed successor for the Hubble Space Telescope.

[edit] Computing

  • Atlas Computer (Manchester) (1962 - 1971), an early computer built at the University of Manchester

    • Titan (computer) (also known as the Atlas 2), its successor

    • Atlas Autocode, a programming language developed for the Atlas Computer

  • UNIVAC 1101, also known as the Atlas

    • UNIVAC 1103, also known as the Atlas II

  • ATLAS Transformation Language, an OMG standard for performing model transformations

  • "Atlas" was the former name for ASP.NET AJAX, Microsoft software, a set of ASP.NET extensions providing Ajax functionality

  • Atlas Terrain Engine, developed by Garage Games for use in their Torque Shader Engine

  • ATLAS, Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software an optimized BLAS implementation

  • ATLAS, Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems, a programming language used for automated test equipment

  • Atlas.ti, a qualitative analysis software

  • Texture atlas

  • Atlas, a Supercomputer installed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 2006

  • ATLAS - control software used on the Pendolino train

[edit] Geography

  • Atlas District, an arts and entertainment district in the Near Northeast neighborhood of Washington, D.C., USA

  • Atlas, Illinois, an unincorporated community in western Pike County, Illinois, USA

  • Atlas Mountains, a complex of mountain ranges in northwest Africa

    • Anti-Atlas, a mountain range in Morocco.

    • High Atlas, a mountain range in Morocco, contains the highest point in the Atlas Mountains.

      • Grand Atlas Mountains, another name for the High Atlas

    • Middle Atlas, a mountain range in Northern Morocco.

    • Saharan Atlas, a mountain range in Algeria

    • Tell Atlas, the Atlas mountain range that parallels the Mediterranean coast.

  • Atlas, Pennsylvania, USA

  • Atlas Township, Michigan, USA

[edit] Entertainment

  • Atlas (album), an album by Mexican electro-pop band Kinky

  • Atlas (band), a rock band from Christchurch, New Zealand

  • Atlas (1961 film), a 1961 movie by Roger Corman

  • Atlas Games (company), a publisher of role-playing and card games

  • Advanced Technology Leisure Application Simulator, a large hydraulic motion simulator for the theme park industry

  • RTV Atlas a broadcaster in Montenegro

    • Radio Atlas, a radio station in Montenegro

[edit] Literature and press

  • Atlas Shrugged, a novel by Ayn Rand

  • Atlas, a book of photography by German artist Gerhard Richter

  • The Atlas (novel), by American author William T. Vollmann

  • Atlas (magazine), Turkish monthly magazine on geography, environment, history and culture

  • Cloud Atlas (disambiguation)

  • The World Atlas of Wine, resource on wine by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson

[edit] Comics

  • Atlas Comics (1950s), the company that evolved into Marvel Comics

    • Agents of Atlas, a Marvel Comics mini-series that included a foundation named Atlas

    • Atlas, a fictional character from Marvel Comics, also known as Erik Josten (formerly a member of the Thunderbolts)

  • Atlas (comic series), a comic book series by Dylan Horrocks

  • Atlas (DC Comics), a fictional character published by DC Comics

    • "The Coming of Atlas", a DC Comics story arc featuring Atlas

  • Atlas/Seaboard Comics, (1970s) a line of comics published by Seaboard Periodicals

  • Atlas, a fictional villain in the Teen Titans animated series.

  • King Atlas (Transformers) a Transformers character

  • Atlas, the brother and recurring rival of Astro Boy in the Anime and later TV series.

[edit] Companies

  • Atlas Air, a cargo airline based in Purchase, New York

  • Atlas Aircraft, a US aircraft maker in the 1940s

  • Atlas Aviation, an aircraft maintenance firm in Florida, USA

  • Atlas Blue, a low-cost airline based in Marrakech, Morocco

  • Atlas Car and Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of small railroad locomotives

  • Atlas Consortium, group of technology companies

  • Atlas Copco, a Swedish rock drill manufacturer

    • Polar Atlas, historic Swedish diesel maker, later part of Atlas Copco

  • Atlas Corporation, an architectural company

  • Atlas Group, Business Group in Pakistan

    • Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan, Atlas Group joint venture with Honda to build cars and motorbikes

    • Atlas Bank, bank in Pakistan

  • Atlas-Imperial, a historic American diesel engine builder

  • Atlas Media Corporation, is a non-fiction entertainment company based in New York City, USA

