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Byrne, J.

‘IFIP ’86 Computer Art Show – not shown because we were not allowed in the Douglas Hyde Gallery’. A large brown envelope with associated correspondence.


Morell, A.J.H (ed)

Monograph No. 4 – Problems of Stocks and Storage (Edinburgh & London, 1967).


Woodward, R.H. & Goldsmith, P.L.

Monograph No. 3 – Cumulative Sum Techniques (Edinburgh & London, 1964).


Alexandroff, P.

Elementary Concepts of Topology (Dover: N.Y., 1961).


Kuo, S.S.

Numerical Methods and Computers (Addison: MA, 1965).


Aroutiounian, N.

Applications de la Theorie du Fluage (Erolles : Paris, 1957).


Geographia – Glasgow Map.


Goldberg, S.

Introduction to Difference Equations (N.Y., 1961).


Lewis’s Quarterly List (April–June 1980).


Swift, J.

Gulliver’s Travels (Penguin: London, 1994).


Cooper, B.M

Writing Technical Reports (Penguin: Middlesex, 1964).


Annals of the History of Computing 7:4 (Oct. 1985). Three copies


Annals of the History of Computing 8:1 (Jan. 1986).


Annals of the History of Computing 8:2 (Apr. 1986).


Annals of the History of Computing 8:3 (July 1986).


Annals of the History of Computing 10:3 (1988).


West wall, bottom shelf, left to right – items formerly stored there by JGB have been transferred to boxes T.40–1 on 22 April 2018

Turner, G. L’E.

Nineteenth-Century Scientific Instruments (Sotheby: California 1983).

Sotheby’s – Masterpieces from the Time Museum – Part three (London 2002).

Kennedy, E.S.

A Survey of Islamic Astronomical Tables (Philadelphia 2nd edition, 1st edition 1956).

Randier, J.

L’Instrument de Marine (Marcel-Dider Vrac: Le Touvet 1999).

Hambly, M.

Les Instruments de Dessin 1580–1980 (Ars Mundi : France1991).


Collecting Science & Technology (Millers : London 2001).

Die erst Sternwarte Europas mit ihren Instrumenten und Uhren – 400 Jahre Jost Bürgi in Kassel (Callwey: München 1979).

Burnett, J.E. & Morrison-Low, A.D.

Vulgar & Mechanick – The Scientific Instrument Trade in Ireland, 1650–1921 (Dublin 1989).

Sphæra Mundi – Astronomy Books 1478–1600 – A 50th Anniversary Exhibition at the Whipple Museum of the History of Science (Cambridge 1994).

Grosz, A.

Digitalismus Petrus Wandrey (Hamburg? 1990).

James, D.

The Arab Book – An exhibition of Arabic Manuscripts …Chester Beatty (Dublin 1983).

Berthon, S. & Robinson, A.

The Shape of the World – Mapping and Discovery of the Earth (G. Philip: c. 1990).

L’Encylopédie – Diderot & d’Alembert (Paris 2002) – a reprint from 19th c.

Price, D.J. (ed)

The Equatorie of the Planets – edited from Peterhouse MS. 75. I (C.U.P.: Cambridge 1955).

The Five Hundredth Catalogue – Galileo Galilei (H. Schumann: Zürich n.d.).

Bud, R.& Warner, D.J. (edd)

Instruments of Science – An Historical Encyclopaedia (London 1998).

Morrson-Low, A.D.

Making Scientific Instruments in the Industrial Revolution (Ashgate: Aldershot 1988).

Lombardi, A.M.

Kepler Le Musicien du ciel (Belin : Paris 2003).

Mollan, C.

Nostri Plena Laboris – An author index to the RDS scientific journals – 1800 to 1985 (R.D.S.: Dublin 1987).

Kennedy, E.S. & M.-H.

Al-Kāshī’s Geographical Table (Amer. Phil. Soc.: Philadelphia 1987).

Hahn, N.L.

Medieval Mensuration: Quadrans Vetus and Geometrie Due Sunt Partes Principales (Am. Phil. Soc.: Philadelphia 1982).

Knott, C.G. (ed)

Napier Tercentenary Memorial Volume (Longmans: London 1915).

Drake, S. (trans)

Galileo Galilei – Operations of the Geometric and Military Compass 1606 (Smithsonian: Washington 1978).

