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November 2017 Update
30 Yacht Club Drive

Beaufort, South Carolina 29907

Club Office: 843-522-8216

E-mail –

Web site -



Letter from the Commodore 3

Current Officers and Board Members 4

Committee Chairmen and Past Officers 5

Award Winners 6

Club History 8

BYSC Summer Programs 11

US SAILING & SAYRA Affiliations 11

SAYRA Member Clubs 11

Membership Policy 13

Dues and Fees 15

Members and Guests 18


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Waterfront and Dock 18

Boats, Trailers & Parking Assignments 19

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Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club

Dear Members,

We are pleased to provide you with the BYSC Member’s Handbook. It includes a description of Programs, Operating Practices, Constitution, By-laws, and Policies.
BYSC is a tremendous facility that offers a truly diverse number of activities. The enthusiasm of volunteers in all aspects of our club makes our Club special.

Enjoy the Club.

Marvin Day

Meetings - Second Tuesday of each month, 6:00 p.m. in the Clubhouse.

Members are welcome.

2018 Board Officers Phone
Chuck Rushing, Chairman 843-368-0317

Marvin Day, Commodore 843-838-2505

Will Achurch, Vice-Commodore 843-592-6986

Wayne Bretsch, Treasurer 301-332-6773

Brooks Thomas, Secretary 614-571-8231

2018 Special Board Committees

Committee Name




Wayne Bretsch




Peter Pearson

2018 Board Members
Term Expiring in November 2020
Frank Pontious 843-252-4900

Tauri Duer 843-290-4621

Term Expiring in November 2018
Clark Trask 843-524-1996

Simon Jenkins 843-422-7766

Term Expiring in November 2019

Trisha Gamble 843-816-4431

Bruce Doneff 843-476-3022

Marilyn Marino 410-302-0055

General Manager Jerry Giarla CCM 843-522-8216

Summer Camp Director Melissa Meinel 843-522-8216

Bookkeeper Sabrena Dobbs 843-522-8216

Grounds & Maintenance Chuck Stauffer 843-252-9725

Grounds & Maintenance Paul Smith

Custodian Clyde Simmons


Committee Name





Frank Pontious


Marilyn Marino


Clark Trask  


Tauri Duer   

Trisha Gamble


 Frank Pontious




 Walt Gnann  


 Marvin Day  



John Potter




Danny Walsh

Ed Poppeliers




David Roos  

CLUB BOATS           

Chris Duer 

Trisha Gamble 


Sheila Tindall        

Abbey Newton


Marvin Day  



1960 Hal Logan 1963 Gene DeLoach 1966 Russell Harley

1961 J.W. Logan 1964 Marvin Dukes.

1962 Mills Kinghorn 1965 Jimmy Thomas, Sr.

1966-67 Ed Black 1982-84 Gordon Sproul

1967-68 Malcolm Goodwin 1984-85 Ed Wise 1999-00 John May

1968-69 Charlie Mitchell 1985-86 Ray Combs/Rick Ten Eyck 2000-01 John Potter

1969-70 Buck Morris 1986-87 Rick Ten Eyck 2001-02 Stellena Mumma

1970-71 J.B. Kinghorn 1987-88 Guy McSweeney 2002-03 Beck Small

1971-72 Ben Gilham 1988-90 Dan Brown 2003-04 Walt Gnann 1972-73 Spencer Hart 1990-92 Charlie Williams 2004-05 Matthew Yoakum

1973-74 Mills Kinghorn 1992-93 Kinney Gause 2005-06 Frank Pontious

1974-75 Russell Harley 1993-94 George Post 2006-07 John Potter

1975-76 Joe Donnelly 1994-95 Nancy Sproul 2007-08 Butch Mumma

1976-77 Kemper Powell 1995-96 Al Hefner 2008-09 Sue Hamilton

1977-78 Bert Mumma 1996-97 Don Carver 2009-10 Ricky Akers

1978-79 Arthur Levin 1997-98 Bob Sanders 2010-11 Tripp Presnell

1979-81 Stanley Bond 1998-99 Michael Frederick 2012 Andy Kinghorn

1981-82 Ned Tupper 1999-00 John May 2013 Larry Hamilton

2014-2015 Chuck Rushing

2016-2017 John Potter


John Barber Jim Thomas Gordon Sproul

George Dewhirst Wayne Brestch Chuck Rushing

Andy Kinghorn John Fisk Frank Pontious



1967-69 Marvin Dukes 1988-90 Charles Gould 2006-07 Frank Pontious

1970-71 Julian Levin 1990-92 Claude Dinkins 2007-09 John Potter

1972-74 Marvin Dukes 1992-94 Bob Cummins, Jr. 2009-10 Sue Hamilton

1975-76 Julian Levin 1994-96 George Post 2010-11 Ricky Akers

1977-78 Stan Waskiewicz 1996-98 Al Hefner 2012 Tripp Presnell

1979-80 Larry McDonald 1998-99 Don Carver 2013 Alan Dechovitz

1980-82 Bill Robinson 1999-00 Bob Sanders 2014 Alan Dechovitz

1982-84 Gene Grace 2000-01 John May 2015 Alan Dechovitz

1984-86 Bud LeBoutillier 2001-04 John Potter 2016 Frank Pontius

1986-87 Gordon Sproul 2004-06 Walt Gnann 2017 John Potter

1987-88 Rick Ten Eyck/ Gordon Sproul 2018 Chuck Rushing


Members are inducted into this exclusive society in recognition of substantial voluntary contribution over a lengthy time.

