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Advanced Programming Project

RoboCup Simulation League



The purpose of this project is to learn the following:

  1. Investigate new ideas and techniques; therefore, do not expect that much help from the course staff.

  2. Implementing and experiencing agent programming

  3. Real challenge that helps students to be open minded.

  4. Teamwork; I can guarantee you in this project that without students cooperation, the group will not achieve any real good results

  5. Real world problems in a real competition

Project Idea:

The main idea of the project is to increase the students programming level by developing smart soccer strategies in almost real environment. It is challengeable and enjoyable project where students have to apply all what they studied since the first year in school of engineering.

RoboCup Simulation League is platform for agent and AI programming and as written in the official website [ ]

“ Without the necessity to maintain any robot hardware, the RoboCup Simulation League's focus comprises artificial intelligence and team strategy.

Thus, in Simulation League two teams of eleven autonomous software programs (called agents) each play soccer in a two-dimensional virtual soccer stadium represented by a central server, called SoccerServer. This server knows everything about the game, i.e. the current position of all players and the ball, the physics and so on. The game further relies on the communication between the server and each agent. On the one hand each player receives relative and noisy input of his virtual sensors (visual, acoustic and physical) and may on the other hand perform some basic commands (like dashing, turning or kicking) in order to influence its environment.

The big challenge in the Simulation League is to conclude from all possible world states (derived from the sensor input by calculating a sight on the world as absolute and noise-free as possible) to the best possible action to execute. As a game is divided into 6000 cycles this task has to be accomplished in time slot of 100 ms (the length of each cycle). Further information and the SoccerServer software can be accessed via

Project Requirements:

A group of 8 students will work together to develop a team that can use the SoccerServer software to play soccer game ( the group can be less than 8 students but the group will be treated as they are 5). You are required to do the following:

  1. Learn on your own how the 2D SoccerServer works and can be programmed.

  2. Using your own software (C++ or java) develop a play strategy.

  3. Implement your play strategy by forming 11 players that can work together and win a game according to the rules introduced in rulesfile.pdf.

  4. Test your software against some of the teams that win contest before.

There are additional features that you can add to your project for bonus grades:

  • Applying Artificial Intelligence techniques such as neural networks, fuzzy logic, ..etc in your team implementation.

  • Using the Coach to control your team members.

  • Developing an automatic offline commentary system

  • Developing an automatic online commentary system


  1. Biweekly report shows your progress

  2. A complete report that describes the details of your algorithms and techniques that you use in your developed strategy.

  3. A CD contains your software


  1. Understanding how the server works and how to interact with it properly

  2. Designing your own behaviors

  3. Implementing bug free behaviors

  4. Getting a running and tested team

25% of the project grade on each accomplished milestone

Students have to deliver each accomplished milestone separately once they are done with it. It is not acceptable to deliver everything by the end of semester. If though, your project grade will be considered as void.

Evaluation Methods:

Your project will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Your progress during the semester

  2. Your biweekly report

  3. Completing the four milestones on time

  4. Your algorithms and techniques

  5. Applying the learned programming skills in your implementation

  6. The quality of the final report

  7. Your score against your classmates’ teams as well as against one of the international teams.

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