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1. He wrote for Tory periodicals under the name “Captain Hercules Vinegar” and it said that the Theatrical Licensing Act of 1737 was a result of many of his satires. His first novel was The History of the Life of the Late Mr. Jonathan Wild the Great, a satire in which he compared Robert Walpole to the famous highwayman. As a Justice of the Peace he issued a warrant for the arrest of Colley Cibber for the murder of the English language. His first successful novel was Shamela, a parody of Samuel Richardson’s Pamela, which he followed up with Joseph Andrews, another parody which outstripped Pamela in popularity. FTP, who is this 18th Century English writer best known for his picaresque novel, Tom Jones?

ANSWER: Henry Fielding

2. Because of its composer’s death prior to its premiere, there are often many differences between performances. Among these, the spoken parts are occasionally replaced with recitatives, which lengthen the opera and require some scenes to be removed. The four villains and the four women should all be played by the same person, but often, they are not. Sometimes the acts are performed in a different order, with Giulietta coming before Antonia. FTP, what is this opera by Jacques Offenbach, which relates three stories by a German author and composer?

ANSWER: The Tales of Hoffman or Les contes d’Hoffman

3. One of the earliest recorded, and most destructive, occurrences took place during a thunderstorm at Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Devon, on October 21, 1638. It has also been sighted in the aisle of an airliner and floating at the wingtips of bombers during WWII. It is not understood well at this time, in part because it is difficult to explain both its longevity and its near neutral buoyancy in air. FTP, what is this phenomenon which some claim explains many UFO sightings and which other cite as evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence?

ANSWER: Ball Lightning

4. He developed the philosophy of utilitarianism in the 5th Century BCE. He advocated the abolition of music and ceremony and is thought to have promoted the worship of gods, spirits, and ancestors only because to not do so would result in punishment. He idealized the legendary Xia Dynasty and some claim that he was descended from one of its emperors, Shennong. He is best remembered for the concept of bo-ai, or impartial caring, which argued against the traditional concepts of filial piety and duty to ones clan. FTP, who is this creator of an eponymous philosophical movement in China which did not survive past the Qin Dynasty?

ANSWER: Mozi or Micius or Master Mo

5. It was first introduced by Christian von Ehrenfels, whose ideas were greatly influenced by Goethe, Kant, and Mach. There are 6 primary laws governing this theory: the Laws of Praganz,* Closure, Proximity, Similarity, Symmetry, and Continuity. Its early theorists, including Kurt Koffka and Wolfgang Köhler argued that objects perceived as being part of an environment according to all of their elements taken as a global construct. FTP, what is this theory, credited to Max Wertheimer, which views humans as open systems actively interacting with their environment?

ANSWER: Gestalt Theory or Gestalt Psychology (do not accept Gestalt Therapy)

6. It was launched aboard a Delta rocket on October 24, 1998, and was part of NASA’s New Millennium program. It achieved both of its secondary goals, flybys of the comet Borrelly and the asteroid Braille, which it passed a mere 26 kilometers from, the closest flyby of any object ever. Its primary mission was to test 12 new technologies designed to decrease both the costs and risks of unmanned space exploration, including an auto-navigational system, software for self-repair, and an ion thruster, which increased the specific impulse by 10 times over chemical propulsion systems. FTP, name this spacecraft, which was retired on December 18, 2001, after its meeting with Borrelly.

ANSWER: Deep Space 1

7. In it, Jesus is depicted as the model of a heroic German warrior, facing his impending death unflinchingly and even eagerly. A dream vision, it features the scop, who also acts as the narrator, asking the title object for salvation and to be counted amongst the band of Christ’s followers. Earlier, it, acting as if it had been amongst that band, relates its sadness at seeing its creator die, but does take solace in the fact that his death was a victory, not a defeat. FTP, so goes what Old English poem which relates a conversation between the scop and a piece of the cross?

