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Dr. Becky Sue Parton

50296 Rivers Road, Tickfaw, Louisiana, 70466

214-476-5962 (cell) 985-549-5273 (office)


Doctor of Philosophy University of North Texas August 2006

Educational Computing GPA 4.0

Coursework included: Web Authoring, Video Production, Instructional Design, Statistics, Educational Research, Digital Multimedia, Artificial Intelligence, Distance Education, Constructing Knowledge Based Systems, Interactive Video, Internet Services, and Networking. Successfully Defended Dissertation on April 27, 2006.

Dissertation Title: Levels of Technology Implementation: A Comparison Study Between Technology-Minded General Educators and Technology-Minded Deaf Educators

Master of Science Texas Woman’s University August 1996

Deaf Education GPA 3.96

Coursework included: American Sign Language, Learning Theory, Schooling in America, Audiology, Deaf Culture, Literacy Development, Parent Professional Communication Strategies, and Innovative Program Development.

Bachelor of Business Administration University of North Texas August 1994

Strategic Management GPA 3.63

Coursework included: C Programming, Advanced Information Systems, Marketing, Accounting, International Relations, Communication, Instructional Technology, Management, and Technical Writing.

Additional Studies
University of Texas at Arlington (1997): Java and Database Structures
Eastfield Community College (1995): Certified TX Level I Interpreter for the Deaf
Center for Bilingual Studies in Cuernevaca, Mexico – Summer 1992: Spanish

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor – Southeastern Louisiana University 2007 - Present

Courses taught:

  • ETEC 306 – Integrating Technology into K-12 Classrooms Fall 2007

  • ETEC 644 – Application / Web Development (graduate level) Fall 07 – Spring 08

  • ETEC 620 – Infusion of Technology (graduate level) Spring 2008

  • ETEC 680 – Educational Technology Practicum (graduate level) Spring 2008

Assistant Visiting Professor – Texas Woman’s University 2006-2007

Courses taught:

  • CSCI 1403 – A 1st Course in Computing Fall 2006 – Summer 2007

    • Class content distributed via Blackboard

  • CSCI 3002 – Advanced Computing Technology Fall 2006 - Summer 2007

  • CSCI 1423 – Programming Fundamentals (Java) Fall 2006

Adjunct Teaching
Texas Wesleyan University

EDU 3338 – Computers as a Classroom Tool May 2005- Fall 2006

University of North Texas

CECS 1100 – Computer Applications (Microsoft Office) Spring 2005

EDSP 4350 - Strategies to Support Diverse Learners Spring 2006
North Central Texas College (Corinth campus)

COSC 1400 – Introduction to Computers Fall 2004 - Summer 2006

Programming & Design

Special Education Programs (University of North Texas) Aug 2005 –Aug 2006

Title = Technical Coordinator for EDSP 4350.
Enhance course design in WebCT; Create surveys for research.
Assist faculty with web pages, digital lectures, etc.
Center for Media Production (University of North Texas) Jan 2004 –Aug 2005

Title = Web Developer

Design and program dynamic, database driven web pages for campus departments. Tools include Dreamweaver, Frontpage, HTML, Cold Fusion, and MySQL.

Computing and Information Technology Center (UNT) May 1998 –Aug 2006

Title = Programmer III

Code applications to support student accounting and records. Skills include Natural, Cobol, JCL, SQL, and Peoplesoft tools.

Publications and Presentations

Published Papers (Refereed)

Parton, B. (TBD). Does the hearing status of deaf educators influence technology implementation levels? (under review).
Parton, B. (2006). Sign language recognition and translation: A multi-disciplined approach from the field of artificial intelligence. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 11(1), p. 94-101.
Parton, B. (2006). Snapshots of interactive multimedia at work across the curriculum in Deaf education: Implications for public address training. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, 15(2).
Parton, B. (2005). Distance education brings Deaf students, instructors, and interpreters closer together: A review of prevailing practices, projects, and perceptions. International Journal of Instructional Technology & Distance Learning, 2(1).  