2000 Mills Kinghorn (Deceased) 2004 Nancy Sproul (Deceased) 2008 Julian Levin (Deceased)

2001 Russell Harley (Deceased) 2001 Doris Madlinger (Deceased) 2005 Guy McSweeney

2015 Frank and Marilyn Pontious 2017 John and Cheryl Potter


The J. Albert Kinghorn Memorial Trophy

This award was created in memory of J. Albert Kinghorn (1910-1968), a lifelong resident of Beaufort, a charter member of the BYSC, and a great promoter of sailing. It recognized the club member who had contributed the most to local sailing during the year. The award was retired in 1974.

1969 Russell Harley 1972 Mills Kinghorn

1970 J.B. Kinghorn 1973 Spencer Hart

1971 Ben Gilham 1974 W.H. McAlhaney
The US Sailing Sportsmanship Award

Presented at the Change of Watch each November for outstanding sportsmanship.

1992 Bud Leboutillier 1999 Rocky Browder 2006 Gordon Sproul

1993 Don Carver 2000 John May 2007 Walt Gnann

1994 Al Hefner 2001 John May 2008 Paul Keyserling

1995 George Post 2002 Robert Guinn 2009 Butch Mumma

1996 Audrey Montgomery 2003 Butch Mumma 2010 Simon Jenkins

1997 Marge Barber 2004 Audrey Montgomery 2011 Frank Pontious

1998 Ricky Akers 2005 George Post 2012 Frank Pontious

2013 Peter Gamble

2014 Gordon Sproul

2017 Chris Duer

The A. Mills Kinghorn Sailing Award

Presented at the Change of Watch each November for sailing excellence.

1994 Guy McSweeney 2001 John Potter 2008 John Potter

1995 Gordon Sproul 2002 Frank Pontious 2009 John Potter

1996 Elise Sproul 2003 John Potter 2010 John Potter

1997 John Potter 2004 John Potter 2011 John Potter

1998 Karen Sproul 2005 Dan Brown

1999 John Potter 2006 John Potter

2000 John Potter 2007 Krysta Rohde 2017 Bert Kinghorn

The Commodore's Service Award

Presented at the Change of Watch each November for outstanding service to the BYSC.

