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Register Date: 12 December 2010

By Tom Peterkin

Scottish Political Editor

STEWART Stevenson last night quit as transport minister over his bungled handling of the ferocious winter weather that gridlocked Scotland and left hundreds of motorists stranded across the Central Belt.

His resignation came when it emerged that he would not survive a motion of no confidence that was to be tabled in the Scottish Parliament by his political opponents this week.

Stevenson met First Minister Alex Salmond yesterday to discuss his position as it became clear that Labour's motion would have commanded a comfortable majority at Holyrood with Lib Dem and Conservative support.

Stevenson's departure is a huge blow to Salmond, who throughout last week insisted that he had ‘full confidence’ in the politician.

Stevenson is a close personal friend of the First Minister, having succeeded him in Salmond's old Banff and Buchan seat. With his wife Sandra, Stevenson has donated more than £60,000 to the SNP over the last eight years.

Opposition parties claimed Salmond's government was a ‘shambles’ and was suffering from weak leadership. Salmond, however, struck a defiant note, saying he believed it was ‘wrong’ that his friend should have faced a no confidence vote as a result of a crisis caused by the weather.

But Stevenson admitted that he had failed to react adequately to Monday's storm, the worst blizzard seen in Scotland for 40 years.

Aileen Stewart

Aileen Stewart entered first year in 1950 and it is thought she emigrated to Australia.

Alan Stewart

Alan Stewart, Cupar, (first year early 80s), having completed an Honours course in Architecture at Heriot-Watt University, is now doing a Post Graduate Diploma, and has won a Royal Scottish Academy award for Architecture. He received his award in the Art Gallery on 5th March 1995.

Brad Stewart

Brad Stewart (1988) of Ladybank was named ‘Business Hero’ in the Barclay's Trading Places awards, his ‘Blitz Discos’ having been included in the Scottish Region Top 10. He then had the chance to go through to the final stage where the top prize was £13,000. At a black tie dinner in the Marriot Hotel in London Brad received a Bronze Award and £1,100 worth of Microsoft desktop and server software. Brad joined his father's building firm when he left School. Unfortunately, just after he had completed his apprenticeship he was involved in a road accident, which left him paralysed from the waist down. As this meant he was unable to take over the family business as planned, he turned to his interests in lighting and electronics and started doing disco work as a hobby. Following a ‘Training for Work/Self-employment’ course, he has now turned this into a business, ‘Blitz Discos’, and he has worked for large firms such as Spar International and the 41 Club. He has bookings as far ahead as 2010 and takes his music to weddings, birthdays and anniversaries all over central Scotland.

Christian Stewart

Mrs Christian Bond (née Stewart) (1952) died at the beginning of March 2001 aged 60. She was born in Kingskettle. Most of her working life was spent with the firm of John Mathieson, Footfitters, becoming manager of the Kirkcaldy branch. She retired in July 2000, then became supervisor and buyer for all the company's shops in the area, continuing in that rôle with the successor firm. She was an ardent supporter of Freuchie's Cricket team and a member of the local Church.

Davina Stewart

Vina Stewart (1940) died suddenly while on holiday in England on 8th October 2005. On leaving School Vina entered the service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, moving later to work for the rest of her career in the Procurator Fiscal's Office in Cupar. Vina had many interests, but her greatest joy latterly was in travelling, taking holidays in many countries from Europe to China. She was predeceased by her husband and is survived by her son, also an FP. She had a twin brother, William (Bill) (qv).

Dianne Cullen Stewart

BBHS 1976-82

Dianne lived in Westlands Westfield Road in Cupar. After School she attended Abedeen University, graduating MA (Hons) in 1986. She then went on to do RGN training at Foresterhill College in Aberdeen.

She married David Thomas in 1987 and is now (2011) a Research Sister in Oncology in Bangor, North Wales.

Eadie B Stewart

School Secretary; Mrs Stewart, Glenelg, Cupar. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

Fionn Stewart


Fionn Stewart (1973) died on 30th June, aged 34, in a climbing accident in the Alps. Fionn studied law at Edinburgh University, graduating LL.B (Hons) in 1983. He was a partner with the firm of Aitken Nairn in Edinburgh, and is survived by his wife, Laura, and two sons.

Fionn was a keen amateur artist, and he was a Deacon of his local church.

He was an enthusiastic mountaineer and on this occasion, he had made a last minute decision to join friends on a climbing expedition on Mont Blanc.

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