2018 ileeta conference Course Descriptions and Instructor Bios by Instructor Name

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2018 ILEETA Conference Course Descriptions and Instructor Bios

by Instructor Name

Noel Aher - Keep Calm & Call An ARV - Armed Incidents In London

London, England - a city where it is illegal for any of its 9 million citizens or even an off duty officer to carry a weapon of defense. How do 30,000 unarmed officers maintain law and order? This presentation provides an overview of London’s Metropolitan Police and the elite firearms officers of SCO19. Review of recent high profile counter terrorism deployments. Analysis regarding the evolution of training, equipment and tactics, as well as the standards required for selection.

Noel has been a police officer in England for sixteen years, fulfilling roles as an officer safety / defensive tactics instructor and a member of SCO19, the Metropolitan Police Specialist Firearms Command. He currently resides in the USA taking full advantage of the opportunity to teach and train with some of the worlds finest law enforcement instructors.

Don Alwes - Active Shooter/Ambush Discussion Panel

This will be a panel discussion of the Active Shooter and related issues. Speakers will be given five minutes for opening remarks, then the discussion will be directed by questions from the facilitator until such time as questions come from the audience . Panelists will be national known experts in the field, and will address issues concerning preparing for, and responding to Active Shooter Events.

Don is a trainer and consultant with 33 years of law enforcement experience. He is a lead instructor for the National Tactical Officers Association in Active Shooter Response and School/Workplace Violence. He is also a firearms instructor for the NRA's Law Enforcement Division, an Adjunct Instructor for Kentucky's Department of Criminal Justice Training, and still serves as a part time officer.

Anthony Anderman - Tactical Social Interaction®

The 4 hour TSI® course will allow for the understanding and identification of personal biases to act as a foundational component of accurate and effective pre-planning and observation/assessment of the self and others prior to engaging in an encounter. It also provides relevant context for debriefing interactions with civilians, focusing on how personal background and innate assumptions can frame encounters or influence vital decision making, and how adaptation to biases during encounters can increase accuracy and improve interactions with citizens.

Mr. Anderman was employed with the WSCJTC for 20 years. Prior to moving to his new career, he was the BLEA Assistant Commander for WSCJTC. He is currently the Instructional Systems Design Manager for the Spokane County Sheriff's Office and the Chief Development and Design officers for I2S. He earned his B.S. in Adult Education and M.S. in Education from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. In addition, he served honorably in the USMC.

Charles “Bill” Anders - Effective Takedowns: Maintain Control from Contact through Cuffing

Students will learn simple and effective takedown techniques and use them to maintain control while hand cuffing. These takedowns will incorporate simple joint locks and appendage manipulation that allow continuous control of the opponent. Two common cuffing positions are prone face down looking away from the officer and kneeling facing away. Both positions are easily attained using these takedowns. The takedowns covered have been used extensively in the field by police officers and confinement personnel and have been proven to be highly effective.

Master Anders holds masters rank in two martial arts,Tae Kwon Do and Ryukyu Kempo. He is certified by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board and is the Head Instructor of Officer Safety Academy, LLC. Master Anders serves as a Special Deputy for the Noble County, Indiana Sheriff’s Department. Master Anders has applied his extensive expertise in martial arts to implement a Physical Tactics curriculum that has been field tested by police officers from local, county, and state agencies.

Steve Ashley - Protecting the Protectors Instructor Course

This course will equip you with tools/ideas to train officers in “bullet-proofing” their actions beforehand, to prepare them for the inevitable legal challenges in the aftermath of an event. Trainers are the key to preventing officer injuries and liability. This updated course will focus on “sweating the small stuff”, while emphasizing “Smart Prep/Smart Paper” and “Preferred Practices” doctrine in keeping officers safer; on the street, in the jail, and in Court. We will focus on “lessons learned” from bad outcomes. Remember; What Gets You Hurt, Gets You Sued – so Work Safer, Get Sued Less!

Steve is a Charter Member of ILEETA, and a member of the ILEETA Advisory Board. Steve worked 15 years as a full-time LEO, and 12 years as a full-time risk manager, specializing in police issues. A trainer for over 40 years, he has trained many instructors in high-risk topics such as use-of-force. Steve is a prolific author and often serves as an expert witness in both State and Federal courts. Many of the "lessons learned" in this course are drawn from Steve's experience as an expert witness.

