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Brent Minder

3791 Avensong Village Cir

Milton GA 30004



Online Resume

Auburn University – Auburn, AL

BSBA, Management Information Systems, 1991

Certifications: MCSD, MCP #1310814
Operating Systems: iOS, Windows 7 / XP / 2000 / NT / 98 / 95 / 3.1, Novell, DOS
Programming Languages: C#, Javascript, jQuery, VB.NET, VB 6, Microsoft PDS
Database Technologies: SQL Server (SSMS, SSIS, SSRS), Transact SQL (T-SQL), Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Entity Framework (EF), MongoDB, ADO.NET, BizTalk, Oracle, Access, PL/SQL, LDAP
Web Site Management: Domain registration, DNS transfers, site uploads, hosting providers, POP email accounts, site troubleshooting, browser compatibility
Web Technologies: UX, ASP.NET, MVC, IIS, jQuery, Kendo UI, JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, Node.js, Bootstrap, Kendo UI, AJAX, HTML, CSS, WPF, WCF, Web Services, Visual Studio, XML
Other Tools: SOAP UI, LINQPad, Red Gate SQL Compare, JIRA, VersionOne, TFS, Git/GitHub, Subversion, Perforce, Visual SourceSafe, Altova Stylevision, XML Spy, Crystal Reports.NET, ComponentOne Studio.NET, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, ERwin, HTML Validator, WISE InstallMaster, InstallShield

Integration: UPS, FedEx, DHL, PayPal, Visa/PlaySpan UltimatePay,, Google Analytics, FaceBook, Twitter, Aria Systems, RightNow,, Sitefinity

eSecuritel – Alpharetta, GA

June 2013 to present

Senior .NET Developer
Developed full-stack web pages, web services, window services, and integration points (UPS, FedEx, Inbox Marketer) for flagship call center web application HITS 3 (Exascale). Extended existing architecture, schema, database upgrading, globalization, and localization. Documented work in code, documents, wiki pages, and intranet site. Wrote CSV-to-SQL Server import pages and report. All work done in ASP.NET/MVC, C#, WCF, SQL Server 2014, EF 6, Kendo UI, Visual Studio 2015, and TFS.
SAI Global – Alpharetta, GA

March 2013 to June 2013

Senior .NET Developer
Developed new web application functionality for compliance web application. All work in ASP.NET/MVC, C#, WCF, SQL Server, Kendo UI, and TypeScript.
Hi-Rez Studios – Alpharetta, GA

October 2011 to March 2013

Senior .NET Developer
In 9 months, brought Hi-Rez Studio’s website up to the level of their highly-acclaimed video games: Global Agenda, Tribes, and Smite. Integrated PayPal Express Checkout and Visa/PlaySpan UltimatePay into Hi-Rez website - processing $millions annually. Reduced new account creation process from 18 seconds to 5 seconds. Implemented pixel conversion tracking and Google Analytics to enhance website marketing. Created refer-a-friend pages integrating with FaceBook, Twitter, and email. Transformed the website from a tangled web of mismatched, buggy, exploitable, and amateurish-looking pages into a respectable, professional-looking, secure website. Pruned website of hundreds of files, consolidated 7 different account creation and login pages, created standard landing pages for each game, created localized navigation bar, and reduced master pages from 16 to 1. Designed, managed, and coded globalization plan; localized website for 7 languages; wrote a resource file (resx) builder tool. Plugged shopping cart exploits, SQL injection vulnerabilities, and other bugs. Created a utility in 1 day that imported 3 million IP address and GPS coordinates into normalized sql tables in 30 minutes. Conducted .NET interviews for hire. Integrated website with RightNow CRM, Aria payment systems, and Aeria game platform. Mentored junior developer. Oversaw implementation of CMS solution using Sitefinity for Smite. Pushed daily changes into live production environment with 50,000 online gamers per day (5000 new signups per day) with no QA department. All work done in ASP.NET, jQuery, jQueryUI, C#, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2012, and Perforce.
Developed and supported:





