Audio/Video Editing Station

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Audio/Video Editing Station
The Recreation department has a computer set aside for audio, video, and image editing. Sport Clubs may use this computer.

Software Available

Adobe Audition 1.5 – Audio editor

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5/ – Video editor

Adobe Photoshop CS2/9 – Image editor

Adobe After Effects Professional 6.5 – Special effects tool

Adobe Encore 1.5 – DVD creation tool

Microsoft Office

Using the Computer

  1. Contact Andy. Tell him what purpose you need the computer for, and approximately how long you anticipate your project to take. He will help you schedule a time to use the computer.

  2. Initially, one of the Recreation IT staff must be present for you to work. This is both for security purposes and so that you may ask questions. They will help introduce you to the programs you need to use, and get you started on your project.

  3. If after you have used the software a few times and you are comfortable with it, you may choose to come in on your own, during normal Recreation office hours (7:45 am – 4:30 pm.) The decision to allow this will be a joint agreement between your Sport Club, the IT staff, and Andy.

Usage Policies and Guidelines

  • Due to extremely limited space, no more than two people from your club may be present in the office at a time.

  • Please be considerate of Recreation employees who need to work – do not be too loud. You may be asked to turn down the volume if it becomes a concern.

  • If your club has been cleared to work independently and somebody is not in the room, a program assistant from the main Recreation office across the hall will let you in. Be sure to have them lock the room when you’re done. While the door is unlocked, someone must be present in the room at all times to ensure security.

  • You will need to sign in and out, including the names of all people present. You be held responsible for any damage to the computer hardware while you are using it.

  • As audio and video files are quite large, save them to the computer’s hard drive in a unique folder you create. When you are finished, be sure to delete the files, as this computer is shared across the Recreation department.

  • You must provide you own blank CDs or DVDs to burn.

  • Do not download or store illegal music, movies, or any other copyrighted files which you do not have the rights to. Doing so will result in your Sport Club being banned from the computer for the remainder of the academic year. You may also be referred to University administration.

  • Any policy questions should be directed to Andy. Any technical questions should be directed to the IT staff (Andy will provide contact information.)


Download 65 Kb.

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