Brainstorm types of mythical creatures and unusual environments

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1. Atlantis

And the number one slot goes to the most sought after mythical civilization of all….Atlantis! First described by Plato, Atlantis is a sunken continent, lost when the waters rose around it. It was said to be a great seat of learning and culture and a rival to Athens. The location of Atlantis has never been fully determined, but ideas that it was in the Atlantic (to match its name) have been thoroughly debunked. Recentlyone scholar claims to have located it under the South China Sea but the theory hasn’t been verified by any other Atlantis “experts”. Wherever it is, it’s unlikely to be populated by a race of super-intelligent fish people, as the popular imagination has it. But there may just be ruins of an ancient culture somewhere beneath the waters. Then again, it might all just be a myth…

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