Laurie Austen - Conflict Management

To present to the student information necessary to identify a conflict, understand the elements of conflict and develop a plan for management.

Laurie Austen is an enthusiastic law enforcement trainer with over 25 years of instructional experience and 33 years as a sworn officer. She is currently employed in the Leadership Center at the North Carolina Justice Academy on the West Campus. She provides coordination and instruction for New Police Chiefs and students in the leadership center. She has a BS degree from East Carolina, an MS in Police Administration from Eastern Kentucky and an Ed.S. degree from Appalachian State University.

Kerry Avery - Affects of a Line of Duty Death

June 8, 2015 Edmonton Police Constable Dan Woodall was shot and killed while executing a search warrant. As the spouse of EPS member, saying the agency and I were completely unprepared to deal with this is an understatement. This presentation will cover my experience with a line of duty death, including; how I was affected, what aggravated and increased the trauma, what helped me cope, and how we can be better prepared to manage this situation in the future.

Kerry Avery is the owner of Odin Training Solutions Inc. She has been designing online, classroom and blended learning for over 13 years, with the last 8 years dedicated to working with law enforcement. Kerry has a Masters degree in Education, and has presented at ILEETA, IADLEST, and IACP conferences. She authored articles on the impact of a line of duty death on spouses which were published in the ILEETA Journal and Blue Line magazine. She can be reached at kerry.avery@shaw.ca

Kerry Avery - Listening isn’t Learning: Increasing Student Engagement

The research is clear, lecture produces minimal transfer of learning. Building effective training starts with a suitable icebreaker, and continues by incorporating exercises which engage participants in the content, transition from one topic to another, and review the key points. This class will cover when to incorporate exercises in to your lesson plan, what your options are for engaging participants, and examples of various types of exercises.

Kerry Avery has a Masters degree in Education and has been designing classroom, online, and blended learning courses for over 13 years, with the last 8 years working with law enforcement. She is the owner of Odin Training Solutions Inc. and the editor of the ILEETA Journal. She can be reached at Kerry.avery@shaw.ca

Massad Ayoob - Deadly Force Discussion Panel

Bringing together some of the top trainers/experts in lethal force/firearms, the panel discusses current issues and your questions, comments, and concerns. You determine the curriculum in the classic example of ILEETA’s concept of the blood of training flowing in true circulation. Previous topics have included training standards, “pass-fail” versus numerical scoring, going from large caliber to 9mm or vice-versa, patrol rifle issues, the role of the instructor as expert witness in court cases evolving out of OIS incidents, best practices/techniques, and much more.

Massad Ayoob is an internationallly known firearms and defensive tactics instructor. He has authored thousands of articles and several books on firearms training. He has testified as an expert witness and is believed to be the only non-attorney to serve as Vice Chairman of the Forensic Evidence Committee of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and is a member of the ILEETA Advisory Board.

Timothy Barfield - On Becoming Knights - Pursuing nobility and honor in dark times

Law Enforcement is an honorable and noble profession that seems to be experiencing a dark age. This course will provide definition and guidance in developing a combat mindset in a service oriented job. Modeled after the chivalry and preparation of the knights of old, this course will put emphasis on the importance of self preparation, self-discipline and service to others while enhancing officer safety.

Tim Barfield is in his 37th year as a police officer and spent most his career in an inner ring suburb of Cleveland. OH. He was a SWAT team leader, range officer and lead DT instructor prior to retiring from that position. In 2014, he accepted a position as police chief. His responsibilities and desires have included patrol, traffic, DARE, SWAT, training and supervision. He continues to learn and instruct on subjects with an emphasis on awareness, police survival mindset and ethics.

Bruce-Alan Barnard - The Use of Video in Preparing Police Use of Force Reports

In this two-hour course, LEA Instructor Bruce-Alan Barnard will identify the legal considerations that can be encountered regarding the use of video, including body-camera video and third-party video, to assist in writing police reports involving use of force. Bruce-Alan will then provide a discussion on the pros and cons of various approaches to the use of video that address the identified legal issues.