1981 Jack Juraschek 1994 Don Carver 2006 Mark Buskirk/ Roger Talmage

1982 Gordon Sproul 1995 Angel & Brian Flewelling 2007 Marilyn & Frank Pontious

1983 Doris Madlinger 1996 Taze Cooler 2008 Rich & Angie Williams

1984 Russell Harley 1997 Mark Hohenwarter 2009 Jim Travis 1985 Bud LeBoutillier 1998 John Potter 2010 Walt Gnann

1986 Tone Trask 1999 John May 2011 Reggie Fraser

1987 Mario Banus 2000 Jim & Caryl Sweet 2012 David Dixon

1989 Bud LeBoutillier 2001 Debbie May 2013 Chuck Rushing

1990 Charles Gould 2002 Lynn & John Jersild 2014 Catherine and Andy Lyons

1991 Melba Cooper 2003 Patrice & Roger Talmage 2017 Peter Gamble

1992 Marge Barber 2004 Marilyn & Frank Pontious

1993 Jim & Hi Williams 2005 Donna & Brian Hook

Volunteer Spirit Award

2006 Dennis Fuller & Tommy Drew 2008 Larry Hamilton 2009 George Dewhirst

2017 Randy Hannold, Scott Haupt, Chris Hoogenboom, Ulrike Poppeliers

The BYSC Race Management Award

1996 John Barber 2002 Walt Gnann 2008 Frank Pontious

1997 Bill C 1997 Bill Chable 2003 Nancy Sproul 2009 Frank Pontious

1998 Christy Beckert 2004 John Barber 2010 John Barber

1999 Walt Gnann & 2005 Walt Gnann 2011 David & Linda Williamson

Wayne Bayles 2006 Marge & John Barber/ 2012 Everett Ballenger

2000 Frank Pontious Erika & Bobby Marshall 2013 Roy Crocker

2001 Walt Gnann 2007 John & Marge Barber 2014 George Dewhirst

2017 John Barber

The Russell Harley Award for Hobie Sailing

1998 Dan Brown 2002 Dan Brown 2006 Dan Brown

1999 Mark Hohenwarter 2003 Ricky Akers 2007 Robert Guinn, Sr.

2000 Michael Frederick 2004 Wayne Bayles 2008 Marvin Dukes

2001 Al Hefner 2005 Ricky Akers
Nancy Klemann Sproul Women’s Sailing Award

2005 Elise Sproul 2006 Sue Hamilton 2007 Elise Sproul 2008 Cheryl Potter

2009 Cathy Bridgers 2017 Tauri Duer
Junior Sunfish Champion & Top Junior Sailor

2000 Lacy Sproul 2005 Foster Marshall 2009 Foster Marshall

2001 Robert Guinn 2006 Krysta Rohde 2010 Patrick Mazzeo

2002 Hunter May 2006 Foster Marshall 2011 Drummond Koppernaes

2003 Nathan Akers 2007 Conner Akers 2012 Drummond Koppernaes

2004 Nathan Akers 2008 Foster Marshall 2013 Patrick Mazzeo

2014 Walter Gnann

2017 Chris Hoogenboom, Jr.

Most Improved Sailor

2003 Butch Mumma 2007 Audrey Montgomery 2011 Rob Bowden

2004 Paul Keyserling 2008 Patrick Mazzeo 2012 Walt Gnann

2005 Beck Small 2009 Rich Williams 2013 Alex Mazzeo

2006 Elise Marshall 2010 Marvin Day 2014 Everett Ballenger

2017 Arabella Duer

Dennis Fuller Youth Seamanship Award

2008 Devon Rohde 2010 Brooke O’Neill 2012 Matthew Motts 2014 Alex Mazzeo

2009 Drummond Koppernaes 2011 Lauren Angus 2013 Walter Gnann 2017 Emily Potter
The George Post Jr. Corinthian Spirit Award

2017 Paul Keyserling


The roots of sailing go back many years in the Beaufort area. A Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club was organized as early as 1884, according to records found in the 100-year time capsule that was opened at the County Courthouse in 1984. Club historians are anxious to uncover more information about this club.

The Beaufort Yacht Club was chartered on August 28, 1908. Its purpose was to sponsor sailboat racing and to serve as a social club for the local citizens. From that time until World War I, sailing was a very popular sport and many exciting races were held in the Beaufort River. During the war, the sport declined, and formal races were discontinued. There were many informal races among the oyster boats, however, and since sailing was a popular form of transportation between the islands, there were many impromptu races. In 1929 the Beaufort Yacht Club purchased a 25-foot scow, the "Betty B," and sponsored the first formal races in years. Five boats, representing Charleston, Rockville, James Island, Savannah, and Beaufort, participated. Since then, regattas have been held in the Beaufort River at least once a year. During the 1930s, the annual regatta was the big social event of the year. The regattas were three-day affairs, Wednesday through Friday, with dances and banquets each night for the participating sailors.

The South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association (SAYRA) was organized during a meeting in Beaufort in 1936 or 1937. The Beaufort Yacht Club was an original member. The late F.W. Scheper of Beaufort was SAYRA Commodore in 1939. During the 1950s, however, the Club lost all interest in sailing events. It came into financial difficulties, failed to pay the annual SAYRA dues, and was dropped from membership. Sail boating reached a low ebb in local waters, and at one time, the only active participants in competitive races were five high school boys who owned Moths. These five, Michael Jones, Ricky Pollitzer, Kemper Powell, Tommy Stokes and Jim Thomas Jr., refused to give up and, through their insistence; interested citizens organized the Beaufort Sailing Club in 1955 and sponsored local races. In 1962, the club was issued a charter by the State of South Carolina. During this period, the Beaufort Sailing Club petitioned for membership in SAYRA and was accepted, taking the place earlier held by the Beaufort Yacht Club.

The popularity of local sailing increased even more when the Municipal Parking Lot was constructed on Bay Street. The city allowed the Sailing Club to build boat racks for the storage of Sailfish and Sunfish. (This property is now a part of the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park and overlooks the downtown marina.) This made sailing more accessible, and boats no longer had to be stored on the river bank or on shore near the homes of friends. By 1964 the club had well over 100 racing sailboats registered in its membership—seven Y-Flyers, six Moths, thirty Sailfish, and eighty-five Sunfish! Moreover, its only headquarters was the parking lot.

In 1967, the Beaufort Sailing Club was selected to host the SAYRA Championship Regatta in August. James G. Thomas Sr. of Beaufort was SAYRA Commodore that year. The Beaufort Sailing Club officers realized that theirs was the only club that did not have a clubhouse. So, the wheels began to turn, and in a few weeks, adequate pledges were in hand to purchase a 12-acre tract on Lady's Island, two miles below Beaufort on Meridian Road, for $32,000. The property included the former home of Mr. and Mrs. Irving E. Kinghorn, built about 1940.

The Beaufort Sailing Club was renamed The Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club and became the local SAYRA organization, whose purpose was "to further sports and sportsmanship." Within a few weeks a letter was sent to the Corps of Engineers requesting permission to build a dock; the boat racks were moved from the downtown parking lot to the new location; a screened porch was added to the river side of the house, a flagpole raised, and by August all was in readiness to host the big SAYRA Regatta! Twelve thousand dollars had been spent on renovations and construction. The original BYSC dues were $50 per year; and, as of October 1967, there were 82 stockholders.

The massive anchor and chain, resting at the foot of the flagpole on the front lawn of the club, were a gift during the early years from the Shipman family in memory of Mr. E.A. Shipman of St. Helena Island. It is believed that it was lost by a four-masted schooner that burned and washed ashore on the south end of Fripp Island in the late 1800s. Shipman Seafood Company retrieved the anchor in 1953 about 500 yards off the beach when it became tangled in the nets of one of their trawlers. When recovered, a part of the wooden stock showed signs of being charred. As recently as 1930, the remains of a wooden schooner still rested in the sand about one-half mile from Skull Inlet. The ribs and backbone, still intact, had been burned.

