Bluetooth Watch Instructions

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Bluetooth Watch Instructions

Thank you for choosing our watch devices. You can completely understand the method of using it and realize its perfect function and concise operating methods by reading this manual.

This device is used to adapate to the brand of intelligent machines,which can synchronize phonebook and provide a variety of useful features and services to facilitate operating the smart machine in your work and leisure activities.

The Company reserves the right to amend this manual in the case of any prior notice ,and without further notice.

IOS APP Download

only support Bluetooth 4.0

When you get the watch,and instal“smartblue”in you phone, And the watch can display the message and other capion which pisplay on the top of your phone’s.screen.

The method of IPHONE get the app:

  1. Enter the APP STORE of the phone and then search the app “smartblue

  2. Download by using Smart phone to scan the two-dimensional code below


When you get the watch , and install “ Smartwatch.apk” program on the smart phone, realize SMS, LINE, Facebook, Instugrate,Facebook Message, QQ, weather forecasts and other instant messaging reminders.

APK Access mode 1:Download by using Smart phone to scan the two-dimensional code below

※Please download BT4.0 APK

APK Access mode 2:Download from Web address

IP Address:

※Please download BT4.0 APK

After installing “Smartwatch.apk”, and smart phone connect to watch ,First open Bluetooth function of your smart phone and watch , phone will search watch Equipment name and initiate a connection,next smart phone will send "Bluetooth pairing request" and then you press "confirm" for pairing ,After pairing watch will prompt "**(Connected)" ,About 5 seconds later the watch will prompt "sync date&time with remote" (functions of synchronousing date and time required to install " Smartwatch.apk" in the smart phone ),while there is a " " icon in the standby interface ,which indicates a successful connection between your smartphone and watch, After a successful connection you can operate watch according to the following steps
IPhone installation "" is complete, open the phone SmartBlue login screen will pop up, click the registration, fill in the phone number and password and other relevant information into the main interface motion mode, tap the Bluetooth icon and search again appears Bluetooth name watches and then click, it will pop up "Bluetooth pairing request" point "pairing", and then watch the Bluetooth icon at the top of the main screen will turn green, representing the BLE connection is successful, which can push the QQ, WeChat, text messages and other information to the watch. Then return to the main phone screen, Enter the setup menu of Bluetooth, search and connect a Bluetooth watch to display the "Connected" after the standby interface will have a white "" icon, green Bluetooth icon will turn white, indicating that the watch has a connection with your smartphone success, At the same time the watch will appear camera Icon, This time on the phone this has been synchronized to the watch, Now remote camera and mobile phone can also be used

Method of operations

Right side of the key: Press to switch, short press to return to the standby screen

TP gestures: left to right for the return slip, slide from right to left for confirmation

TP: Tap the screen to confirm(in the ringing vibration, sleep monitoring, the remote notification interface for the next turn key)

Introduce the main menuAccording to watch the main function is divided into 3 page

First page: Bluetooth,Call log,Dialer,Notifier, Camera, Stopwatch,Music, Messaging, Phonebook;

Second page: TimeDate, Anti lost, Ringtone,Pedometer, Compass,Clocktype, Settings,Sleep monitor, Powersave;

Third page: Alarm ,Sedenter reminder, Heart Rate, Remote Controller, Language;
Function information:

Bluetooth: Open this function will see the following menu

  1. BT sync~ search and a matching connection with bluetooth devices

  2. Bluetooth settings ~ Bluetooth can be turned on and off set and the machine equipment name display

  3. Distance alert ~ Open this function when watch and mobile phone is disconnected then the watch will sound prompting the user

Call log: Open this function will see the following menu

1)Missed calls ~ Display the missed call ,At the same time can call the corresponding contact

2)Dialed calls ~ Display the dialed call, At the same time can call the corresponding contact

3)Received calls ~ Display the received call, At the same time can call the corresponding contact

4)All calls ~ Display mobile phone calls all phone records

dialer: Watch is connected to the phone can dial

NotifierCan query the QQ/ Wechat and other timely news, Android phone will need to install the phone side "Smartwatch.apk", IPhone is installed in the mobile phone side "" application after use.

Camera: Remote on/off mobile phone camera press confirm to complete pictures (Iphone To turn the camera to the remote camera phone)

Stopwatch: Open this function can be timing

Music: Can control the music playing in the mobile phone

Messaging: Open this function will see the following menu, This function needs to install the " Smartwatch.apk" application for use in mobile phone terminal.

  1. Inbox: Show a mobile phone short message

  2. Sent messages: Show a mobile phone sent message

Phonebook: The watch is connected with the mobile phone will display mobile phone contacts in the machine(can display 1000)
TimeDate: You can set the time and date on watch, open this function will see the following menu

1)Set Time ~ Can set up time

2)Set Date ~ Can set up date

3)Time Format ~12 or 24

Anti lost: Watch will send alarm after leaving the mobile phone a certain distance, Open this function will see the following menu.

Ringtone: You can set the bell or ring on watch, open this function will see the following menu






Pedometer: Calculation of the walking distance of time (time, minutes, seconds) and the number of kilometers (km),Open this function will see the following menu.

1)Pedometer ~ In the menu and press the left software trigger start step-by-step, the total distance (km), Kaluri (kcal) calculation.

2)Step Setting(CM) ~ According to height ratio setting step distance

3)Weight setting(KG) ~ According to its own weight set

4)Clear History ~ Clear records of history

Compass: Open this function can determine where

Clocktype: Open this function will see the following menu



Settings: Open this function will see the following menu

1)FindPhone~ Click to go to look for connected mobile phone, IPhone is open the music player on your phone.

2)LCD backlight~ Optional backlight standby time

3)Units Setup~ Can set the pedometer units to metric units or imperial units

4)About watch ~ Display mobile phone software version information.

Sleep Monitor: Open this operation to monitor the quality of sleep

1)Sleepswitch ~ ON or Off

2)Sleepmonitor ~ Sleep data display

●Powersave: Open this function will see the following menu

1) ON ~After choice ON, the brightness dimmed, the power-saving mode

2 ) Off ~After choice OFF, the brightness of light, enter the state of daily power consumption
Alarm: Click Add alarm

Sedentary reminder: You can choose to turn this feature on or close to sedentary reminder and can set how long a reminder

Heart Rate: Click to enter real-time monitoring of the heartbeat frequency

Remote Controller: remote control for the TV and air conditioning by the watch, open this function will see the following menu

1)Television ~ After the completion of installation, you can remote control switch, volume addition and subtraction, channel switching by the watch

2) Other ~ After the completion of installation, you can remote control other switch products through watch

3)Reset ~You can set the buttons

Language :Can choose language.

Tip: This product's battery is non-removable. And maybe the product can't power on when it is idle for more than a month on account of the wastage of itself. Please charge your device.

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