Hughes, B. (trans)

Regiomontanus on Triangles – Translated … with an Introduction and Notes (Wisconsin Press: Madison 1967).

Pedersen, O.

A Survey of the Almagest (Odense U.P.: Odense 1974).

The Manuscript Papers of British Scientists 1600–1940(HMSO: London 1982).

Bennett, J.A.

Le Citoyen Lenoir – Scientific instrument making in revolutionary France (Cambridge 1989).

Butcher, S.

The Ecclesiastical Calendar: Its Theory and Construction (Dublin 1877) – a modern reprint by Bibliolife.

Bakhouce, B. (ed)

Bernelin élève de Gerbert d’Aurillac – Libre d’Albaque (Princi Néguer : 1999).

Copeland, J. et al.

Colossus – The Secrets of Bletchley Park’s Codebreaking Computers (O.U.P.: Oxford 2006).

Neugebaur, O.

The Exact Sciences in Antiquity (Dover: New York 1969).

Agar, J.

Turing and the Universal Machine (Icon: Cambridge 2001).

Searle, J.

Minds, Brains and Science – The 1984 Reith Lectures (B.B.C.: London 1984).

Baudouin, C.

Blaise Pascal(Paris 1969).

Horsburgh, E.M. (ed)

Modern Instruments and Methods of Calculation – A Handbook of the Napier Tercentenary Exhibition (London [1915]).

Smith, J.

Computer Simulation Models (Griffin: London 1968).

Booth, A.D.

Digital Computers in Action (Pergamon: Oxford 1965).

Sinclair, I.R.

Collins Reference – Dictionary of Computing (Collins: Glasgow 1988).

Guedon, J.-C.

La Planète cyber – Internet et cyberespace (Gallimard : 1996).

Him, L. C.

The Principles and Practice of the Chinese Abacus (Hong Kong 1958).

Chabert, J.-L. et al.

Histoire d’Algorithmes – Du Caillou à la puce ((Belin : Paris 1993).

Toole, B.A. (ed)

Ada, the Enchantress of Numbers (Strawberry Press: California 1992).

Stein, D.

Ada – A Life and a Legacy (M.I.T. Press: Cambridge MA 1987).

Thompson, J.

Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry… (London 1851).

Sebag-Montefiore, H.

Enigma – The Battle for the Code (Phoenix: London 2001).


The Cogwheel Brain – Charles Babbage and the Quest to build the first Computer (Little, Brown: London 2000).

Binet, A.

Psycholgie des grand calculateurs et jouers d’échecs (Paris 1894) – a 1981 reprint.

Cook, T.A.

The Curves of Life – Profusely Illustrated (London 1914) – a Dover 1979 reprint.

Gaines, H.F.

Cryptanalysis – A study of ciphers and their solution (New York 1939) – a Dover 1956 reprint.

Gelernter, D.

Mirror Worlds or: The day software puts the universe in a shoebox … how it will happen and what it will mean (O.U.P.: Oxford 1991).

Bernegger, M. & Capra, B. (edd)

Il Compasso Geometrico e Miltare di Galileo Galilei (ETS: Pisa 1992).

Campbell-Kelly, M. et al.

The History of Mathematical Tables – From Sumer to Spreadsheets (O.U.P.: Oxford 2003).

Yoke, Ho Peng

Li, Qi and Shu – An Introduction to Science and Civilization in China (Hong Kong U.P.: Hong Kong 1985).

Hinsley, F.H. & Stripp, A. (edd)

Code Breakers – The inside story of Bletchley Park (O.U.P.: Oxford 1993).

Rotman, B.

Infinitum – The Ghost in Turing’s Machine … (Standford U.P.: Stanford 1993).

Ifrah, G.

The Universal History of Numbers – From prehistory to the invention of the computer (Harvill: London 1998) – first published in French 1994.

Begey, R.

La Quadrature du Cercle et ses Metamorphoses (Rocher: 1993).

Courbes mathématiques (Découverte: 1995).

Walser, H.

Der Goldene Schnitt (Leipzig 1993).

Maillard, E.

Les Cahiers du Nombre d’Or c Le Parthenon (Paris 1968) – it is foolscap format and the packaging had the following inscription by JGB evidently written in Newpark, ‘For Prof. Roger Stalley via Marie Redmond or Dan McCarthy, along with 2 similar in office in College’.

Glenn, J.

Scientific Genius – The twenty greatest minds (Saraband: Rowayton, CT 1996).