Bruce-Alan Barnard is a former federal prosecutor and FLETC legal instructor who has trained over 30,000 law enforcement officers across the country over the last 20 years. He is a subject matter expert in the legal aspects of law enforcement, specializing in search and seizure law and electronic surveillance law. Bruce provides live and online training on the Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement at www.lea.one. Bruce also provides legal updates in his podcast “Broadcast Blue” at www.broadcast.blue.

Lon Bartel - Foundation of Simulated Event Training

This course is the history and fundamental of simulated event training. It questions the current paradigm of using simulation as only a system to test. It will show attendees a functional format to run larger groups in training and not just testing.

Lon Bartel has been a LE instructor for 17 years. Lon was a senior operator on his departments SWAT team where he founded the explosive breach program. He is a founder of the Arizona Tactical Officer Association and served as the secretary for 5 years. He has been recognized as a SME in use of force and served on the AZPOST SME committee for Firearms as well as DT for over 12 years. He has been an adjunct instructor for Simunitions for 6 years and is currently the LE Training SME for VirTra.

Renise Bayne - Financial Crisis of a Survivor

What happens to surviving family members who receive their decedent's benefits? Protect them from predators while they are in grief and are vulnerable. Let's explore your options and anticipate potential issues.

Renise Bayne is the surviving spouse of Late Officer Bryant Bayne. She founded No’eau Associates, LLC (“NA”) in 1998 and has presented numerous “family preparedness” trainings to First Responders, Public Safety Officers and military personnel. Renise has deployed to numerous national disaster relief operations for the past 9 years as a Volunteer Disaster Responder and was a Funeral Director for 7 years at Borthwick Morturary.

Renise Bayne - Death Notification: A Survivor's Perspective on What Works and What Doesn't

This course offers a survivor's perspective on the impact of death notification and how you can support your agency to become the best advocates for your survivor. When done well, it lays the foundation for healing. When done poorly, it can bring additional trauma to the survivor. Let's explore how we can become the best support for survivors.

Renise Bayne is the surviving spouse of Late Officer Bryant Bayne. She founded No’eau Associates, LLC (“NA”) in 1998 and has presented numerous “family preparedness” trainings to First Responders, Public Safety Officers and military personnel. Renise has deployed to over 25 national disaster relief operations for the past 9 years as a Volunteer Disaster Responder and served as a Funeral Director for 7 years at Borthwick Morturary.

Brian Benedict - Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

In Everyone Communicates, Few Connect shows leaders how to get the message across by building a bridge to others. From cultivating relationships to effective communication and crafting the message. The insightful principles are critical to understanding if you desire to forge a lasting bond with those around you. Whether applied in private conversations or public speeches, connecting practices will give you the edge as a leader.

Brian’s 30 years of experience evolved from his service in the Army, being a retired firefighter & his current position as midwest manager for Police and Firemen’s Insurance Association. Brian’s authored “Building the Business of “U” where he outlines 10 traits of influential police & firefighters within their communities. In his continued effort to grow he's also become a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Trainer

John Bennett - Below 100

The Below 100 Program is designed to drastically reduce law enforcement Line of Duty Deaths (LODD’s) and specifically addresses the operational areas of law enforcement that contribute to the greatest number of LODD's, but are in large part preventable. The Below 100 program is an effort to instill a culture of safety in law enforcement agencies that will progressively reduce national LODD's to Below 100 annually.

John Bennett is a 28-year veteran police officer, patrol lieutenant and trainer. John serves as a core trainer and board member with Below 100 and has presented to officers across the United States.

Dianne Bernhard - Trauma is a reality in a law enforcement career. What is your plan?

From a critical incident to a line-of-duty death, when tragedy strikes an agency, there needs to be a plan for the aftermath. Officers will need assistance. Families will need support. What is your plan? This class will discuss critical topics surrounding trauma that need to be addressed through department training and policy. Your presenters will include an officer who has been through a critical incident, a law enforcement administrator and a current spouse of an active officer. You will leave with valuable tips to take back to your training program.

Deputy Chief Dianne Bernhard of the Columbia, MO, Police Department retired after 22 years of service to become the new Executive Director of C.O.P.S. in March 2014. Dianne came to know C.O.P.S. through the line-of-duty death of a co-worker, Officer Molly Bowden, in 2005. She has been aware of the great care that C.O.P.S. gave to the officer’s family ever since Molly’s death and has decided to honor her friend Molly by spending her second career working to help surviving family members and co-workers of officers who have died in the line of duty.

