Education ph. D ohio State University, Industrial & Organizational Psychology ma vanderbilt University, Experimental Psychology ba florida State University, Psychology Experience

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William B. Abernathy, Ph.D.

Office 102 Cardinal Newman Hall

PH.D Ohio State University, Industrial &

Organizational Psychology

MA Vanderbilt University, Experimental Psychology
BA Florida State University, Psychology

2006 - Coordinator of Industrial / Organizational Psychology graduate program and Assistant Professor of Psychology, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA
2004 – 2006 Vice President, Performance Systems,

Aubrey Daniels International, Atlanta, GA

1981 – 2004 President: Abernathy & Associates,

Memphis, TN

1979 – 1981 Consultant, Edward J. Feeney & Associates, Redding, CT
1971 – 1978 Associate Professor of Psychology, Ohio University, Chillicothe, OH
SELU Courses
General Psychology, Research & Design, Conditioning & Learning, Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, Performance Systems, Performance Improvement,

Organizational Development, Practicum, Thesis

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