  • Atlas Model Railroad, maker of scale railroad models

  • Atlas Press, UK publisher

  • Atlas Press (tool company) of Kalamazoo, Michigan, the largest supplier of machine tools to the hobbyist market in the middle of the 20th century

  • Atlas Telecom, a worldwide communications company

  • Atlas Van Lines, a moving van company

  • Atlas Venture, an international early-stage venture capital firm

  • Atlas Werke, a shipbuilder based in Bremen, Germany

  • STN Atlas Elektronik GmbH was a German defence company producing electronics until 2003

  • Atlas Elektronik GmbH, a naval/marine electronics and systems business based in Bremen, Germany

  • Atlasjet, a Turkish airline

  • Dresser Atlas, a provider of oil field services and subsequently factory automation services

  • Western Atlas, US company, subsequently Atlas Wireline and Baker Atlas

  • Tele Atlas, a Dutch mapping company

[edit] People

  • Meir Atlas (1848–1926), Rabbi of Shavel in Lithuania and one of the founders of the Telz Yeshiva

  • Charles Atlas (1892–1972), a famous bodybuilder

  • Tony Atlas (born 1954), a professional wrestler, bodybuilder, and powerlifter

  • Teddy Atlas (born 1956), a well-known boxing trainer and fight commentator

  • Natacha Atlas (born 1964), a Belgian singer

  • James Atlas (born 1949), is a founding editor of the Lipper/Viking Penguin Lives Series

  • Atllas, a rapper from Phoenix, Arizona

  • Atlas DaBone, an American professional wrestler

  • Atlas is a nickname for Michael Marra, a Scottish musician (born 1952).

[edit] Military

  • Atlas Aircraft Corporation, a South African military aircraft manufacturer, formerly known as Atlas Aviation

    • Atlas Oryx, a medium-sized utility helicopter manufactured by the Atlas Aircraft Corporation of South Africa

    • Atlas Cheetah, a fighter aircraft of the South African Air Force

    • Atlas Carver, a South African military jet development project that was cancelled in the 1990s

    • Atlas XH-1 Alpha, a military helicopter

  • ATLAS (simulation), a system used to conduct military Command Post Exercises (CPX) within the Royal Thai Army

  • Armstrong Whitworth Atlas, a British military aeroplane manufactured (1927 - 1933)

  • HMLAT-303 is a United States Marine Corps helicopter squadron known as Atlas.

  • USS Atlas is the name of three different US warships between 1869 and 1972

[edit] Automotive

  • Atlas (automobile), an American automobile manufactured from 1907 to 1913

  • Atlas (1951 automobile), originally known as La Coccinelle, a mini-car made in France in 1951

  • GM Atlas engine, a family of truck engines from General Motors

  • Nissan Atlas, a Japanese light truck

  • Atlas, a van made by the Standard Motor Company (UK) 1958-62

    • Atlas Major, a Standard Motor Company#Military and Commercial van 1962-1963

  • Atlas (light trucks), a vehicle manufacturer in Greece

[edit] Sport

  • Atlas (volleyball), a volleyball team from Wrocław, Poland.

  • Atlas Stone, a boulder lifting event in strength events.

  • F.C. Atlas A.C., a Mexican professional football club.

  • Club Atlético Atlas, an Argentinian amateur football club.

[edit] Other

  • Atlas (architecture), a support or column sculpted in the form of a man

  • Atlas (cartography), a collection of maps, traditionally bound into book form

  • Atlas languages, a subgroup of the Northern Berber languages spoken in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

  • Atlas, a mountain once worshiped by the Berbers, according to Strabo and Herodotus.

  • Atlas Uranium Mill, a decommissioned uranium mill near Moab, Utah

  • Atlas Vampire, the nickname of the assailant of the unsolved "Vampire Murder" in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1932

  • Atlas Economic Research Foundation, an incubator for free market think tanks

  • Atlas (1863 - 1885), one of the eight South Devon Railway Dido class steam locomotives

  • Atlas (1927 - 1962), a LMS Royal Scot Class steam locomotive

  • Atlas, a book size

  • Atlas, a character from the video game Bioshock.

  • ATLAS is an acronym for Association for Tourism and Leisure Education, a European educational project

  • Atlas V (boat), a Belgian tug boat used by the resistance in World War I

  • Cloud atlas, an atlas of kinds of clouds

  • ST Atlas, a Swedish tug boat.

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