Roy Bethge - Officer Wellness Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion on improving officer wellness programs and training thtat will include a number of subject matter experts on various aspects of this subject and will take your questions.

Roy Bethge is veteran police leader with more than 28 years of experience. He retired as Deputy Chief of Operations for the Buffalo Grove Police Department in Northern Illinois. His responsibilities included leadership of the Patrol and Investigations Division. He holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia College and has an extensive background as a trainer in the subject areas of leadership development, use of force, and adult learning.

David Blanchard - Officer Down! Are You Prepared? Is your Department Prepared?

The BOHMF workshop reviews The Agency Casualty Assistance Guide (the Guide), which covers all the issues that a department faces when the agency has an officer down, including application for Federal benefits through the PSOB Program. Issues such as family and department notification, agency staff roles, communications, procedures for an honor guard should not be delegated to staff personnel, or to you personally, unless you are fully prepared. When it comes to casualty planning, there is likely something you don’t know. Find out if you are prepared!

President and CEO of the Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation. Established in 2004, serves as the national advocacy group for the families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Mr. Blanchard has extensive experience in advising law enforcement pension funds on investments for the past 25 years.

John Bostain - The Transformational Trainer

In law enforcement training, much of the focus is on “what to teach” rather than “how” to teach. The Transformational Trainer is an instructor enhancement program designed to encourage trainers to look beyond their subject matter expertise and dive into the science of learning. Through guided discussion, small group activities, and self-assessments, participants will explore common myths of adult learning, effective methods of providing student feedback, making learning “stick”, and ending “death by PowerPoint” presentations.

John Bostain has been a law enforcement trainer for the past 21 years. A former Hampton, VA Police Officer, he has trained officers at the local, state, and federal levels. John is nationally recognized in the topics of officer safety, use of force, and instructor development and currently teaches for Command Presence Training and the VALOR Officer Safety Initiative. John is a past recipient of the ILEETA Trainer of the Year Award and serves as a member of the ILEETA Advisory Board.

James Boydd - Peacekeeper Baton Instructor Transition Course - Certification

NOTE: Prerequisite Required. This 8 hour Instructor Transition course requires prior baton certification from another manufacturer or certified state/federal training program. Proof of certification will be need to be submitted to Peacekeeper Products prior to the course. Instructors will be introduced to Peacekeeper's progressive training methodology, baton nomenclature and operation, key features, and ideal bio-mechanical delivery to maximize the effectiveness of the Peacekeeper Expandable Baton

Sgt. James Boydd (Corona PD, Ret.) works part-time as an instructor and police training manager for Peacekeeper Products International. He is an active police academy instructor in Southern California and is the owner of Boydd Products, Inc. Boydd Products offers & distributes LE and Military hard armor products. Sgt. Boydd has been an active law enforcement trainer (in-service, academy, contract and federal) for over 20 years.

Robert Bragg, Jr. - Avoiding the Myths and Malpractices of Motor Skills Training

This course is a fast-paced lecture and student interaction class that highlights the common training errors that a majority of motor skills (firearms and C/DT) instructors commit on a regular basis. Each point will be illuminated through brief student interactive exercises. If you are or plan on becoming a motor skills instructor, this class is a must to up-your-game.

Bob Bragg is currently the program manager of Force and Fitness Training at the CJTC academy in Washington State. He has held this position since 1981 and trained thousands of officers over that time. This position allows him to constantly update and apply his education in martial arts and motor learning to academy and instructor training situations. In the past 30 years Bob has written a wide range of articles from trainer safety to tactics and has presented at numerous national conferences.

David Brancato - Benelli Nova / Super Nova Shotgun Armorer

Benelli Nova/Super Nova Shotgun Armorer course is designed for law enforcement/military personnel who are responsible for Benelli shotgun preventative maintenance, checks and service (PMCS). Each course is structured to provide each student with a practical understanding of the advanced features that make Benelli shotguns unique.

David retired from the Clifton NJ Police Department in 2012 after 34 years of service with his last 10 years as department Range Master. He has trained LE and Military personnel throughout the country as an original instructor with Heckler & Koch's International Training Division from 1990 - 2002. David has been instructing with Team One Network since its inception.