Other Published Works

Parton, B. (2008). Geotagging in School. Ed Tech Magazine, February/March 2008.


International / National
Parton, B., Hancock, R. (2008). Distance Delivery with the XO Laptop: A Preliminary Look (demonstration) United States Distance Learning Association Conference (USDLA), St. Louis, Missouri, April 2008. (accepted)
Parton, B., Hancock, R., Ennis, W., Fulwiler, J., & Dawson, J. (2008). Technology Integration Potential of Physical World Hyperlinks for Teacher Preparation Programs. (roundtable) Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE), Las Vegas, Nevada, March 2008. (accepted)

Hancock, R., Parton, B., Ennis, W., & Fulwiler, J. (2008). Implementing Open Souce Student and Curriculum Management Systems (workshop) Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE), Las Vegas, Nevada, March 2008. (accepted)
Ennis, W., Hancock, R., Fulwiler, J., & Parton, B. (2008). Funding Efforts That Support Southeast Louisiana University’s Ability to Retain Teacher Education Populations Post Hurricane Katrina. (roundtable) Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE), Las Vegas, Nevada, March 2008. (accepted)
Parton, B., Hancock, R., & Siegal (2008). Web Accessibility Compliance Across Diverse Cultural slices of Society? (paper session). Society for Cross-Cultural Research – 37th Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, February 2008 (accepted).
Parton, B., Vicknair, J., & Crain-Dorough, M. (2008). Can a Student’s Rationale for Selecting Field Observation Placement be Altered? (paper session). Southwestern Educational Research Association (SERA), New Orleans, Louisiana, February 2008 (accepted).
Parton, B. (2007). Mobile Technology & Deaf Students go “Hand-in-Hand”. (poster) 6th International conference on Mobile Learning (mLearn), Melbourne, Australia, October 2007.
Parton, B. (2007). Virtual Fieldtrips: Making Distance Seem Closer. (round table) Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) International Convention, Anaheim, California, October 2007.
Parton, B. & Dawson, D. (2007). Global Awareness Through Geotagging: Creating Digital Photo Maps. (bring your own laptop session) National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), Atlanta, Georgia, July 2007.
Parton, B. & Dawson, D. (2007). Creating a Virtual Fieldtrip & Collaborative Environment: The Process Made Simple. (tutorial) Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE), San Antonio, Texas, March 2007.
Parton, B. (2007). The Hunt is On – Leveraging Micro Laptops, GPS, and WWANs. (concurrent session) Ed-Tech Conference, California, March 2007.

Parton, B. & Andrews, J. (2007). Interactive Fieldtrip Experiences: Pilot Study Results. (contributed research paper) Association of College Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Conference (ACE-DHH), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, February 2007.

Parton, B., Andrews, J., & Rodgers, B. (2006). Professors as Practitioners: A Partnership between the Alabama School for the Deaf and Lamar University. (round table) Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) International Convention, Dallas, Texas, October 2006.
Parton, B. (2006). Technology-Minded General Educators and Deaf Educators: A Comparison Study.(full paper) E-Learn – World Conference on E-learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education, Honolulu, Hawaii, October 2006.
Parton, B. (2006). Deaf Interactive Real-World Environments: A Mobile Technology Model for Deaf Students. (poster) National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), San Diego, California, July 2006.

Parton, B. & Rodgers, B. (2006). Emerging Technologies for Deaf Students: Bringing Curriculum, Community, and Computers Together. (poster) Association of College Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Conference (ACE-DHH), Denver, Colorado, February 2006.

Parton, B. (2005). Deaf Students + Technology + You = A Perfect Match. (concurrent session) Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) International Convention, Orlando, Florida, October 2005.
Parton, B. (2005). Dreamweaver: Advanced Design Tools & Multi-Media. (workshop) Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) International Convention, Orlando, Florida, October 2005.

Parton, B. (2005). The Producer’s Chair: Roles for each Deaf Student. (concurrent session) International Symposium on Instructional Technology and Education of the Deaf, Rochester, New York, June 2005.