The flagpole in front of the clubhouse once stood at the entrance of the USO Building on Harrington Street, on the block where the County Health Department now stands. The USO was demolished in 1962 and the flagpole put in storage until BYSC obtained it in 1967.

In the late 1960's, the design of the official club burgee was conceived by Russell Harley and approved by the board of directors. The white dolphin represents "Carolina Snowball," an albino bottlenose dolphin that once lived in Beaufort waters. She was later captured and taken to the Miami Seaquarium, over the objections of many Beaufortonians, where she died. According to the August 9, 1962, Beaufort Gazette, Senator Jim Waddell sponsored a bill to prevent the capture of this unique porpoise from our Beaufort County waters. It that there was only a ten million to one chance that an albino porpoise would survive in its natural habitat, so she was found truly unique! However, her captors allegedly enticed her into Colleton County waters, and captured her there. The blue field of the burgee represents the beautiful blue waters of Beaufort County in which "Carolina Snowball" lived and where so many of us have untold hours of pleasure.

As each subsequent year passed, improvements to the property continued to be made. By the summer of 1968, a Junior Olympic swimming pool with a diving L had been added. Including the pool furniture and the sliding board, the costs were $34,688. Two hard-surfaced tennis courts were completed in May 1971 for $10,871. Lights were added in 1972, making nighttime play possible. The late George Madlinger, architect and club member was in charge of the clubhouse renovations that were completed in 1974 for $33,400.

When the property bordering the north side of the club became available, it was purchased from Capt. and Mrs. C.C. Champion for $125,000 in June 1977. The home there became a dwelling for the club manager, and the club property was enlarged by 12.5 acres. The east portion of both properties was subdivided into 14 building lots and named Yacht Club Estates. To date, all lots have been sold and ten residences have been built. Two more tennis courts were built in 1978 at a cost of $19,425. The dock was also extended during that season.

Although sailing, swimming, and tennis lessons were offered off and on, it was not until 1980 that an official Junior Activities Program for school age children began. These summer programs are held each season since then.

Improvements to the club facilities are constantly being made. All four tennis courts were resurfaced in 1985; and in 1986, a new $48,000 bathhouse was constructed. Additions to the sail shed and to the boat-launching ramp were made in 1987. In preparation for the 1990 swimming season, the pool deck was resurfaced.

Over $100,000 was spent for major clubhouse renovations designed by architect Jim Thomas Jr. (a club member and the same active sailor who was mentioned earlier in the third paragraph of this history). A grand reopening gala was held on September 22, 1990.

In 1991, the manager's residence was partially renovated including a new bathroom, an addition with a closet and laundry room, and new back steps. The cost was $13,000. A new septic tank system was installed for the clubhouse at a cost of $4,000. In 1992, two tennis courts were resurfaced and 1000 square feet of deck were added to the pool.

March 1993 brought the storm of the century with winds estimated at 65 knots in front of the club. The south float was damaged beyond repair and was replaced at a cost of $7,300. Many trees were damaged and several Sunfish were cracked when a rack blew over. July 1993 saw a severe lightning storm strike the club with damage to several trees, all the telephones, and many of the power circuits. In 1994, 400 square feet was added to the pool deck. In 1994, eight kayaks were purchased to supplement the junior activities program. 1994 and 1995 brought the purchase of four new Sunfish to replace aging sailboats, and the addition of three JY-15s to provide a sloop sailing opportunity for members.

In 1996 & 1997, major pool and bathhouse improvements were undertaken. 1997 saw the addition of three Optimist sailboats for junior sailing. In early 1999, a large deck was added to clubhouse. Late in 1999, the club's dock was replaced. In 2000, the activities pavilion and an extension to the sailing building (maintenance shop) were added.

2006, at the cost of $198,000, found the Club refurbishing the swimming pool, replacing the pool equipment, the fence and deck furniture. The children’s pool was relocated to the west side of the adult pool. Membership cards were incorporated for members. The boat launching ramp was widened and extended deeper into the river. At the same time, an extension was added to the west end of the dock and 6 moorings installed. Approximate cost of this work was $200,000.

In 2008, a playground was built next to the Clubhouse, and the lighted tennis courts were resurfaced. In 2009, the Clubhouse was tastefully furnished and a keyless access system installed so BYSC members could enjoy the facilities as desired. The sail shed was expanded, and an additional fire hydrant installed. In 2010, six additional mooring buoys were permitted, constructed and installed in the Beaufort River, and the two unlit tennis courts resurfaced. In 2012, the tennis lights were upgraded, two additional moorings installed (bringing the total to 14), and a security gate installed.

