Bshara El-Khoury, Beirut Date of Birth: 10-6-1992

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Bshara El-Khoury, Beirut

Date of Birth: 10-6-1992

Mobile: 70/806636

Home: 01/664118

Nour Kanawati



A management Position offering challenge, accountability, and an opportunity for career advancement. Specifically, challenging human resources position at the corporate, division, or business level where broad management skills can be fully utilized.

2010-2013 Rafic Hariri University Mechref, Lebanon

College of Business Administration

  • Major: Management

  • Date of graduation: May 13, 2013 with Honor

  • Cumulative GPA : 83.16/10

  • Major GPA: 84/100

Experience Kanawati Institution Beirut, Lebanon
Position: Assistant
Duty: Answering the phone

Dealing with customers

Organizing appointments
Blue Bead Recruitment Agency Beirut, Lebanon

Duration: summer 2013

Duty: Renaming and categorizing curriculum vitae (CV’s).

Entering CV’s to the company’s database.

Answering the phone/ responding to customer’s questions.

Office work (scanning, printing, filling applications, photocopying).


Joined Al Makassed Scout and participated in community service activities:

• Volunteered in Marathon Beirut (2008, 2009)

• Cleaned the beach “The Big Blue Campaign” (2009)

• Francophone games 2009 (organization)
Related Courses

  • Introduction to Management

  • Organization Behavior

  • Human Resource Management

  • International Business

  • Operations Management

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Leadership

  • Strategic Management

  • Accounting I

  • Accounting II


  • Well-organized; good planner; good time-manager.

  • Skillful at processing data and information, keeping records.

  • Develop lucrative business relationships with clients.

  • Good use of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Publisher.


Fluent written and spoken English and Arabic

Beginner in Spanish


Bowling, swimming, camping, and listening to music


Available upon request

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