ANSWER: The Dream of the Rood

8. One of the results was a promise from the Dey to stop enslaving Christians, but this was only promised after a nine-hour Anglo-Dutch bombardment of his port destroyed or damaged many of his corsairs. The first treaty ending this conflict was repudiated after its chief negotiator made to sail for Tunis, resulting in the Anglo-Dutch attack. Other conditions agreed to were the payment of $10,000 in reparations to the US and a release in perpetuity from paying tribute to North African pirates. FTP, name this war fought in 1815, which saw US forces under Commodores Stephen Decatur and William Bainbridge defeat the forces of the Dey of Algiers.

ANSWER: Second Barbary War or Algerian War

9. He’s afraid of dogs and his favorite spice is rosemary. Before his untimely death, he was going to form a super-group with Billy Squire, Eddie Money, and Don Henley on drums. He is still riding the fame of his biggest hit, “Piña Colada-berg”, which came out several years before Jimmy Buffet’s rip-off, “Margaritaville”. His sister and brother-in-law were both trampled to death at one of concerts at Red Rock, and he is very close to their son, Dave. FTP, name this washed-up beach bum and musician, the owner of his eponymous Paradise Island, the resort from Broken Lizard’s Club Dread.

ANSWER: “Coconut Pete” Wabash

10. A different drink under this name is marketed by Coca-Cola in Latin America, and increases in hispanic populations throughout the US saw requests made for that drink, prompting the release of Citra, which failed to attract a following. In the US, it is generally marketed to discriminating adult tastes and the one major formula change to it was made in 1985, when it became sweetened with aspartame. FTP, what is this grapefruit-flavored soft drink so beloved by Lyndon Johnson, that he had a fountain which dispensed it only installed in the Oval Office?

ANSWER: Fresca

11. The title character’s boss was a cousin of Jessica Tate, whom he had worked for in a previous series. Much of the plot revolved around housekeeping dilemmas, disputes with the German cook, Gretchen, and interactions with Clayton Endicott III, the Secretary of State. Throughout the series, the protagonist works his way up from butler, to head of the Governor’s household, to state budget director, to lieutenant governor. FTP, what is this series, starring Robert Guillaume which ended with a cliffhanger as Robert Guillaume was running against his boss for Governor?

ANSWER: Benson

12. His daughter, Irichelle, is a boxer and his five championship belts were stolen from his house by his brother-in-law, who sold them to Luis Gonzalez Baez, a memorabilia seller. His last title was a minor super middleweight title he took from Pat Lawlor in 2000. Prior to that, he had not held a title since 1993, when he lost his middleweight title to “Sugar” Ray Leonard. He retired in 2002 following a near-fatal car wreck in Argentina and prior to that had been the only boxer to fight in 5 different decades from 1967 to 2001, when he lost a title to Hector Comacho. FTP, who is this boxer who earned his nickname “Manos de Piedra” in his native Panama when he knocked out a mule with one punch at age 14?

ANSWER: Roberto Duran

13. They were formed in Westchester, California, in 1965 as a surf rock group named The Crossfires and thanks to club owner Red Foster, signed to White Whale Records that same year. They adjusted to prevailing tastes and became a folk-rock group with an oddly spelled name as an ode to The Byrds. Also like The Byrds, their first hit was a cover of a Bob Dylan song, “It Ain’t Me Babe”. Their 1968 song, “Elenore” may be the only Top Ten hit to contain the words et cetera. FTP, name this band which is best known for their quintessential pop hit “Happy Together”, releasd in 1967.

ANSWER: The Turtles

14. The main character is wearing a yellow and black striped tracksuit. The first two scenes were not filmed, but the final three were, as the main character makes his way to the top of a five-story pagoda. Each floor is supposed to be more difficult than the previous, with standard, untrained guards on the bottom, progressing up to an unbeatable Kareem Abdul Jabar, who could only be defeated by using his weakness to light. FTP, this describes what film, a demonstration of Jeet Kune Do, which was Bruce Lee’s last and was unfinished in his lifetime?

