Carolina Garcia-Aguilera

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Tunnel Vision

Blood Shot

Windy City Blues

Ghost Country

Hard Time

Total Recall

Black List

Fire Sale

Hard Ball

Body Work

Ilario Pantano


James Patterson

Against Medical Advice

The Beach House

Beach Road

Black Market (Black Friday)

Cradle and All

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

Don’t Blink

Hide and Seek


The Jester

Judge and Jury


The Midnight Club

Miracle on the 17th Green

Murder of King Tut

Now You See Her

The Quickie

Postcard Killers

Witch & Wizard



Private #1 Suspect

Private Games


Sam’s Letters to Jennifer


Season of the Machete

See How They Run

(Jericho Commandment)

Sundays at Tiffany’s

Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas


The Thomas Berryman Number

Virgin (Cradle and All)

You’ve Been Warned

Hays Baker


Maximum Ride:

The Angel Experiment

Schools Out Forever

Saving the World &…

The Final Warning


Michael Bennett Series

Step on a Crack

Run for Your Life

Worst Case

Tick Tock

I, Michael Bennett

Lake House

When the Wind Blows

The Lake House
(continued next column)

The Women’s Murder Club

1st to Die

2nd Chance

3rd Degree

4th of July

5th Horseman

6th Target

7th Heaven

8th Confession

9th Judgment

10th Anniversary

11th Hour

Alex Cross

Along Came a Spider

Kiss the Girls

Jack and Jill

Cat and Mouse

Pop Goes the Weasel

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Four Blind Mice

The Big Bad Wolf

London Bridges

Mary Mary


Double Cross

Cross Country

Alex Cross’ Trial

I, Alex Cross

Cross Fire

Kill Alex Cross

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross

Ridley Pearson

The Body of David Haynes

Tom Perrotta

Stories of the Seventies

Regine Pernould

The Crusaders

Thomas Perry

Jane Whitefield

Vanishing Act

Dance for the Dead

Shadow Woman

The Face Changes

Blood Money


Poison Flower

The Butcher’s Boy

The Butcher’ Boy

Sleeping Dogs

The Informant

Metzer’s Dog

Big Fish


Death Benefits


Dead Aim

Night Life




Stephen Pressfield

Gates of Fire

The Afghan Campaign

Robert Preston

The Cobra Event

Elizabeth Peters

The Camelot Caper

The Copenhagen Connection

The Dead Sea Cipher

Devil May Care

Her Cousin John

Jackal’s Head

Legend in Green Velvet

Liz Peters, PI (ChristmasStalkings)

The Locked Tomb Mystery

The Love Talker

A Morbid Taste for Bones

The Night of Five Hundred Rabbits

The Scroll of Wadi Qumram

Summer of the Dragon

Amelia Peabody Mysteries

Crocodile on the Sandbank

The Curse of the Pharaohs

The Mummy Case

Lion in the Valley

The Deeds of the Disturber

The Last Camel Died at Noon

The Snake, the Crocodile, and

The Hippopotamus Pool

Seeing a Large Cat

Ape Who Guards the Balance

Falcon at the Portal

He Shall Thunder at the Sky

Lord of the Silent

The Golden One

Children of the Storm

Guardian of the Horizon

The Serpent on the Crown

Tomb of the Golden Bird

A River in the Sky

Jacquelin Kirby Series

The Seventh Sinner

The Murder of Richard III

Die for Love

Naked Once More

Victoria Bliss/John Smythe Series

Borrower of the Night

Street of the Five Moons

Silhouette in Scarlet

Trojan Gold

Night Train to Memphis

Laughter of Dead Kings

Douglas Preston

The Codex

Tyrannosaur Canyon



The Monster of Florence

Ribbons of Time

The Royal Road

Talking to the Ground

Cities of Gold

Dinosaurs in the Attic


Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child (

The Ice Limit

Mount Dragon



Agent Prescott Series



Cabinet of Curiosities

Still Life with Crows


Dance of Death

Book of the Dead

Wheel of Darkness

Cemetery Dance

Fever Dream

Cold Vengeance

Gideon Crew Series

Gideon’s Sword

Gideon’s Corpse

Louis B. Puller, Jr.

