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Minutes of meeting of Belton Parish Council held on Tuesday 13th September 2011 at 7.00pm at the Belton Village Hall, School Lane, Belton

Present: Cllr L Wainwright, Cllr N Burbidge-Mullen, Cllr D Branford (left at 9.15pm), Cllr D Lindley

Clerk; Samantha Lockwood

There was one member of the public in attendance.

142/2011 Public questions and comments on items on the agenda (10 Minutes)

There were no questions from the public.

143/2011 A presentation to Celebrate Grace Warrington’s years on the Parish Council

The Parish Council held a presentation, at the meeting of 13th September, to recognise Grace Warrington’s 35 years as a Councillor. Being part of the Parish Council runs through Graces family – her Grandfather became the First Parish Councillor in 1894, then her father and then Grace first came onto the Parish Council in May 1976, as a promise to her late father.

Grace has a large history and back ground of the village and has many stories to tell. She is a timeless worker and put a lot of effort into the community. As well as being on the Parish Council, she was a School Governor, organised the Belton Bus and much more.

The Parish Council would like to wish Grace all the best for the future.

144/2011 To receive declarations of Interest on items on the agenda (under the Code of Conduct members are reminded that in declaring an interest you should make clear the nature of that interest and whether it is “personal” or “prejudicial”)


145/2011 To receive Apologies for absence.

Cllr N Timms apologises were received.

146/2011 To approve and sign minutes from Parish Council meetings 7th June, 3rd August and 17th August 2011.

Resolved: All minutes were duly signed and taken as a true record.

147/2011 Clerks Report

  1. The vacancy for the Parish Councillor has been advertised again – to date, no applications have been received.

Resolved: The Clerk to send Cllr Burbidge-Mullen the Vacancy Poster so it can be advertised in the Maypole and also send a copy to Cllr Lindley who will take a copy and ask if it can be displayed in the surgery.

  1. Countryside Gardens – Mowing Contact. I emailed and have spoken to them regarding what days they mow on etc. They hadn’t been told any different from what Sarah had originally agreed, which was Thursday, Friday and last resort Saturday morning. I have left this as it is, as I think all clubs will benefit from the cut being later in the week, however I have emphasised that Saturday really is the last resort and if they have to come, can it be before 9.30am.

  2. I am having a meeting with Chris Elston on Monday, regarding the problems with the George, Market Place – I will report any findings at the meeting.

When the Clerk met Chris she took him around the whole building explaining the different points of concern. Chris took all the details down and was going to investigate the matter further and get back to the clerk with the findings.

  1. Natwest would speak to me about what signatories were on the account, as my name wasn’t there, however Cllr Wainwright went into the branch at Loughborough and has confirm to me that all signatories are correct.

  2. The signs for the Car Park on the recreation are in the process of being made this had already been agreed in a previous meeting.

Resolved: Other signs and there wording were agreed at the meeting. Golf Prohibited, this sign needs to be ordered in 2xA5, 1xA3. ROSPA advises that you should NOT hang on the ring, NOT climb on the frame work or nets, NOT wear rings or other jewellery, as these could get caught and lead to injury. This sign needs to be order in 1xA4.

  1. Shepshed Town Cricket Club are sending the payments for 2011 in full; this was agreed at their committee meeting on 01/09/2011.

  2. Village Questionnaire re: Land near the pavilion. It was suggested, by Tim Heeley from County Hall, that once councillors had agreed on the questions they would like to ask, he could help me create a form to go on the website.

Resolved: The Parish Council thought that this area of land should just be turfed for the time being, the Clerk to obtain quotes accordingly.

  1. There had been some issues with post being delivered incorrectly around Market Place and the George’s new apartments; this has now all been resolved.

  2. A letter has been sent to highways, asking for their assistance with possible suggestions for traffic calming ideas on Mill Lane and Rempstone Road and what likely costs would be involved. I have asked if someone could come out and look at the area, so I could discuss these ideas.