ANSWER: Game of Death

15. He had an NBA rcord streak of 11 consecutive seasons averaging at least 2 steals per game, but it was snapped in 2001-02, when he was limited to only 17.1 minutes per game with the Gold State Warriors.* He is one of only three players to lead the league in steals in consecutive seasons, along with Magic Johnson and Alvin Robertson. FTP, who is this former point guard, who holds the Atlanta Hawks’ all-time record for three-pointers attempted and made and is 10th all-time in steals in NBA history?

ANSWER: Daron “Mookie” Blaylock

16. Thomas Thorne, a High Priest in the Church of Satan joined in 1988, billing himself as Buck Rider, but left in 1991 because the band “wasn’t Satanic enough”. Though they are not all female, their backup singers are called The Bomb Gang Girlz. They made a cameo appearance in The Crow and contributed the song “After the Flesh” to the soundtrack. “A Daisy Chain for Satan”, the second track off of their 1990 release, Confessions of a Knife, received some notoriety because of Tipper Gore’s objection to its title. FTP, name this industrial band who has made their biggest splash with the songs “Sex on Wheelz” and “Kooler Than Jesus”.

ANSWER: My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult or TKK

1. Which are you more familiar with, Germanic languages or Romance languages? (Moderator: read appropriate bonus based on response)

I. Identify the following about Germanic languages F10PE.

A. It has been posited that the tribes speaking this branch of Germanic moved from Scandinavia to the area between the Oder and Vistula Rivers. Only Gothic is known from writing, and Crimean Gothic was the last to go extinct, doing so in the 18th Century. Other languages on this branch include Burgundian, Lombardic, and Vandalic.

ANSWER: East Germanic

B. Some think that it may have developed from Zarphatic, which was spoken in northern France and western Germany. There are four dialects, Western, taken more from High German, Litvish, from Lithuanian, Central, from Polish, and South-Eastern, from Ukrainian. Today it is mostly spoken amongst Haredi Orthodox Jews.

ANSWER: Yiddish or Judeo-German

C. Though more distant today and hardly mutually intelligible, this group of languages and dialects, all of which are found on the southern shores of the North Sea in present-day Germany and the Netherlands, is the group most closely related to Old English and, therefore, modern English. It is divided into Frysk, Seeltersk, and North.

ANSWER: Frisian

II. 5 for 1, 10 for 2, 20 for 3, or 30 for all 4, identify the following about Romance languages.

A. Romance languages or New Latin languages as they are also known are a subfamily of this branch of the Indo-European family which also includes Oscan, Umbrian, and Faliscan, as well as Latin.

ANSWER: Italic (accept Centum)

B. This endangered Romance language is named for the large Adriatic peninsula on which it is spoken by approximately 1000 people today. Prior to the 19th Century and its naming by Graziadio Ascoli, it was known by 6 different names, one for each of the towns in which it was spoken.

ANSWER: Istriot (do not accept Istro-Romanian)

C. Vegliot, a northern dialect of this language, was the last of its dialects to go extinct, doing so when Tuone Udaina stepped on a landmine in 1898. Ragusan was the most important dialect, because of the commercial significance of its namesake port city. The language is named for the region on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea.

ANSWER: Dalmatian

D. This language, spoken in southern Belgium, is often considered a French dialect, but should not be confused with Belgian French. It borrowed heavily from Germanic languages and has several remnants of Latin which have fallen out of other languages. It is also extremely conservative, not having changed much since its development in the Middle Ages.

ANSWER: Walloon
2. We’ve all heard jokes about countries ending in -stan. F10PE, identify these regions or proposed countries which end in -stan, but are not yet actual countries.

A. Its name means “The Sovereign Land”, “Land of Khalsa”, or “Land of the Pure” and it has been argued for by Sikh separatists since independence came to the subcontinent in 1947. The proposed nation would encompass the entirety of the Punjab, but most of the political pressure Sikhs have exerted for it has been directed at the Indian government.

