Career Program (CP) 61: History, Archives, and Museums definition: Career Program 61 (CP61)

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Career Program (CP) 61: History, Archives, and Museums

Career Program 61 (CP61) is comprised of slightly more than 400 civilian personnel assigned in a variety of historical, museum, and archival functional areas throughout the Army. Career Program 61 employees assigned include the full range of General Schedule, SES, SL, and other special pay categories engaged in historical, museum, and archival duties or related administrative and management support activities. Members of this CP teach at various Army schools; write staff support information papers; research, write and produce the official history of the Army; prepare unit lineage and honors certificates; maintain the rolls of the Army; supervise field history programs and historical offices; manage and curate museums; design and build exhibits; preserve and conserve historical artifacts; manage museum collections; manage the Army art program; preserve documents and provide archival services; and provide historical, museum, and archival advice and assistance to commanders and their staffs Army-wide.
The Chief of Military History serves as the CP Functional Chief and the Chief Historian serves as the Functional Chief’s Representative.

Career Program Designation:
Managers assign Career Program designation to positions based on a comparison of duties and assigned responsibilities to the description of CP61 Duties and Responsibilities encompassed by the occupational series listed below. When the preponderance of duties are representative of those described below, the position description should be tentatively coded CP61 and forwarded to the CP 61 Career Program Management Office staff at 202-685-2712 for final determination before being entered into the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System. The servicing CPAC HR advisor can assist in documenting the career program designator as required.
Occupational Series Exclusive to CP61:
0170 Historian

1010 Exhibit Specialist

1015 Museum Curators

1016 Museum Technicians/Specialists

1420 Archivist

1421 Archives Specialist/Technician

Occupational Series With Shared Proponency:
0301 Miscellaneous Administration

1701 General Education and Training

0199 Social Science Student Trainee

1099 Information and Arts Student Trainee

4715 Exhibit Making/Modeling

CP61 History, Archives and Museums Duties and Responsibilities: This group includes all classes of positions the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform research, writing, archiving, conservation, exhibit work, curation, or other professional work, in:

  • 0170: Historian, Historical research and writing, Teaching history, Historical staff support,

Historical lineage and honors, Unit History, Historical program management, Oral History

  • 1010, 1015, 1016 – Exhibit specialists, museum specialists, conservators, museum technicians, museum directors, curators, staff curators

  • 1420, 1421 – Archivist, archivist specialist/technician, electronic archives, information management of historical documents

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