Fortunate Son

Daniel Quinn


My Ismael

Ken Rappaport

Tales from the Tar Heel Locker Room

Ian Rankin

The Complete Short Stories

Doors Open

A Cool Head

The Complaints

John Rebus Series

Knots and Crosses

Hide and Seek

Tooth and Nail

Strip Jack

The Black Book

Mortal Causes

Let It Bleed

Black and Blue

Death is not the End (novella)

The Hanging Garden

Dead Souls

Set in Darkness

The Falls

Resurrection Men

A Question of Blood

Fleshmarket Alley

The Naming of the Dead

Exit Music

Jack Harvey Series

Witch Hunt

Bleeding Hearts

Blood Hunt

Cornelia Read

A Field of Darkness

Kathy Reichs (

Tory Brennan Series



Brennan Series

Deja Dead

Death du Jour

Deadly Decisions

Fatal Voyage

Grave Secrets

Bare Bones

Monday Mourning

Cross Bones

Break no Bones

Bones to Ashes

Devil Bones

206 Bones

Spider Bones

Flash and Bones

Bones are Forever

Matthew Reilley



Schole Series

Ice Station

Area 7


Hell Island (Novella)

Scarecrow and Army of Thieves

West Series

7 Deadly Wonders

Six Sacred Stones

Five Greatest Warriors

Thomas E Ricks


Lillian M. Roberts

Andi Pauling

Riding for a Fall

The Hand that Feeds You

-Almost Human

Chris Rogers

Dixie Flannigan

Bitch Factor

Rage Factor

Chill Factor

James Rollins

Altar of Eden



Deep Fathom

Ice Hunt


Witch Fire

Sigma Force


Map of Bones

Black Order

Judas Strain

The Last Oracle

The Doomsday Key

The Devil Colony


w/ Rebecca Cantrell

The Blood Gospel

Laura Joh Rowland



The Way of the Traitor

Concubine’s Tattoo

The Samurai’s Wife

Black Lotus

The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria

The Dragon King’s Palace

The Perfumed Sleeve

The Assassin’s Touch

Red Chrysanthemum

The Snow Express

The Fire Kimono

Sandra Scopperttone (

Some Unknown Person

Such Nice People

Innocent Bystanders

Laurant Larano Series

Everything You Have is Mine

I’ll be Leaving You Always

My Sweet Untraceable You

Let’s Face the Music and Die

Gonna Take a Homicidal Journey

Sarah Shankman

Sam Adams Series

First Kill All the Lawyers

Then Hang All the Liars

Now Let’s Talk of Graves

She Walks in Beauty

The King is Dead

He was her Man

Digging up Momma

Shelby Kay Tate Series

I Still Miss my Man, but my Aim…

Maggie Shayne

Secrets of Shadow Falls

Killing Me Softly

Kill Me Again

Kiss Me, Kill Me

Javier Sierra

The Secret Supper

The Lady in Blue

Jeff /Michael Shaara

The Herald (aka The Noah Conspiracy)

The Broken Place

Soldier Boy

For the Love of the Game

Civil War Series

Gone For Soldiers

Gods and Generals

The Killer Angels

The Last Full Measure

Revolutionary War Series

Rise to Rebellion

The Glorious Cause


To the Last Man

WWII (Europe)

The Rising Tide

The Steel Wave

No Less than Victory

WWII (Pacific)

The Final Storm

Jill Shalvis

Out of this World

Beth Sherman

Dead Man’s Float

Death at High Tide

Death’s a Beach

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Murder Down the Shore

Maj Sjowall / Per Wahloo


The Man on the Balcony

The Man Who Went Up In Smoke

The Laughing Policeman

The Fire Engine that Disappeared

Murder at the Savoy

The Abominable Man

The Locked Room

Cop Killer

The Terrorists

Karin Slaughter

Beyond Reach

Georgia Series




Will Trent/Atlanta Series




Grant County Series



A Faint Cold Fear




Beyond Reach

Martin Cruz Smith

The Indians Won

Roman Grey Series

Gypsy in Amber

Canto for a Gypsy


Analog Bullet

Misteriosa Habana

Stallion Gate

Overture to Death


December 6 (Tokyo Station)

