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James Forgan

Entered Banking, was in Arbroath, Glasgow; Manager in Cupar; then Manager in Stranraer; Bank of Scotland, Stranraer. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

Jean C Forgan

Clerkess with Ministry of Labour and Bank of Scotland; Welfare Officer in WTS FANY with 14th Army and served in India, Siam and Malaya; Mrs Jean Hughes. 9 Hathaway Road, Four Oaks, Sutton Coalfield, Warwickshire. Attended BBS in the 1930s.

John R Forgan

An Insurance Inspector in Dundee; 18 Invergowrie Drive, Dundee. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

Margaret J Forrest

Nurse in Astley-Ainslie Hospital, and served in WAAF; Mrs McCrie, 7 Ranmoor Crescent, Sheffield 10. Attended BBS in the 1930s.

Christina Forrester

Mrs Christina Dundas (née Forrester) (1920) died in mid October 2003 after a short illness. On leaving School, Chrissie worked in Elder's Café in St Catherine Street. She joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) on the outbreak of war, and around that time she was selected to play hockey for the Midlands. In 1945 she returned to Cupar, where she married. She was a life-long member of Bonnygate Church, both when it was a Church of Scotland and when it became a Baptist Church. She was awarded a badge to mark 25 years of involvement with the Scout movement. Latterly she gave much service to Age Concern in Cupar. She was predeceased by her husband and is survived by a daughter and a son.

Gareth Thomas Forrester


BBHS 1972-8

Gareth Forrester (1972) died at Cambridge on 17th August 2008.

After leaving school, Gareth spent some time working at Dairsie Mains Farm before joining the army and spending 6 years in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers during which time he travelled as far afield as the Falkland Islands.

Wishing to further his interest in all things mechanical he took a BEng degree at Robert Gordons College in Aberdeen. Work in Cambridge followed and then a move to London, where he took evening classes in Chinese, learning not only to speak and understand but also to read and write characters. This enabled him to set off to Hong Kong where he worked for many years, becoming very involved with Chinese culture. He met his Chinese wife in Singapore, and she and he had several happy years together in Hong Kong before returning to this country. This journey was made by land and sea, taking the Trans-Siberian railway from Beijing, through Mongolia and up into Russia. His next work took him to Qatar, and from there he and his wife again returned by land and sea, this time in an old Arab army landrover and trailer, crossing the Saudi Arabian desert then through Jordan and Syria and into Turkey.

His life then went full circle when he returned to work for his original firm Mott Macdonald in Cambridge.

Only a year later Gareth was diagnosed with a brain tumour. During all his treatment following an operation he refused to give up and cycled daily to his work. He had shortly before that taken part in a London to Cambridge sponsored cycle in aid of cancer and took part again the following year after his own diagnosis. Despite his bravery, his illness finally got the better of him and he died in the Arthur Rank Hospice, Cambridge, with his wife by his side. They had no children.

Gareth was a Chartered Engineer and Associate Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

(Contributed by his mother, Maureen Forrester, née Noble qv).

Ronald Forrester

Ronald Forrester started at BBS in 1940. After School he ran his own Wine and Delicatessen business.

William S S Forsyth

Bill Forsyth was School Sports Champion and winner of the Stark Cup for the half-mile in 1938, went to Dundee Art College, served in the Army and resumed his studies. He went to South Africa, where he taught Art. He retired to St. Michael's-on-Sea, Natal.

Andrew Foxall


TWO brothers from Strathmiglo have been chosen to art direct newly launched Vogue Turkey magazine.

Andrew Foxall was born in Kirkcaldy and brought up in the Howe of Fife village of Strathmiglo. After attending Bell Baxter High School, he studied art in Edinburgh before going to Liverpool John Moores University where he studied textiles. He then moved to Milan to complete an MA in Fashion Design and Marketing in 2000.

In 2006 Andrew left the photography and design company he had set up in Istanbul to form Foxall Associates with his younger brother, Iain. Andrew says that Foxall Associates is not a typical design agency because we don't fit into the usual categories. We don't like design for the sake of design, which is what most practices end up doing and we work across a range of different disciplines, from contemporary art to automotive design. The main thing that we are motivated by is being able to create something new. I had moved to Istanbul to do a job with a friend who I studied with in Milan. I liked it so much that I stayed and set up a photographic and art direction studio with some friends. After three years I wanted to specialise in branding so set up with Iain who moved to Istanbul. We had a few successful years then decided to set up the studio in London in 2009. After a year of navigating the recession in the UK we were called by the editor of the upcoming Vogue in Turkey to say that we got the job [as art directors of the newly launched Vogue Turkey magazine]. I moved back to Istanbul while Iain stayed in London to work with the Conde Nast team there.

Andrew and Iain have created a completely new magazine for Vogue Turkey, from the fonts to the image mentality.

The brothers, who are the eldest of four, still have family in Fife and visit regularly.

Andrew adds: "We dream of being able to work back in Scotland at some point but at the moment we feel that the creative economy is not as demanding or challenging as it is in London or Istanbul or other European cities — something that we would like to help change over time."

For more Information on Vogue Turkey and future projects, log on to

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