148/2011 Police Matters

PSCO Nicola Stanhope attended the Parish Council meeting, although there were no crimes to report. PSCO Stanhope had stated that she had been running speed checks along Rempstone Road and would be doing more in the future. She also made the Parish Council aware that there was a police contact team running from Kegworth Parish Council Offices three times a week, for two hours at a time. This was stressed that it was just a contact team and no actual police will be there, which had been previously confused.

Resolved: PSCO Stanhope had asked if this could be put into the maypole to make members of the public aware, this was agreed at the meeting.

149/2011 To create a Working Group for Speed Awareness

Posters were put up around the village asking people to come forward should they wish to create a group. The telephone number on the poster went directly to the Transport department at Leicestershire County Council.

Resolved: The clerk to contact Allan Smart, at Leicestershire County Council, to find out if any volunteer’s had come forward and to ask where the Parish Council goes from here onwards.

150/2011 To consider quotes for a new Bus Shelter in Market Place

The clerk had looked into quotes before the meeting and presented them to the Parish Council.

Resolved: The Parish Council would like the Clerk to get a quote for a three metre bus shelter, see how long the manufactures maintain the shelter for and find out how much the maintenance contract is and then report back to council.
151/2011 To consider quotes for signs for the recreation grounds

The signs for the Car Park on the recreation are in the process of being made this had already been agreed in a previous meeting.

Resolved: Other signs and there wording were agreed at the meeting. Golf Prohibited, this sign needs to be ordered in 2xA5, 1xA3. ROSPA advises that you should NOT hang on the ring, NOT climb on the frame work or nets, NOT wear rings or other jewellery, as these could get caught and lead to injury. This sign needs to be order in 1xA4.
152/2011Planning Applications

153/2011 To discuss repairs/replacement for the Notice Board outside the Village Hall

Resolved: To use the existing posts and the clerk to get a quote for a new board only and come back to council with findings.
154/2011 To discuss the development to the benches on the Recreation Area

Resolved: Cllr Burbidge-Mullen is to discuss with the Belton Community Action Group and Cllr N Timms, who owns the benches and what the current arrangements are, then report back to the Parish Council with more information. It was stressed at the meeting that this needs to be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

The Clerk had obtained a quote to get the benches fitted more securely, however, it was agreed that the Parish Council would wait to hear back from the Belton Community Action Group before taking any further action.

Within the quote for the benches was the filling in of the Mole Holes on the recreation field and to rub down the planters at Market Place to make them look neater. It was agreed at the meeting that the quote from ML Plant Hire would carry out the work.
155/2011 Accounts scheduled for payment since the last meeting.

Chq no

Supplier Name

Inv. No



Countryside Gardens




Target Pest Control




Clements Keys (Accountants/Audit)




Belton PCC (Churchyard mowing)


Total: 1144.40

Resolved: All cheques agreed and duly signed.
156/2011 To discuss the Village Plan

Resolved: This item was agreed to be put back until a meeting early next year.

157/2011 To discuss what the Parish Council would like to try and obtain a grant for.

Resolved: No discussion was made, it was decided there wasn’t enough time this year.

158/2011 Correspondence

  1. DCLG Bribery Act – All Cllrs have a copy

  2. ICT Contribution Letter

Resolved: The Parish Council decided they didn’t want to pay the fee and have asked the clerk to reply “NO” back to the proposal.

159/2011 Any other business

Cllr Lindley had looked into bringing the Post Office back into the Village Shop through the Village SOS “community Post Office”. He had searched many avenues and it was proving difficult, as Belton has ten Post Offices all within a 4 mile radius, two of which are on the Bus route. The conclusion is that it doesn’t seem a viable option, especially with the post office being closed, doesn’t look likely to re-open. However, some members of the Parish Council were to investigate what services of a Post Office people would like to see at the Village Shop.

It was agreed by the Parish Council the Clerk would action getting the fire extinguishers fitted at the pavilion.

160/2011 Date of next meeting.

To be confirmed.
The meeting ended at 10:15pm.

Samantha Lockwood

Clerk to the Council

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