Inspector Renko Series

Gorky Park

Polar Star

Red Square

Havana Bay

Wolves Eat Dogs

Stalin’s Ghost

Three Stations

Wilbur Smith

The Eye of the Tiger

Jessica Speart

Gator Aide

Tortoise Soup

Bird Brained

Border Prey

Black Delta Night

A Killing Season

Coastal Disturbance

Blue Twilight

Restless Waters

Unsafe Harbor

Dana Stabenow (

Blindfold Game

Prepared for Rage

Silk and Song

Liam Campbell

Fire and Ice

So Sure of Death

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Better to Rest

Star Svendotter

Second Star

A Handful of Stars

Red Planet Run

Kate Shugak

A Cold Day for Murder

A Fatal Thaw

Dead in the Water

A Cold-Blooded Business

Play with Fire

Blood Will Tell


Killing Grounds

Hunter’s Moon

Midnight Come Again

The Singing of the Dead

A Fine and Bitter Snow

A Grave Denied

A Taint in the Blood

A Deeper Sleep

Whisper to the Blood

A Night too Dark

Though Not Dead

Restless in the Grave

Peter Straub

Ghost Story

The Hellfire Club

Denise Swanson

Not a Monster of a Chance

Skumble River Series

Murder of a Small Town Honey

Murder of a Sweet Old Lady

Murder of a Sleeping Beauty

Murder of a Snake in the Grass

Murder of a Barbie and Ken

Murder of a Pink Elephant

Murder of a Smart Cookie

Murder of a Real Bad Boy

Murder of a Botoxed Blond

Murder of a Chocolate Covered


George G. Szpiro

Poncare’s Prize

Aimee and David Thurlo

(aimeeand david

Ellah Clah Series

Blackening Song

Death Walker

Bad Medicine

Enemy Way

Shooting Chant

Red Mesa

Changing Woman

Tracking Bear

Wind Spirit

White Thunder

Mourning Dove

Turquoise Girl

Coyote’s Wife


Neverending Snake

Black Thunder

Lee Nez Series

Second Sunrise

Blood Retribution

Pale Death

Surrogate Evil

Rose Desthea

Plant Them Deep

Sister Agatha Series

Bad Faith

Thief in Retreat

Prey for a Miracle

False Witness

Prodigal Nun

False Witness

PJ Tracy

Monkeewrench Series


Live Bait

Dead Run

Snow Blind

Shoot to Kill

Off the Grid

Sun Tzu

The Art of War

Leon Uris

Battle Cry

O’Hara’s Choice

James Webb

Something to Die For

Fields of Fire

A Country Such as This

A Sense of Honor

Emperor’s General

Lost Soldiers

Born Fighting

A Time to Fight

Robert Westbrook

The Mexican

Howard Moon Deer

Ghost Dancer

The Warrior Circle

Red Moon

Ancient Enemy

Thomas E. Woods

PC Incorrect Guide to US History


Bark M for Murder

Death Dines In

Miscellaneous SF&F

Douglas Adams

Hitchhikers Guide

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Restaurant at End of the Universe

Life, Universe, and Everything

So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish

Mostly Harmless

Poul Anderson

The Boat of a Million Years

Stephen Baxter

The Sleeping Planet

Xeelee Series


Timelike Infinity



Vacuum Diagrams

Elizabeth Bear



Greg Bear


Darwin’s Radio

Darwin’s Children

Forge of God

The Forge of God

Anvil of Gods

The Way




The Way of All Ghosts

William C. Dietz




Prison Planet


Where the Ships Die

Corvan Series

Matrix Man

Mars Prime

Legion of the Damned

Legion of the Damned

The Final Battle

By Blood Alone

By Force of Arms

For More Than Glory

For Those Who Fell

When All Seems Lost

When Duty Calls

Sauron Books





Drifter’s Run

Drifter’s War



Logos Run

Sam McCade

Galactic Bounty (War World)

Imperial Bounty

Alien Bounty

McCade’s Bounty

David Eddings

The Belgariad Series

Dawn of Prophecy

Queen of Sorcery

Magicians Gambit

Castle of Wizardry

Enchanter’s End Game

Belgarath the Sorcerer

Polgara the Sorceress

The Dreamers Series

The Elder Gods

The Treasured One

Crystal Gorge

The Malloreon Series

Guardians of the West

King of the Murgos

Demon Lord of Marana

Sorceress of Darshiva

The Seeress of Kell

The Elenium Series

The Diamond Throne

The Ruby Knight

The Sapphire Rose

The Tamuli Series

Domes of Fire

The Shining Ones

The Hidden City

High Hunt

Harlan Ellison

The Treasured One

Alan Dean Foster



Glory Lane


Jed the Dead

Life Form

Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer

Prisoner of the Horned Helmet

Lords of Destruction

Tooth and Claw

Plague of Knives

William Gibson


Count Zero

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