ANSWER: Khalistan

B. As with many areas in the Caucasus, there is tension between the established Sufi Muslims of this region and the Wahabbi missionaries seeking converts there. It is the largest Russian republic in the northern Caucasus and it shares much of Chechnya’s northern, eastern, and southern borders.

ANSWER: Dagestan

C. It has been the sight of many different revolts against Pakistani rule and is the largest of the nation’s four provinces. Because of the mountainous and arid terrain, it is sparsely populated, with most of its people centered around the capital, Quetta, in the northeast. Currently Pakistan is building a large port at Gwadar to cut down reliance on Karachi.

ANSWER: Balochistan or Baluchistan
3. Following the reign of Peter I, Russia was ruled by four different women. F10PE, identify the Empresses of Russia from clues.

A. She was elected Empress by the Supreme Privy Council in 1730, following the death of Peter II, with the hope that she would feel indebted to the nobility and grant a constitutional monarchy. She distrusted the Russian nobility and placed Baltic Germans in many powerful positions. She named Ivan VI, her infant grand nephew heir before she died in 1740.

ANSWER: Anne or Anna Ivanovna

B. She is one of the best loved Russian rules, because she did not allow Germans into the government and no one was executed in her reign from 1741-1762. The illegitimate daughter of Peter I, she led a coup against Ivan VI in 1741 and her reign saw Russia side with Austria during the War of Austrian Succession and against Prussia in the Seven Years’ War.

ANSWER: Elizabeth or Yelizaveta Petrovna

C. She was born to a Lithuanian peasant and met her future-husband, Peter I, while she was the mistress of Aleksandr Menshikov. She became co-ruler with Peter in 1724, sole ruler upon his death in 1725, and died in 1727. Despite being Empress, the real power was held by Menshikov and the Supreme Privy Council and she was the mother of Elizabeth.

ANSWER: Catherine I or Ekaterina I Alexeevna or Marfa Skavronska (do not accept Catherine the Great, as

she was Catherine II)

4. Identify the following characters from the Enûma Elsih creation epic central to Babylonian mythology F10PE.

A. One of the primeval gods, he represents fresh water and he fathered Mammu with Tiamat. Several other gods also arise from his union with Tiamat and cause such a racket that he decides to kill them, at Mammu’s connivance. In a preemptive strike, Ea slays this god, sending Tiamat into a rage.

ANSWER: Apsu or Abzu

B. A consort of Tiamat, this demon was given power over the other gods by her and she also awarded him the Tablets of Destiny. None of the other gods could defeat him, until the gods chose a champion. After he was slain, his blood was used to create human beings to be the servants of the gods.


C. The patron god of Babylon and the hero of Enûma Elish, this god was chosen to be the champion of the others and slew Kingu and Tiamat, forming the Earth from her body. He embodies properties of both Ea, whom he seems to have succeeded amicably, and Enlil, whose prestige was stolen in favor of the Babylonian god.

ANSWER: Marduk or Merobach

5. A multiple fruit is formed as a single mass by a cluster of flowers maturing together. F10PE, identify the following multiple fruits from a description.

A. Unless found by squirrels and ravaged for its seeds or eaten by livestock, this fruit often lies to rot where it falls. It is hypothesized that this is a result of its original dispersal mechanism, a giant sloth, going extinct. It is yellow-green, bumpy sphere roughly 3-6 inches in diameter with a vaguely citric smell and is found in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas.

ANSWER: Osage-orange or Hedge-apple or Horse-apple or Bois d’arc or Bodark

B. They are a staple food in many tropical locals and their taste is described as potato-like. It was first collected and distributed by Lt. William Bligh and its tree is one of the highest yielding food plants, with as many as 800 grapefruit-sized fruits being produced from one tree.

ANSWER: Breadfruit

C. Every fruit has the same number of hexagonal sections, regardless of size or shape, and hummingbirds are its natural pollinators. They are native to Paraguay, Brazil, and Bolivia, but, by Columbus’ arrival, had spread throughout the western hemisphere. Thailand and the Philippines lead the world in production and common varieties include Hilo and St. Michael.