BYSC offers several summer camp opportunities. In June and July, the “Learn to Sail” program offered by Junior Sailing of Beaufort is provided for beginners through advanced sailors.
In June & July the annual BYSC Summer Camp is held. This camp involves many activities daily from 9-5, including sailing, swimming, paddle boards, tennis, nature, arts and crafts and more.
All of these camps fill up very quickly, so when the dates are announced, it is advisable to sign up early. Advanced registration for the camps is available to members’ children. Please sign up early if you wish your children to attend. Camp registration opens to non-members in mid-April.
Throughout the summer swimming and sailing classes are offered. Please contact the office for more information.
The Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club is a member of the US Sailing Association, formerly United States Yacht Racing Union, Inc. (USYRU) organized in 1897 to "encourage and promote the racing of sailing yachts and to unify the rules in connection therewith." BYSC belongs to Area D, which includes the Dixie Inland, Gulf, Florida and South Atlantic Yacht Racing Associations. For more information, go to

The Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club has been a member of the South Atlanta Yacht Racing Association (SAYRA) since 1962. This association includes all of South Carolina and portions of Georgia and North Carolina. Delegates from BYSC attend the SAYRA Regional Meeting each year. For more information, you can visit the website @
South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association

Member Clubs




CAROLINA SAILING CLUB-Chapel Hill, NC CAROLINA YACHT CLUB (NC)-Wrightsville Beach, NC CAROLINA YACHT CLUB (SC)-Charleston Charleston Community Sailing-Charleston










CLUB POLICIES Approved 7.11.17

Amendments -none


  1. Membership

  • Membership categories

  • Application for membership

  • Sponsorship

  • Volunteer program

  • Stockholding membership

  • Special circumstances

  1. Dues and Fees

  • Initiation fees and membership dues

  • Boat and trailer parking, moorings

  • Facility rental fees

  • Methods of payment

  • Non-payment of dues and fees

  1. Guest Policy

  1. Swimming pool

  • Hours of operation

  • Lifeguards

  • Pool rental

  • Pool guests

  • General information

  • Pool rules

  • Specific rules for children

  • Swimming lessons

  1. Grounds

  2. Pets

  3. Waterfront and docks

  4. Moorings

  5. Boat parking and trailer storage

  6. Club boat use policy

  7. Tennis

  8. Facilities use

  • Clubhouse rental

  • Member casual use policy

  1. Donations



A. Membership: The Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club has established the following categories of membership and policies:

(1) Stockholding Members: Members who own shares of stock in the

Club. Only Stockholding members have the right to vote and to sponsor new member applicants. One vote is allowed per membership. Children of member families in good standing under 24 years old or who are enrolled full-time in an undergrad/graduate college program may be included in the membership.

(2) Non-Stockholding Members: Members who do not own stock in

the club. All prospective members of the club shall apply for the Non-Stockholding Membership. Children of member families in good standing under 24 years old or who are enrolled full-time in an undergrad/graduate college program may be included in the membership.

(3) Military Members: Non-stockholding Members who are on active

duty in the military and are assigned to one of the military facilities in Beaufort County are eligible for discounted fees and dues as a Military Member.

(4) Associate Member: Persons between the ages of 18 and 30. The

initiation fee and the annual dues are 50% of full fee. Upon reaching 30 years of age the remainder of the initiation fee is due as well as regular membership dues from that time forward.

(5) Survivor Spouse: A member over the age of 65 who has lost his/her

spouse while being a member of BYSC. Dues will be 50% of the regular membership dues. If the survivor remarries the membership reverts to a regular membership and 100% dues will apply.

(6) Topsail Society: Membership in the Topsail Society may be awarded

by the Board to a member and/or spouse who have made a substantial positive difference in the Club and have dedicated themselves to a continuous contribution of time and effort for a minimum of fifteen years. A surviving spouse may continue the same membership. Dues payment is optional. Other fees shall apply.

(7) Leave of Absence. In the event a member resides or moves out

of Beaufort County and is unable to enjoy the privileges of the Club, he or she may apply in writing to the Board and obtain a leave of absence for up to a period of three (3) years, and the annual dues shall be one-third (1/3) of the regular dues. Art. 1, Sec. 5 of Bylaws relating to the sale of stock shall also be applicable to this section. The Board may consider unusual circumstances.

(8) Temporary or Honorary Membership. The Board may issue

Temporary or Honorary Memberships on a case by case basis.

(9) Due to non-payment of dues, fees, assessments or misconduct a

membership may be revoked by the Board. Any boats or trailers shall immediately be removed from the property and club facilities are not available for use. Reapplication and payment of Initiation Fee is required upon returning to the Club.

B. Membership Status
(1) Active Member: All of the named Membership categories who are

current in the payment of dues, assessments and fees. 

(2) Lapsed Member: A member who has not paid annual dues by

March 31. All privileges to the Club have been terminated for this member and their family.

C. Application for Membership

(1) Applicants shall:

(a) Complete an application for membership. (b) Attend a minimum of two BYSC events.

(c) Be sponsored by an active Stockholding Member (a

Primary Sponsor).
(2) Former Military Members who are currently on active duty may renew

their membership by going through the application process. Initiation fee may be waived at the discretion of the Board.

(3) Former Stockholding Members may renew their membership by going

through the application process. Former Stockholding Members who have not sold their stock back to the club are to exchange their stock for a new stock number and sign a buy-sell agreement before their membership will be renewed. Initiation fee may be waived at the discretion of the Board.