  • – Atlanta, GA

December 2001 to December 2012

Owner, President, .NET Architect & Developer
Started this company, built web application, and delivered SaaS defect management solution from 2001 until 2013. Designed, created, upgraded, and managed SaaS web application in ASP.Net, VB.NET, SQL Server, Ajax, and javascript.
Clinical SolutionsJohns Creek, GA

March 2008 to October 2011

Senior .NET Developer
Wrote iPad/iPhone web app (C#, ASP.Net, jQuery) for healthcare facilities to set congestion level (via WCF) in call center database. Wrote winform and webform call center applications in C# and ASP.NET on SQL Server. Wrote online payment system for booking health classes using PayPal (ASP.NET, jQuery). Skinned and localized a content management website for Norway. Wrote clinical reports for administrative review (Altova Stylevision). Wrote a KPI editor for our call center app. Wrote a protocol validation app. Developed stand-alone report manager/launcher for Stylevision. Wrote asynchronous web service caller for the UK's 111 (non ER) service.
NCCPA (National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants) – Johns Creek, GA

November 2006 to March 2008

Senior .NET Developer
Developed and supported webform and winform applications for managing Physicians Assistants (PAs) in a VB.NET, ASP.NET, and SQL Server 2005 environment with 200 tables and 1200 stored procedures. Wrote T-SQL stored procedures to fix bugs and enhance applications. Wrote a code-generation tool used to create object-oriented business classes.
B2B Technologies – Atlanta, GA

February 2000 to November 2006

Senior .NET Developer
Processed medical billing records for Anodyne. Managed, designed, and wrote six C# applications to support the Burger King / Star Wars III - Choose Your Destiny marketing campaign. Wrote VB.NET / web services front end for SteelBox Networks. Wrote a CE.NET / SQL Server CE handheld scoring application for Glock. Wrote and deployed a multi-lingual, ASP.NET / VB.NET extranet application, SupplierLink II, for Kubota. Ported in-house, ASP-based bug tracking system to ASP.NET / VB.NET in two weeks. Designed and built ActiveX-based, Treasury Management solutions for SunTrust bank. Developed intranet application for the Commercial Investment Banking (CIB) division of SunTrust. Maintained MCSD status for 6 years.
Sole programmer for these sites:





Team programmer for these sites:

  • SunTrust Repricing Intranet

  • SunTrust Pro Forma Intranet

  • Supplierlink II



Logility – Atlanta, GA

July 1998 to February 2000

Software Developer
Wrote stored procedures in Oracle PL/SQL and ported them to SQL Server for extranet application, XPS. Developed a client/server administration module for XPS using: VB 6, ADO, DCOM, Oracle, SQL Server. Developed an extranet application, Supply Chain Voyager (SCV) for Subaru of America. Developed SCV using: VB 6, ADO, DCOM, IIS, IE 4, and Oracle. Coded components on all tiers: HTML and DHTML pages with OCX components (user-tier) and ActiveX DLLs and EXEs (business-tier and data-tier). Achieved MCSD status.
Eastern Software – Macon, GA

May 1993 to July 1998

Software Developer, Vice President
Acted as the project manager and lead developer on a team of six responsible for the development of a client/server, document/portfolio management application, AccountFolio, that’s sold to banks nationwide. Developed AccountFolio in VB 3. Installed and trained a 40-user AccountFolio license. Solely responsible for designing and writing the primary AccountFolio data entry screens and import facility.
Data HouseHonolulu, HI

June 1991 to April 1993

Programmer Analyst
Designed, presented, and installed a reinsurance billing system for Grand Pacific Life in Paradox PAL. Wrote a complaint tracking system for the Office of the Ombudsman in Paradox PAL. Enhanced a mailing system for the Honolulu International Airport in Dbase IV. Maintained an inventory system for the University of Hawaii.

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