ANSWER: Pineapple
6. Angels are not found on in Christianity; F10PE, identify the following angels from Islamic tradition.

A. Name either of the two black, blue-eyed angels who test the faith of the dead in their graves by asking them three questions, “Who is your Lord”, “What is your way of life”, and “Who is your Prophet”.

ANSWER: Nakir or Munkar

B. He is considered to be the chief among the angels and archangels and, in accordance with his primary duty as the chief messenger of God, is the angel who relayed the Qu’ran to Mohammed.

ANSWER: Gabriel or Jabril

C. In Islamic tradition, he was sent to comfort Eve after she and Adam were expelled from paradise. He is also generally considered the protector of the Jewish people and the second-highest ranking angel, behind Gabriel.

ANSWER: Michael or Mikal or Mika’il
7. Identify the following Henry James works from a brief description of the conclusion F10PE.

A. After revealing to the title character that she was too common for him to love her, Winterbourne returns to Geneva to resume his studies and his affair with a clever foreign lady. The title character, on the other hand, dies of “Roman fever” within a few days after walking around in the unhealthy night air.

ANSWER: Daisy Miller

B. Unable to reveal the Bellegarde family secret, the title character goes to London, where he finds Noémie Nioche on the arm of Lord Deepmere. For a short time he returns to America before coming back to Europe once more and visiting the convent in which his beloved Claire now lives. Realizing he can never have her, he makes ready to return to America.

ANSWER: The American

C. Following the revelation that Madame Merle is Pansy’s mother and that Gilbert Osmond’s first wife is not, the title character goes to visit her dying cousin, Ralph Touchett, in England. There she again meets Caspar Goodwood, who encourages her to runaway with him, but she returns to Rome and Osmond, unable to break her marriage vows.

ANSWER: The Portrait of a Lady
8. Identify each of the following odes by John Keats from lines F10PE.

A. “The first was a fair Maid, and Love her name;/ The second was Ambition pale of cheek,/ And ever watchful with fatigued eye;/ The last, whom I love more, more of blame/ is heap’d upon her, maiden most unmeek,-/ I knew to be my demon Poesy.”

ANSWER: Ode on Indolence

B. “Yes, I will be thy priest, and build a fane/ In some untrodden region of my mind,/ Where branched thoughts, new grown with pleasant pain,/ Instead of pines shall murmur in the wind;”

ANSWER: Ode to Psyche

C. “She dwells with Beauty – Beauty that must die;/ And Joy, whose hand is ever at his lips/ Bidding adieu; and aching Pleasure nigh,/ Turning to poison while the bee-mouth sips;”

ANSWER: Ode on Melancholy

9. F6PE, identify the following Foreigner hits from lyrics, or F3PE, if you need the album on which it first appeared.

A. 6) “And I guess it’s just the woman in you/ That brings out the man in me/ (Oooooh) I know I can’t help myself/ (Oooooh) You’re all in the world to me”

3) Foreigner

ANSWER: “Feels Like the First Time”

B. 6) “Are you old enough? Will you be ready when I call your bluff?/ Is my timing right? Did you save your love for me tonight?”

3) Double Vision

ANSWER: “Hot Blooded”

C. 6) “You’re not shy, you get around/ You wanna fly, don’t want your feet on the ground/ You stay up, you won’t come down/ You wanna live, you wanna move to the sound”

3) 4

ANSWER: “Urgent”

D. 6) “Don’t drive no big black car/ Don’t like no Hollywood movie star/ You want me to be true to you/ You don’t give a damn what I do to you”

3) Head Games

ANSWER: “Dirty White Boy”

E. 6) “So long/ I’ve been looking too hard, I’ve waited too long/ Sometimes I don’t know what I’ll find/ I only know it’s a matter of time”

3) 4

ANSWER: “Waiting for a Girl Like You”
10. F10PE, identify the following deities of the Cthulhu mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft.