D. Approval for Membership

  1. Role of the Primary Sponsor – It is the responsibility of the

Primary Sponsor to make sure the applicant is invited to club events and meets as many club members as possible. Each applicant must have a primary sponsor, and two additional sponsors, who must also be stockholding members. It is the responsibility of the Primary Sponsor, not the applicant, to obtain the endorsement of these two secondary sponsors. Because the Board of Directors votes on each application for approval, it is important that each applicant meet as many Board members as possible to ensure a timely vote on the application.

  1. Completed Applications – An application for membership will not be considered complete until the candidate has completed the application form, received the endorsement of a primary sponsor and two secondary sponsors, attended at least two club functions and has paid the Initiation Fee (which will not be executed until membership is approved).

  1. Role of the Board of Directors – The Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of each month, and will vote on any completed applications at that time.

(4) Upon approval of an application, the General Manager will contact

the applicant and primary sponsor, and will mail a welcome letter to the applicant. The applicant has full use of all the facilities and may attend social functions upon Board approval for Membership.

  1. All new or renewing members shall pay a non-refundable initiation fee with the application. Applicable dues or payment plan must be paid in full or set-up within 10 days following receipt of the welcome letter. Payments may be by credit card, check or monthly payment plan arranged with the BYSC office.

  1. If fee payments are not received in the office after thirty days

following membership approval, the offer for membership will expire. Bartering of services or equipment in lieu of annual dues will not be allowed.

  1. The new member will receive the access code to the Members Area of the website, two membership cards, two BYSC car decals and license plates.

E. Volunteer Program: The Club counts on volunteers to assist with various

tasks and chores, including building and grounds maintenance, helping organize and run regattas, and assisting with social functions. We understand that everyone is busy with demands of family, jobs, businesses, homes, etc. This is not a criticism of anyone's lifestyle and we understand that volunteering at BYSC often has to take a back seat for these reasons. However, we do need to keep our Club maintained at a level that our members expect and volunteer labor is a big assistance. Here are the details:

  1. By working volunteer hours during a current calendar year, members

fees will be reduced for the subsequent year by $10.00 per hour. The maximum credit is $200 per membership. Partial hours will be credited.

  1. Volunteer hours are to be accounted for by each Event or Regatta

Chairman and entered on forms provided in the office. 

  1. Volunteer work not conducted under a specific Event Chairman

must be authorized by the General Manager, the Commodore, or their designee. 

  1. The General Manager in consultation with the Commodore will make the final decision on any disagreement over hours.

  1. Volunteer hours can be accumulated in many ways including; workdays, individual work, race committee, chase and safety boats, social functions, board and planning meetings, etc.

(6). There may be some exceptions allowed for health reasons if

requested in writing to the Board.

F. Becoming a Stockholding Member

(1) Not less than annually, the Board of Directors shall vote to approve

a Non-Stockholding Member to be offered the opportunity to purchase stock in the Club. This offering will be based on availability of stock issues. The number of shareholders is limited by the club’s by-laws.

  1. A Non-Stockholding Member who have been active, in good

standing and volunteer-oriented for a minimum of two years will be considered for the opportunity to purchase stock in the club.

  1. The cost of the stock purchase is $500 for 5 shares, and a

“Buy/Sell Contract” must be executed before any payments will be accepted or stock number issued.
G. Special Circumstances

  1. A Member must inform management of a change in marital status.

Ongoing membership of one or both parties will be handled by the board on a case by case basis.

  1. Stockholders may sell their stock back to the club at any time by

notifying the Club in writing of their desire to have their stock repurchased. They will receive a check for the original purchase price minus any indebtedness.

  1. Lost stock certificates. A new stock number may be issued after proper

legal procedures have been followed. Please contact the Club Secretary, Membership Chair, or Club office for more information

A. Initiation Fees 
Non-Stockholding Member $1,500
Military Member $750
Associate Member $750

B. Annual Dues

Stockholding Member $1,020

Non-Stockholding Member $1,220

Military Member $1,020
Associate Member $610

Surviving Spouse-Stockholding Member $510

Non-Stockholding Member $610

Topsail Society-Dues optional

Leave of Absence- Stockholding Member $340

Non-Stockholding Member $407

C. Pro-rated Dues for a joining Member:

The fiscal and membership year is January 1-December 31. Dues are prorated beginning in August. Each January a member will be invoiced the full membership for the upcoming year.

(1) Applications approved at Board meeting in:

January-July-- 100%

August-- 80%
September -- 40%
October -- 20%
November -- 10%

  1. A former Stockholding Member who did not sell their stock back to the

Club are not eligible for pro-rated dues when renewing a membership.
D. Mooring Fees. See Section 8.
E. Boat/Trailer Storage Fees. See Section 9.

F. Annual Fees, Methods of Payment Incidental Charges & Unpaid


  1. Annual Membership Dues and Boat Parking or Mooring Fees.

        • Preferred method of invoicing is by email.

        • Annual dues and boat parking or mooring fees are invoiced in January and are due in full by March 31, except as noted in (2). Early payment is encouraged to help fund first quarter operations.

        • Dues and boat parking or mooring fees for new

members are due within 10 days of membership approval.

        • In the event of resignation after March 31, the full annual

dues, any parking or mooring fees and incidental charges become immediately due and payable.