Baker, S., Rodgers, B., & Parton, B. (2005) E-Portfolio of the Star Schools Project Outcomes. (contributed research paper). Association of College Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Conference (ACE-DHH), Banff, Alberta, Canada, February 2005.

Parton, B. (2004). Interactive Language-infused Environments: Taking CD-ROMs to the Next Level. (concurrent session). Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Summer Conference, Denton, Texas, June 2004.
Parton, B. (2004). Empowering Deaf Students Through Advanced Technology Integration Projects. (concurrent session) National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), New Orleans, Louisiana, June 2004.
Parton, B. (2003). The Interpreter that Never Tires: Adding Animated Sign Translations to Student and Teacher Presentations. (poster) International Symposium on Instructional Technology and Education of the Deaf, Rochester, New York, June 2003.
Parton, B. (2003). Still Trying to Teach a Sign Language Unit Through Books?. (poster) Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE), Albuquerque, New Mexico, March 2003.
State / Local
Parton, B., Hancock, R., & Crain-Dorough, M. (2008). Vlog: Transporting Classes to Designations & People Around the World (breakout session) Texas Distance Learning Association (TxDLA), Galveston, Texas, March 2008.
Parton, B. (2007). Merging Realities: Using Technology to Create Multi-Purpose Fieldtrip Experiences for Deaf and Bilingual Students. (spotlight session) College of Arts & Sciences – Faculty Spotlight Series, Denton, Texas, March 2007.
Parton, B. (2004). Distance Education Brings Deaf Students, Instructors and Interpreters Closer Together: A Review of Prevailing Practices, Projects, and Perceptions. (concurrent) Educational Research Exchange, Denton, Texas, February 2004.
Parton, B. (2004). Captioning in a Nutshell. (concurrent) Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA), Austin, Texas, February, 2004.
Parton, B. (2003). Sign Language Recognition and Translation: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach from the Field of Artificial Intelligence. (concurrent) Educational Research Exchange, Denton, Texas, February 2003.

Presentations - Invited

DeafKNOWlogy Mini-Conference. Oklahoma School for the Deaf, Sulphur, Oklahoma. “Multimedia Integration Made Easy with Producer”. March 24, 2006.

Scholarly and Creative Activities


Hancock, R. & Parton, b. (2008). Classroom 2010 Project. Louisiana Board of Regents Grant ($78,269). Submitted.

Parton, B., & Hancock, R. (2008). Vision 3D: Digital Discovery for the Deaf. Department of Education Stepping Stones of Technology Innovation for Children with Disabilities. ($350,000). Submitted.
Parton, B. & Hancock, R. (2008). Campus Virtual Mobile Tour Guide. AT&T Grant ($23,270). Submitted.

Hancock, R. & Parton, B. (2007). Making Online Learning Handicap Accessible. Supporting Electronic Learning and Essential Campus Transitions Grants Program (SELECT) ($32,538) Awarded.

Parton, B., Hancock, R., & Crain-Dorough, M. (2007). Webcams: One Tool With Many Benefits. Center for Faculty Excellence – Teaching Enhancement Grant. Southeastern Louisiana University ($900) Awarded.
Parton, B., Rodgers, B., Dawson, J.. (2006). Merging Realities: Enrichment Experiences for Deaf Students: Pilot Study & Preparation Phase. Grant is an obj. 1.2/2.3 Tech Competence “Choice” grant under the umbrella of the Join Together Project. ($1000) Awarded.

Software and Audio Visual Products

Parton, B., Rodgers, B., & Dawson, J. (2006). Gee Whiz Community [Virtual Fieldtrips] Experiential, problem-based learning project to connect real-world and virtual-world events using mobile technology to engage children, especially those who are Deaf. First year focuses on Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge.
Parton, B. (2003). Exploring Deafness – Your Multimedia Handbook. [CD-ROM] Resource for teachers who want their hearing students to be more aware of the culture and language of their Deaf friends. Designed with Macromedia Director.
Parton, B. (2002). Pounds to Palaces. [Video] Scripted, directed, videotaped, and edited the production for Casa de Critters as a public service announcement to distribute to potential supports and adopters. Edited with Adobe Premiere. Web-version available at

Consulting Services (paid)

Disability Law Resource Project (Summer 2004)

Reviewed and edited documents regarding accommodation needs of Deaf students in mainstream classrooms. Houston, Texas.