A. He is known as Lord of the Volcanoes and he was worshipped by the Muvians, in whose land he arrived after being brought from Yuggoth by the mi-go. He is able to turn people to stone and he is the first born son of Cthulhu, being introduced in Out of the Aeons by Lovecraft and Hazel Heald.

ANSWER: Ghatanothoa

B. His avatars include The Madness from the Vaults and Xaba-Hgla. He is generally considered the head of the Cthulhu pantheon and is often portrayed as blind and idiotic. He is served by Nyarlathotep, who immediately carries out his nearly random urges, and is often referred to as the “nuclear chaos”.

ANSWER: Azathoth

C. The crustaceans of Yuggoth worship him as the Beyond One and he is completely co-terminus with all of space and time as we understand them and yet is locked outside of our own dimension. Tawil-at-U’mr, one of his avatars, is the guardian of the timeless halls beyond the Gate of the Silver Key, and this being is known as The Gate and the Key.

ANSWER: Yog-Sothoth
11. Identify the following assistants under the employ of Ben Matlock, from the hit television series named for him F10PE.

A. Played by Clarence Gilyard, Jr., he replaced Tyler Hudson as Ben’s private investigator in Season 4. The actor is best remembered, however, for his role as Jimmy Trivette from Walker, Texas Ranger.

ANSWER: Conrad McMasters (accept either)

B. He replaced Conrad as Ben’s investigator in Season 7 and was followed one season later by his father, Billy, who had tormented Ben when the two were children in Mt. Harlan.

ANSWER: Cliff Lewis (accept either)

C. Played by Nancy Stafford, she served as Ben’s assistant in Seasons 2-6, after replacing Ben’s first daughter, Charlene. Earlier in the series, Stafford had played a murderer in the episode, “The Seduction”, prompting many to make jokes that he was senile because he could not remember that he had put her away for murder.

ANSWER: Michelle Thomas (accept either)
12. Sometimes a mascot has nothing to do with a team’s nickname; 5 for 1, 10 for 2, 20 for 3, 30 for all 4, identify the following NHL mascots from the team he or she cheers for, but does not accurately represent. Be sure to include the animal along with the name, or you will only receive 2 points per answer.

A. Carolina Hurricanes

ANSWER: Stormy the Ice Hog

B. New York Islanders

ANSWER: Sparky the Dragon

C. Calgary Flames

ANSWER: Harvey the Hound

D. Toronto Maple Leafs

ANSWER: Carlton the Bear
13. Identify the following actor or actress from clues 40-30-20-10

A. 40) This person has been captured on film.

B. 30) Big Pink in Basquiat and Lynne Margulies in Man on the Moon

C. 20) Velma in Straight to Hell, Lucy in 200 Cigarettes, and Gretchen in Sid and Nancy

D. 10) Joan Vollmer in Beat, Althea Flynt in The People vs. Larry Flynt, and Cheryl Hickey in Trapped

ANSWER: Courtney Love

14. F10PE, name the following comic book supervillains from the Marvel Universe if you can identify them from their first appearances or F5PE if you need a description.

A. 10) Avengers #54

5) He was created by Henry Pym to help himself in his capacity as the superhero Yellowjacket, but rebelled and erased Pym’s memory of him. He founded the second Masters of Evil and created the synthezoids Vision and Jocasta, both of whom joined the Avengers, his primary opponent.

ANSWER: Ultron

B. 10) Daredevil #131

5) His first name is Lester and he has gone by the alias Ben Poindexter on occasion. A psychotic assassin, he is usually employed by The Kingpen, but when he discovered that The Kingpen had hired Elektra, he impaled her on her own sai. He was paralyzed when Daredevil dropped him from a telephone line on which the two had been fighting.