(2) Methods of Payment: Annual Dues & Boat/Mooring Storage Fees

  1. Payment in full may be made by check, cash or credit


  1. Please contact the office if you wish to sign up for the

monthly Automatic Checking program to pay for annual dues, boat/mooring storage fees and incidental charges.

  1. The annual ACH fee is $75.

  1. Please contact the office if you wish to sign up for

monthly Credit Card payment for annual dues, boat/mooring storage fees and incidental charges.

  1. Payments made by credit card are subject to a 3% fee.

(Note that credit card numbers are stored with the bank and not the club).

  1. Club/bank must be notified immediately of any change

to the credit card.

(3) Incidental Charges (Social events, pool, tennis, merchandise,)

  • Members may charge incidental expenses to accounts.

  • Accounts with incidental charges will be invoiced

monthly via email and are payable upon receipt.

  • Payments may be made by credit card, cash, check or

via the ACH Program.

  • Members may opt to have their credit card on file to pay

for incidental charges. Please contact the office if you wish to have your credit card on file with the bank. (Note that credit card numbers are stored with the bank and not the club.)

  • Balances that are more than 30 days overdue are

subject to a $25 or 10% late fee whichever is greater.

(4) Unpaid Annual Dues and/or Boat Parking or Mooring Fees.

  • If full payment has not been received by March 31

(unless members have opted for the ACH Program or have a credit card on file) the club will contact the member by email and registered mail to advise that if payment is not made in full by April 15 (or the member registers for the ACH Program or has a credit card placed on file) a $100 late fee will be applied.

  • If payment is not received by April 30, the membership will be revoked due to nonpayment and all membership privileges will be cancelled.

  • If monthly ACH or monthly credit card payments are

not received within 30 days of the regularly scheduled

payment date, a $100 late fee will be applied.  If payment is not received 30 days after the late fee is applied

membership will be revoked due to nonpayment. All

membership privileges will be cancelled and proceedings may be initiated to collect the remainder of the dues for the year.


  1. This Guest Policy applies to general access to the BYSC club grounds

and equipment. There are further rules governing pool use that apply.
B. Definitions:

  1. Member: A member shall be defined as a person, or persons in

the case of a member spouse, who has been accepted for membership in certain membership classifications established by the Club and is current in payment of dues, fees and other club indebtedness. Children of member families in good standing under 24 years old or who are enrolled full-time in an undergrad/graduate college program may be included in the membership.

  1. Members on Leave of Absence, Lapsed or Suspended

Memberships are not allowed to bring guests or to have use of the facilities or equipment.

  1. Guest: A guest shall be defined as a person not dependent on

member’s financial support and not living with a member.

  1. Members shall be present on the property at all times that their guest(s)

are present on club grounds or using club equipment.

  1. No member shall bring the same guest to the club more than 3 times per

month regardless of the facility used at the club. Exceptions may be made for visiting family members of members, such as parents, children or grandchildren who may visit the club no more than 12 times per year.

  1. The Guest Policy does not apply while enrolled in a BYSC camp or

during swimming, sailing or tennis events sponsored by BYSC.
F. The guest fee is $3 for tennis, $3 for swimming and $3 for paddle sports.
G. An unmarried member is permitted to have one free guest at any time.
H. The General Manager has the responsibility and the authority to enforce

these rules. Any violation of these rules can result in termination of membership or forfeiture of yearly dues by the Board of Directors, or not being allowed to have guests at the Club as determined by the General Manager.


A. Hours of Operation.

Based on weather or other factors, the pool hours may be modified.

Monday- Thursday

Friday -Sunday


9:00am to 5:00pm

9:00am to 8:00pm


9:00am to 8:00pm

9:00am to 8:00pm


9:00am to 8:00pm

9:00am to 8:00pm


9:00am to 8:00pm

9:00am to 8:00pm


9:00am to 5:00pm

9:00am to 8:00pm

B. Pool Rental (Members Only)

(1) Maximum number for any pool party is 50 persons.
(2) The pool may not be rented exclusively for private use during

regular pool hours.

  1. The pool may be rented with club house rentals & other times on

a shared basis.

  1. The pool may be used for parties, etc. during pool hours by

paying guest fees for non-members.

  1. A club lifeguard must be employed when the pool is rented.

  1. The rate for up to 50 swimmers is $100 and includes 1 lifeguard.

C. Lifeguards.

  1. Our pool is classified as class B pool. This means that the club

is not required to provide lifeguards, but will do so when the pool is busy on weekends and during weekdays in June, July and until mid-August.

(2) Lifeguards may be assigned at other times if needed.

D. Pool Guests

  1. Members must sign in all guests and accompany their guests

at all times.

  1. Members may host 1 guest family as a courtesy, each visit. For

additional guests, a guest fee of $3/guest applies.
(3) No member shall sponsor the same guest more than 3 times per

month, regardless of the facility used at the club. Exceptions will be

made for visiting family members of members, such as parents,

children, and grandchildren, who may use the pool facilities no

more than 12 times per year.
(4) Designated caregivers, such as nannies and grandparents, are

exempted from guest fees and visitation caps when accompanying

member children and serving as their supervisor.
(5) To ensure adequate staffing, any member wishing to have more than

8 children as guests, or 12 guests total, must notify the club in

advance and agree to the pool rental terms as described above.

