Celebrating the Best of City and Regional Magazines

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Celebrating the Best of City and Regional Magazines


LOS ANGELES — Nineteen magazines took home awards at the 18th annual City and Regional Magazine Awards competition in Philadelphia at City and Regional Magazine Association’s Annual Conference. Judges from the University of Missouri-Columbia and journalism professionals from around the country selected 63 winning entries in 21 categories from the 794 submissions.
Winners were announced May 5, 2003, at the awards banquet, which was the climax of CRMA’s 27th Annual Conference. The competition is open to approximately 80 members of CRMA and other city and regional magazines that qualify.
Los Angeles and Texas Monthly magazines were the big winners this year. Los Angeles won 12 and Texas Monthly won 11 individual awards in categories including excellence in writing, cover design and general excellence. Atlanta magazine and Boston magazine followed with six awards each.
The general excellence awards are kept secret from magazines until the awards ceremony. For magazines with a circulation less than 30,000, Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine took the gold award; Cincinnati magazine won the silver; and Richmond magazine received the bronze.
For magazines with a circulation of 30,000 to 60,000, D Magazine grabbed the gold; Las Vegas Life took home the silver; and Milwaukee magazine won the bronze.
Of magazines with a circulation of 60,000 or more, Texas Monthly received the gold; Los Angeles magazine took the silver; and Boston magazine won the bronze.

The contest is an 18-year-old national competition coordinated by the University of Missouri School of Journalism and CRMA.

For more information, contact Contest Coordinator Kimberly Townlain, University of Missouri, 320 Lee Hills Hall, Columbia, MO 65211 (573/884-1869) or CRMA Executive Director C. James Dowden, 4929 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 428, Los Angeles, CA 90010 (323/937-5514).

City and Regional Magazine Awards Judges
A team was composed of University of Missouri School of Journalism faculty and practicing magazine professionals to judge the annual City and Regional Magazine Awards. Three judges per award category scored entries on a 100-point scale. Five judges per general excellence category rated those entries. The School of Journalism then collected, tallied and averaged the judges’ scores to determine the winners for each category. This year’s judges were:

University of Missouri Faculty

Daryl Moen, professor

Danita Allen, professor

Steve Weinberg, professor

George Kennedy, professor

Jim Sterling, professor

Don Ranly, professor

Byron Scott, professor

Jennifer Moeller, assistant professor

Zoe Smith, associate professor

Jackie Bell, assistant professor

Pat Smith, senior information specialist

Jody Sowell, assistant professor

Brant Houston, Investigative Reporters and Editors

Judy Bolch, professor

Scott Fosdick, assistant professor

Reuben Stern, assistant professor

Practicing Professionals

Shaila Williams – associate editor, Country Home magazine

Ingrid Sturgis – senior editor, Essence.com

Karen Worley – editor, MIZZOU magazine

Geoff Van Dyke – Folio: magazine

Carolyn Gatto – editor, Woman’s Day special publications

Lettie Teague – Food & Wine magazine

Geraldine Sealey – senior writer, ABCNEWS.com

Bruce Murphy – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Karen Gerboth – editor, Wittenberg magazine

Amanda Hinnant – contributing writer, Real Simple magazine

Renee Kratzer – formerly of Missouri Life magazine

Greg Paul – consultant for Brady and Paul Communications

Ralph Groom – art director, DISNEY Adventures

Chris Ocken – Ocken Photography

Casey Shaw – creative director, USA WEEKEND magazine

Monica Moses – deputy managing editor, Star Tribune

Ted Spiker – contributing editor, Men’s Health

Hilary Hurd – editor, Black Issues in Higher Education

Seth Wickersham – NFL reporter, ESPN the Magazine

Lynn Medford – assigning editor, The Washington Post

Amy Lowe – Southern Accents

Heather Morgan – online editor, National Geographic Traveler

Ken Fuson – reporter, Des Moines Register

Jessica Royer – journalism freelancer

Richard Banks – editorial director, SPC Custom Publishing

Amy Rennert – The Amy Rennert Agency Inc.