Michael Brave - Foreseeable Consequences: Medical Examiner Fail Following Science

In rare incidents, in investigating and reporting law enforcement temporal arrest-related deaths (ARDs) medical examiner (ME) investigators and MEs make significant errors: failing to collect evidence, consider possible factors, scientifically, logically, degrees of certainty, and others. In very rare such events the errors initiate a domino effect foreseeably resulting in very negative consequences for officers, including criminal prosecutions. This program presents examples of such events and guidance in ARD investigations and ME reporting on avoiding such unjust consequences.

Michael Brave is Manager/Member of LAAW International, LLC., a licensed attorney, a sworn officer, has presented 500+ programs in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Mexico, and Panama, and has been involved in the aftermath of 500+ arrest-related deaths (ARDs). His experience includes involvement in a wide-range of comprehensive law enforcement and private security risk/liability and litigation management services including: training programs, policy development and review, and liability/risk assessments.

Joshua Brown - UAS Solutions for Modern Policing

As unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) become more common in law enforcement, we must examine how to be integrate them into operations without lowering the high standards expected. This course will discuss how to select viable UAS, UAS threats and current events, Counter-UAS potential, and the many other solutions UAS offer an agency.

Joshua is a published UAS researcher & certified pilot on multiple platforms, holds a BA in Emergency & Disaster Management, a MA in Intelligence, and is a current PhD student in Global Security from American Military University. He is a Service-Disabled Veteran who instructed in the Military, Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS. He is currently a member of the International Association of Counterterrorism & Security Professionals, Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, the Airborne Law Enforcement Association, and Office of Strategic Services Society.

Bill Campbell - NRA Law Enforcement's "Let the Games Begin!"

This fun and fast NRA Law Enforcement training block is designed to familiarize firearms instructors with 4 types of practical live-fire range drills, which incorporate competition among the students. Competition is used to increase stress, develop confidence, give realistic feedback to shooter skills and to encourage an exciting, fun range training experience. Bring your “A game” and your best “Smack talk” to really enjoy this course.

Bill Campbell is a USMC Vet and a Sgt. with the Gilbert, AZ. Police Department with 30+ years of experience. Bill has taught for NRA Law Enforcement Training as a Staff Instructor since 2000, teaching Instructor Development courses nationwide, in all major police firearm disciplines. Bill has represented NRA LE Training for ASLET, IALEFI and ILEETA multiple times and has been published by PoliceOne.com, BlueTube.com, “The IALEFI Firearms Instructor” and “The Police Marksman” magazines.

Paula Carlson - Deadly Miscommunications - Both Sides Of The Mic

In an era of miscommunication between law enforcement, media, activist groups and the general public, we must examine how officers & dispatchers interact and communicate with each other to enhance officer safety and improve all contacts with the citizens we serve. This course explores the dynamics which tend to cause tension between officers and dispatchers resulting in the “Us vs. Them” mentality. Students will gain an understanding of perceptions from both sides of the mic. Practical methods to mitigate misunderstandings will be examined

Paula’s career began in 1985. She has worked at the Brevard County, FL Sheriff’s Office, Orange County, FL Sheriff’s Office, Florida Highway Patrol and for DHS as a Lead Instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. She currently provides Executive Protection for corporate business executives and their families. She was formally an original co-founder and owner of Command Presence Training Associates, LLC and is the co-founder and owner of Policing Performance Concepts, (PPC).

Phil Carlson - Dynamics of Officer / Citizen Encounters

In an era of increased transparency for law enforcement, officers must reexamine how they interact with the public. This course explores different dynamics affecting officer/citizen contacts and provides practical tools for increasing officer safety while still operating in a professional manner. We examine the actual threats to law enforcement based on decades of research. We then introduce effective, no cost methods to mitigate those threats, giving the student a renewed sense of confidence and competence, as well as ideas how to incorporate these concepts into training

Phil’s career began in 1982. He has worked for the Cromwell, CT PD., Brevard County, FL Sheriff’s Office, Orange County, FL Sheriff’s Office, and was a Lead Senior Instructor at the Dept. of Homeland Security, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. He is currently Director of Global Corporate Security for an international telecom/energy firm. He was the founder of Command Presence Training, is the Founder of Policing Performance Concepts, and is an instructor for the BJA VALOR program.

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