City of Denton Animal Control (Fall 2000)

Designed database for animal control including modules for animal processing, intake, disposition, and tracking. Denton, Texas.

Professional Development


AACE (Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education) 2006 - Present

ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) 2005 - Present

AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology) 2004 – Present

Additional Conference Attendance

Texas Association of the Deaf (annual conference) June 2005, Austin TX

emPowering The Future (on-line conference hosted by UNT) June 2005, Denton TX

CAEBER (Conference on ASL/English Bilingualism in Deaf Education) Feb. 2005, Wash DC

Workshop Attendance

Apple Training (Southeastern) Jan. 2008

English as a Second Language – Project Impact (Southeastern) Jan. 2008

Collage Training for Web Publishers (Southeastern) Sept 2007

GIS Software Introduction and Tutorial (UNT) Nov. 2006

Academic Portfolios: Reflection and Evaluation (TWU) Oct. 2006

Impact Factors for Publication (TWU) Oct. 2006

Developing a 5 Year Research Plan (TWU) Sept 2006

Service & Honors

Professional Service

International Level

International Technology Innovation Association (Board Member) 2007-2008

National / State Level

SITE Conference Proposal Reviewer 2006, 2007

SERA Conference Proposal Reviewer 2007

AECT Summer Conference Planning Committee June 2004

TSID (Tx Society of Interpreters for the Deaf) Exhibits Chair 1996 Conf
College Level
Southeastern Louisiana University

NCATE Committee (Member) 2007-2008

EDLT Admissions Committee (Member) 2007-2008

Technology Committee (Member) 2007-2008

Texas Woman’s University

Computer Science Dept Curriculum Committee (Member) 2006-2007

Scholarship Mentor (2 students) 2006-2007

Community Service

Animal Welfare

Casa de Critters Humane Society 1999 – 2007

Primary Role =Co-Founder and Director (non-profit organization)

Activities = Build database using Access; Design website; Complete daily operations; Produce publicity materials; Maintain financial records; Serve as a foster parent; Interact with community members.
Denton & Lewisville Humane Society 1993 - 1998

Primary Roles = Board of Directors (VP) & Dog Coordinator

Awards = Extraordinary Service 1994; Volunteer of the Year 1998
Deaf Culture Awareness

Sign Music Foundation 1995 – 1998

Primary Role = Founder and Director (non-profit organization)

Activities = Setup and executed three nationally attended sign choir festivals; Published newsletters & publicity items. Tracked funding. Communicated with Deaf churches, schools, and professional artists. Scheduled workshop sessions.

Grants = Target Foundation ($1000 – Awarded) & several $100-300 mini grants.
Sign Choir Performing Group at Texas Woman’s University 1994 – 1996

Primary Role = co-President
Compassion International 1997 - Present

Primary Roles = Volunteer Advocates Team

Awards = Haiti Montrouis Building Project Appreciation (2005)
Local Baptist Churches 1991 - Present

Primary Roles = Deaf Ministry, Technical Team, & College Service Coordinator

Educational Awards (competitive)
Merit Scholarships for Doctoral work UNT 2003 – 2005

Redbud Campus Leader Award TWU 1996

Outstanding Student in Strategic Management UNT 1994
Educational Honors
Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society UNT 2005

Student Employee Appreciation Award UNT (Center for Media Prod.) 2004

Five Year Service Award UNT (Computing Center) 2003

National Golden Key Honor Society UNT 1992 – 1994

Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society UNT 1993 – 1994

Areas of Interest & Expertise

  • Educational software development for Deaf students

  • Multimedia design and programming

  • Dynamic web design (databases)

  • Instructional media and technology

  • Computer applications in education

  • Problem-based learning

  • Mobile technology and distance education

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