ANSWER: Bullseye (accept Ben Poindexter and Lester on the 10 pt. clue)

C. 10) X-Man #15

5) The first appearing in X-Man #15, he was created behind the scenes in X-Men Vol. 2 #25 and he was introduced as a concept in Uncanny X-Men #322. He was the focus of a 1996 crossover, which dominated all Marvel series. He was the manifestation of Xavier’s repressed anger over humanity’s continued intolerance and was accidentally freed by X-Man.

ANSWER: Onslaught (accept That Which Shall Survive)

15. Identify the following musicals from songs F10PE.

A. “What Do You Do with a B.A. in English?”; “The Internet Is for Porn”; “It Sucks to Be Me”; “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist”

ANSWER: Avenue Q

B. “Endgame”; “The Russian and Molokov”; “I Know Him So Well”; “One Night in Bangkok”


C. “That Dirty Old Man”; “The House of Marcus Lycus”; “Everybody Ought to Have a Maid”; “Comedy Tonight”

ANSWER: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
16. Identify the following movies from songs which appeared on the official soundtrack F10PE.

A. “In a Lonely Place” by Bush; “I’m Your Boogieman” by White Zombie; “Gold Dust Woman” by Hole; and “Jurassitol” by Filter

ANSWER: The Crow: City of Angels

B. “A Plane Scrapped Its Belly on a Sooty Yellow Moon” by Soul Coughing and Roni Size; “One Man Army” by The Prodigy and Tom Morello; “Long Hard Road out of Hell” by Marilyn Manson and The Sneaker Pimps; and “(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do” by The Crystal Method and Filter


C. “Psychosis” by The Refreshments; “Turned Blue” by Caroline’s Spine; “Headset Head” by Skinny Puppy; and “Mouth [The Stingray Mix]” by Bush

ANSWER: American Werewolf in Paris
Extra Boni
TRASH. 5 for 1, 10 for 2, 20 for 3, and 30 for all 4, identify the following movies starring Kurtwood Smith, who is best known for his role as Red Forman on That 70s Show.

A. Kurtwood plays a mafia leader named Clarence Boddicker, who has ties to Richard “Dick” Jones, the vice-president of the megacorporation, Omni Comsumer Products, who had privatized the police force. During a failed bank robbery in the beginning of the movie, Clarence kills the title character, a decorated police officer named Alex Murphy.


B. Kurtwood plays Prison Director Poe in this 1993 film also starring Christopher Lambert. In it, Poe is a cyborg who was surgically enhanced because he was the 2nd child in a society which allows couples to have only one. He falls in love with the wife of Lambert’s character before being killed by the security system of his own prison.

ANSWER: Fortress

C. Kurtwood plays a man obsessed with his son, Neil, attending Harvard and becoming a doctor, both of which are dreams not shared by Neil. When his son commits suicide after appearing in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, he leads a crusade to have Mr. Keating fired from his post as English teacher at Welton Academy.

ANSWER: Dead Poets Society

D. Kurtwood plays the President of the Federation in this film which sees Colonel West, who is part of a vast conspiracy between members of Starfleet and Klingons, attempt to assassinate him while he is giving a speech at the Khitomer Peace conference. He is saved by the crew of the Enterprise before West can take his shot.

ANSWER: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Academic. The order Rodenta is full of many extraordinary and odd creatures. F15PE, identify the following members of that order noted for their uniqueness.

A. It has a unique skull and resembles a large black rat with a haired tail. It was first described in a paper published April 18, 2005, and is so unique that it has been placed in its own family, Laonastidae, by its discoverers, an event which is itself unique having not been done since the discovery of the bumblebee bat in 1974.

ANSWER: Laotian Rock Rat or Laonastes aenigmamus

B. They live in complex social groups with only 1 queen, while reproductive suppression is practiced by the other females, a social structure thought to be unique among mammals. The lack Substance P, a neurotransmitter responsible for sending pain signals to the brain and they are the only cold-blooded mammals as yet discovered.

ANSWER: Naked Mole Rat or Sand Puppy or Desert Mole Rat or Heterocephalus glaber

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