Johnson, W. (trans)

Christopher Polhem – The father of Swedish technology (Connecticut 1963).

Journal of the Operations Research Society of America 16:1 (Jan.–Feb. 1968).

Raphael’s Tables of Houses for Northern Latitudes from the Equator to 50° (Slough n.d.).

Codd, W.

Land Area computation made easy … (Stanley: Holborn n.d.).

Garfagnini, G.C. (ed)

De Mathematischen S. Marcohanschriften in Florenz (Pisa 1976).

Archibald, R.C.

Mathematical Table Makers – Portraits, Paintings, Busts, Monuments, Bio-Bibliographical Notes (Scripta Mathematica: Amsterdam & New York 1948).

Lacroix, S.-F.

Traité Élémentaire de Trigonométroe rectiligne et sphérique, … (Paris 1822).

Asseraf-Olivier, F. & Barbry, E.

Que sais-je ? Le droit du multimédia (Paris 1996).

Leslé.F. & Macarez, N.

Que sais-je ? Le multimédia (Paris 1998).

Haton, J.-P. & M.-C.

Que sais-je ? L’Intelligence artificelle (Paris 1989).

Dufour, A.

Que sais-je ? Internet (Paris 1995).

Cleyet-Michaud, M.

Que sais-je ? Le nombre d’Or (Paris 1973).

Taton, R.

Que sais-je ? Histoire due calcul (Paris 1957).

Hernert, P.

Que sais-je ? Les Algorithmes (Paris 1995).

Brach, S.-P.

Que sais-je ? La symbolique des nombres (Paris 1994).

Parrochia, D.

Que’est-ce que penser.calcular? Hobbes, Leibniz et Boole (J. Vrin : Paris 1992).

Dorival, B.

Album Paschal (Gallimard : 1978) – Volume in a cardboard case and contains an inscription by the author in French.

Instruction sur l’emploi de la Règle à Calcul de A.W. Faber à Stein près Nuremberg (n.d.).

Pickworth, C.H.

Instructions for the use of A.W. Faber’s improved Calculating Rule (London n.d.).

Directions for the Use of A.W. Faber-Castell Precision Slide Rules (Stein 1955).

Instructions for the use of A.W. Faber-Castell Precision Slide Rules (Stein 1955).

Useful Constants and Mathematical Tables (HMSO: London 1927).

Holland, P.

Rechenschieber Slide Rules – A.W. Faber – A.W. Faber-Castell ... (Brühl 2010).

Swain, K.

The Rules of Form: Sonnets and Slide Rules (Whipple Museum: Cambridge n.d.) – with an inscription to JGB by ‘David & Hilary’ dated May 2014.

Jones, W.

Plates to the geometrical and graphical essays by the late George Adams (London 1813).

Lapworth, C.

An intermediate text-book of Geology (Blackwood: Edinburgh & London n.d.) – with an inscription ‘24th August 1923 – T B Byrne – Engineering School – T.C.D.’

Millar, W.J.

An introduction to the differential and integral calculus …. (Blackie: London 1897) – with an inscription ‘T J? Byrne – 25 Tamhope St – Putney – SW …

Flynn, M.J., Harris, N.R. & McCarthy, D.P. (edd)

Microcomputer System Design – Course Notes (T.C.D.: Dublin 1981) – inscribed ‘J.G. Byrne’.

Joly, J.

The Surface-History of the Earth (Clarendon: Oxford 1925) – inscribed ‘Muriell E. Kendall – 1928’.

Ostrowski, A.M.

Solution of Equations and Systems of Equations (Academic Press: N.Y. & London 1960).

Boyer, C.B.

The history of the calculus and its conceptual development (Dover: New York 1949).

Brodie’s Mathematical Desk Companion – A compendium of arithmetical and other useful tables (Brodie: London n.d.).

Scott, R.H.

Elementary Meteorology (London 1887).

Dublin University Magazine (April 1874).

Wood, R.G.

Stephen Harriman Long 1784–1864 – Army Engineer, Explorer, Inventor (A.H. Clark: California 1966).

A description of Ithiel town’s improvement in the construction of wood and Iron bridges … (New-Haven 1821) – a modern reprint.

Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 82A:2 (1982).

Brisbane in Color (Penguin: Vic. 1993).

The Great Barrier Reef in Color (Penguin: Vic. 1987).

New York Irish History 19 (New York 2006).

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