Tom Foster – Men’s Journal

Jan Winburn – The Baltimore Sun

Todd Witcher – writer and journalist

John Miller – Miller Media

2002-2003 City and Regional Magazine Awards
1. General Criticism
Gold: Los Angeles Magazine “Wraparound Spectacles”


“Moral Combat”
Silver: Los Angeles Magazine “Founding Brothers”

“Meet John Doe”

“The Ultimate Nazi”

Bronze: San Francisco Magazine “Good Lord”

“Moulin Rogue”

“Glass Appeal”

  1. Food/Dining Criticism

Gold: Los Angeles Magazine “Alex’s Restaurant”

“Strip Show”

“The Italian Lesson”

Silver: Texas Monthly “War Fare”

“Fallen Star”

“Melting Pots”
Bronze: San Francisco Magazine “The Best Restaurant”

“Now We’re Not Cooking”

“A Maison of His Own”

  1. Regular Column

Gold: Texas Monthly Paula Burka

Silver: Connecticut Magazine Lary Bloom

Bronze: Philadelphia Magazine Sandy Hingston

4. Reporting
Gold: Chicago Magazine “The Remains of Knife 33”

Silver: San Diego Magazine “Anatomy of a Murder” / “To Catch a Killer” series

Bronze: San Francisco Magazine “What Just Happened Here?”

  1. Personality Profile

Gold: Chicago Magazine “Enemy of the State”

Silver: Atlanta Magazine “The Voice”

Bronze: Los Angeles Magazine “Servant of the Cause”

  1. Feature Story

Gold: Los Angeles Magazine “Lawyers, Tiggers & Bears, Oh My!”

Silver: Atlanta Magazine “Assisted Loving”

Bronze: Milwaukee Magazine “The Dream”

  1. Writer of the Year

Gold: Texas Monthly Skip Hollandsworth

Silver: Philadelphia Magazine Christopher McDougall

Bronze: Chicago Magazine Robert Kurson

  1. Excellence in Writing

Gold: Texas Monthly March

Silver: Los Angeles Magazine February

Bronze: Cincinnati Magazine June

  1. Spread Design

Gold: Boston Magazine “Who’s Up, Who’s Down?”

Silver: Chicago Magazine “Do Big Breasts Make a Difference?”

Bronze: Atlanta Magazine “It’s a Wonderful Death”

  1. Feature Design

Gold: Los Angeles Magazine “The Essential Guide to Food”

Silver: Philadelphia Magazine “Are Philadelphia’s Doctors Disappearing”

Bronze: HOUR Detroit “The Flight for Freedom”

  1. Photo Essay

Gold: Texas Monthly “Route 66”

Silver: Boston Magazine “Flash Back”

Bronze: Baltimore Magazine “Baltimore from the Water”

  1. Cover

Gold: Los Angeles Magazine April

Silver: Texas Monthly January

Bronze: Milwaukee Magazine June

  1. Designer of the Year

Gold: Los Angeles Magazine Joe Kimberling

Silver: Atlanta Magazine Susan Bogle

Bronze: Boston Magazine Robert Parsons

  1. Excellence in Design

Gold: Los Angeles Magazine November

Silver: Texas Monthly July

Bronze: Diablo Magazine November

  1. Reader Service

Gold: Indianapolis Monthly “Fat City”

Silver: San Diego Magazine “Woman’s Guide to Beating Breast Cancer”

Bronze: Richmond Magazine “2002 Real Estate Guide: Hot Places to Live”

  1. Leisure/Lifestyle Interests

Gold: Texas Monthly “Drive, We Said”

Silver: Atlanta Magazine “Getting There Is Half the Fun”

Bronze: Los Angeles Magazine “The Essential Guide to Food”

  1. Civic Journalism

Gold: Texas Monthly “Does Napoleon Beazley Deserve to Die?”

Silver: Atlanta Magazine “Troubled Waters”

Bronze: Boston Magazine “Divided We Stand”

  1. Special Issues

Gold: Texas Monthly July

Silver: San Francisco Magazine April

Bronze: Boston Magazine June

  1. General Excellence I (under 30,000)

Gold: Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine

Silver: Cincinnati Magazine

Bronze: Richmond Magazine

  1. General Excellence II (30,000 to 60,000)

Gold: D Magazine

Silver: Las Vegas Life

Bronze: Milwaukee Magazine

  1. General Excellence III (over 60,000)

Gold: Texas Monthly

Silver: Los Angeles Magazine

Bronze: Boston Magazine

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