E. General Information

  1. There should be no solo swimming, even by adults and strong


  1. The pump house and guard room are off limits to patrons.

  1. Members are allowed to bring guests and host parties in

accordance with the “Pool Guests” rules.

  1. Lifeguards have the authority to remove anyone from the pool

area if they are a hazard to the facility, themselves, or others.

  1. The Board of Directors reserves the right to revoke the pool

privileges of any person violating the rules or being disrespectful to other guests, members or the lifeguards.

F. Pool Rules

(1) There should be no running, boisterous, or rough play.

(2) No person impaired by drugs or alcohol should use the pool.

  1. Persons with illness or open wounds should not enter the pool.

  2. Children must pass the swim test before diving / swimming in the

diving well or must wear a life jacket or have a capable

supervisor in the diving well.

  1. Only one person permitted on the diving board at a time. No

diving except in the diving well.

  1. No running on the diving board.

  1. No hanging or sitting on pool ropes.

  1. Do not distract lifeguards from their duties.

  1. No food is permitted in pool or within 10’ of pool, with the

exception of beverages.

  1. No glass is permitted in the pool area or shower house.

  1. No smoking in the pool area.

  1. No animals or pets allowed in the pool enclosure or concrete


  1. You should take a shower before entering the


G. Specific Pool Rules for Children

  1. Supervision is required for children 13 and under. As an

exception, children 9 years and up who have passed the swim test may stay at the pool without a parent or guardian during guarded hours at the discretion of the guard(s) on duty.

  1. Non-toilet trained children may only use the pools under the

following conditions:

  • Children may not use either pool if they have had diarrhea in the past 7 days.

  • Children who are not toilet trained must wear a clean, close-fitting, “Swim Diaper” with a plastic outer covering that has elastic at the waist and leg openings. A bathing suit or plastic pants must be worn over the “Swim Diaper”.

  • The child must be closely supervised by a parent or caregiver and the diaper should be changed frequently.

  • Parents who not follow this policy may be charged the cost of restoring the pool to safe operating levels.

  • Fecal discharge can result in a pool closing and the cost for chemicals and partial water replacement in the main pool can be is $350 and $100 for the kiddie pool.

  • A swimmer who causes a fecal incident may not use the pool for the next 7 days.

  1. Children need to exit the pool for guard breaks and as required

by the guards.

  1. No children 13 years or under should be in the pool enclosure

without supervision when there are no guards on duty.

  1. Supervisors must be 16 years or older and within the pool


  1. Supervisors should place children who have not passed the

swim test and/or are not strong swimmers in life jackets if they are

not actively engaged with the child.

H. Swimming Lessons: Swimming lessons for all ages taught by qualified

instructors, are offered according to demand. Please contact the General Manager for more information.


  1. There will be no burning of leaves debris, etc. on club grounds without

permission from the management.

  1. Go-carts and similar off-road vehicles are not permitted on club

C. The posted speed limit on club roads is 10 miles per hour.

  1. All vehicles, including those with boat trailers, must be parked east (land side) of the club house.

E. Club grounds are closed from 11 pm to 8 am.

F. Club grounds and all facilities are closed to unsupervised people aged

17 and under after sunset.

G. The hoist next to the shed is for occasional use and is not to be

occupied overnight unless approved by the general manager.


Dogs may be permitted on club property, only on a leash and under

control with the following restrictions.

  1. Dogs are NOT permitted in the clubhouse, porch, deck, or within the confines of the roped area around the Clubhouse.

  1. Dogs may be permitted on the dock only if the owner is taking the pet to their boat.

  1. Dogs are not permitted inside the pool fence, picnic area or within ten feet of the pool fence and picnic areas.

  1. Dogs are not permitted on the tennis courts or within ten feet of the fence.

E. All fecal material must be bagged and placed in the dumpster.


  1. All boats using club facilities must comply with Coast Guard equipment

and requirements.
B. Shoes must be worn on ramp, docks, and for all boating activities.
C. Swimming and diving are prohibited from the dock, ramp, or river shore.

  1. Children under nine are not permitted on the dock, unless accompanied

by an adult.

  1. Only hand-propelled boat trailers are allowed on the dock; no motorized

road vehicles are allowed unless authorized by management.

  1. Please inform the General Manager if you plan to keep your boat docked

overnight. Three overnight dockings are permitted each month during the period March 1 to November 30. During the period December 1 through the last day of February, ten overnight dockings are permitted each month. Following permitted dockings, a fee of $1.00 per foot of overall boat length will be assessed per night.

  1. Motorized personal watercraft are prohibited and shall not be stored,

docked or launched at BYSC. Transfer of riders at the dock by personal watercraft is not allowed.

  1. Members must be present with their guests when guests’ boats are

being launched or recovered.

  1. Only minor repairs may be performed at the docks. Major renovations

or spray painting are not appropriate and will not be allowed. No parts, equipment, or tools shall be left on the dock overnight.

  1. Boats kept on a BYSC mooring may be docked on holidays and

congested weekends for no more than two hours per day.

  1. All outboard motors shall be kept in the down position while a boat is at

the dock.

  1. The aluminum floating dock near the launching ramp is to be used only

for launching and retrieving boats.

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