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Sophie Wardlaw

Sophie Wardlaw attended the Scottish Space School at Strathclyde University in Glasgow towards the end of Session 2004-5.

Anne Watson

Anne Watson (1996) was awarded the Ernest Scheller III Memorial Scholarship by Leven company, Silberline Ltd in 2002. It is worth £1,500 a year for 3 years. She left School at the end of her fifth year and spent some time in Germany. Anne was studying German and Music at Aberdeen University. Her father is an Art Teacher in Bell Baxter.

Frank Watson

Frank Watson (1931) died in hospital on 20th March 2005 after a long illness. On leaving School, Frank trained as a butcher. He saw military service with the Scots Guards and was wounded twice. After the war he returned to his trade and worked for many years in Paterson's, for 24 years as manager. Frank was a keen gardener and he enjoyed travelling abroad. He is survived by his wife of 63 years and 3 daughters.

Ronan Watson

The School Captain for Session 1998-9 was Ronan Watson from Cupar. Ronan took part in the Centenary Music Competition on March 23rd 2000 between Waid Academy, Madras College and Bell Baxter. The competition had a new adjudicator this year, Mr. D Laidlaw, Principal Teacher of Music in Morrison's Academy, Crieff. Two flautists, one clarinettist, one cellist, two pianists, one vocalist and two viola players gave the audience a wonderful evening of music making. Ronan gave a performance of great maturity on the viola. He played the first movement of a Bach sonata, an elegy by Fauré and Swing Caprice by Bass. He was adjudged a worthy victor.

Dorothy Watt

Mrs Dorothy Stewart (nee Watt) (1941) was in need of something to stimulate her after the death of her husband. She is a member of the Trefoil Guild and read in its magazine of the "Discovery Award" for older people. There are 3 levels, rather like the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, and Dorothy decided to go for Gold. For the recreational pursuit, she chose walking and, to make sure that she kept it up, she chose to walk from "A to Z", starting at “Abernethy” and finishing at "Zoological Gardens". Her hobby led to an embroidery entitled "Follow the Leader", which took 500 hours to complete. Her "Journey of Discovery" took her on a museum trail, the information from which she incorporated into a large folder of work. The final section involves Community Service. This started in the Cancer Research Shop in Cupar and was followed by Service in reception at the VONEF office. Having proved to herself that she could still achieve what she had previously thought difficult, she has since moved on to a course called "PCs for the Terrified" and she has been nominated for an Adult Learners Award. Who said that retirement could be boring?

James Watt

James Watt - on 20th October in Larnaca, Cyprus. (A full obituary will be printed in the next edition as details were not to hand at the time of printing).

Jane Weatherhogg

During session 1992 - 93, a first year pupil, Jane Weatherhogg, won the Debenham's Bright Futures Young Musician of the Year Competition. She was invited to play at the London Fairfield Halls with the London Mozart Players at a concert in aid of the NSPCC. Jane performed Fauré's "Elegy".

Hazel Webster

Mrs Hazel Dyer entered BBS in 1932. She took a BSc (Hons) St Andrews and became a Teacher of Chemistry in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

James Webster-Stewart

Jim Webster (1993) is yet another of the school's Drama Department's successes. He first appeared on the stage outwith the School in 1993, and he has recently (2002) returned in the role of Hughie Devlin in the love story Tally's Blood, which delves into the Scottish-Italian connection. Jim was also a member of Cupar Junior Opera. He played the part of Callum in The High Road at the age of 13 for three months. This is his first experience of touring. He has spent some time at an acting college in London and he used to appear regularly with the National Youth Theatre.

Jim became a member of the cast of a Radio Scotland drama serial, Lynton Bay, in 2004. The story is set in a fictional harbour town in the south east of Scotland and recounts the effect of a past mystery on the present. Jim, who belongs to Ceres, is to play the part of a 16-year old who lives in the village. It is his first venture into radio drama, although he is already an experienced TV actor. He has appeared several times at the Byre Theatre, St Andrews.

From Newsletter #30 May 2006:

If you happen to be an addict of the "soap" programme "Casualty", you will have had the opportunity of seeing FP JimWebster-Stewart (1993), who comes from Ceres. He was recruited to the programme for 2 special episodes which went out on 24th and 27th December 2005. He played the part of a young man caught in a kind of modern ‘Romeo and Juliet’ situation, forbidden to see his girl friend because of a family feud. The first programme results in a horrific accident, making for a nail-biting end to this part of the story.

Jim's acting career began when he appeared in Shades at the Byre Theatre when he was 12. He later studied Drama as one of his chosen subjects. He played Callum in High Road and then moved to London to the Arts Ed College. He now plays regularly at the Byre, his most recent appearance having been in Roald Dahl's Big Friendly Giant in 2004. He will next appear in Television in January 2007 when he stars in an episode of Sea of Souls.

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