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United Way of Escambia County - Position Description
Latest Revision Date: July 5, 2016

Position/Title: Partnership Specialist

Reports To: Partnership Director

Department: Partnership

Exempt/Non-exempt: Full-Time/Non-Exempt/40 hours a week

Pay Range: $20,000 to $22,800 salaried(start) depending on experience

General Description:

Responsible for administrative support functions tied to agency, focus group and investment partner relationships. Supports the certification and investment processes related to undesignated donations that United Way invests in local nonprofit collaborative groups. Administrative support responsibilities include reporting and tracking the impacts of community investment, maintaining stellar agency and partner relationships and management of calendar, agenda and paperwork activities tied to the quarterly education, health and financial stability collective impact initiatives. Supports the Partnership Director by updating and maintaining current agency records, contact information, certification, quarterly reports and training documents and assists the Director on all aspects of training and reporting related to Community Investment and focus group Initiatives. Assists with the development and recruitment of quality assurance committee members and supports all aspects of quarterly meetings of the group and one-on-one advisory sessions with agencies. Also helps identify potential funding that could support collective impact and for collecting and providing relevant data to secure funding to agency development staff. Coordinates partner participation in speaking engagements for United Way events. Supports the solicitation, and maintains all documentation, reporting and paperwork associated with non-profit partner certification, success stories, application for support, and follow up reporting needed from partners.

Essential Functions:
United Way Community Investment Process

  • Ensure timely revisions and updates to the online application for UWEC funding and certification processes

  • Synopsizes issues and updates and reports each to the Partnership Director for resolution

  • Supports agency training & support for successful application for UWEC funding

  • Helps recruit and support 100 Community Investment volunteers to serve on panels that make funding recommendations

  • Helps recruit and train staff liaisons for the Community Investment panels and Quality Assurance committee

  • Schedule & coordinate site visits/oral presentations for all applicants for funding

  • Schedule & coordinate speakers for United Way presentations as needed

  • Support panel deliberations

  • Prepare funding recommendations for Partnership Director

  • Prepare and send EOM report to Partnership Director by the 5th business day of the month.

  • Create and support the implementation of a follow-up with survey of Community Investment Volunteers & participating agencies to ensure continuous improvement of investment process. Compile notable trends, successes and issues in report to Partnership Director for approval prior to circulation to volunteers

  • Schedule and support the facilitation of successful focus groups that strengthen responsiveness to community issues and growth of agency collective response

  • Schedule and support collection of data and issues in agency progress reports for highlight and attention of the Partnership Director. Support any action Partnership Director indicates is necessary to address deficiencies in reporting

  • Provide continuous improvement to process to include process streamlining & improved technology

United Way Agency Partner Certification Process

  • Help solicit and support the new applications for partnership by those organizations applying to become certified partners

  • Implement revisions and updates to the certification requirements as requested

  • Support the Partnership Director’s requests to generate public notices of the certification trainings and information to distribute publicly and ensure monthly correspondence with current partners is issued to ensure continued compliance with standards Support agency training & communicate in a timely fashion to ensure successful maintenance of certification and application by new partners

  • Review certification packets and partner information to ensure information accuracy and current status – submit issues and summary of each review to Partnership Director for review prior to notification of agency partner of “change in status”

  • Send requests for updated agency information to all certified partners monthly with dates of documents expiring for certification maintenance and renewal

United Way Quality Assurance Committee

  • Help solicit volunteers and assist with training on the quality assurance committee responsibilities

  • Schedule quarterly QA meetings and support the preparation of agenda and materials as needed for QA review

  • Schedule and attend (as requested) one-on-one meetings between QA committee members and agencies in need of support

  • Take minutes at one-on-one and quarterly QA meetings and prepare these for presentation to the Partnership Director

Planning and Research

  • Provide suggestions to the Partnership Director related to strategic planning implementation strategies that can help UWEC meet community impact & corporate strategic goals

  • Conduct local and national best practices research as requested

  • Research partner funding and available resources as requested

  • Support the coordination of bi-annual community survey and self-assessment on a three-year rotation

Apricot Database

  • Support the daily activities of the database specialist ensuring that partners receive the maximum support from the department

  • Support any training or partner support that are highlighted in the employee’s 30, 60, 90, mid-year and annual reviews

  • Ensure agency contact information and requests are distributed to the appropriate departments when database is updated.

Physical Requirements:

  • Physically, the Partnership Specialist should have the capacity to be extremely mobile, therefore all physical attributes necessary for driving independently.

  • Capable of lifting 35-40 pounds minimum.

  • Capable of working atypical hours during the week.

Experience Requirements:

 Willingness and ability to learn.

  • Demonstrated ability to organize effectively

  • Willingness and ability to be a team player.


 Computer literacy in Microsoft products.

 Good oral and written communication skills.

 Diplomatic problem solving.

 Organizational skills.

  • High demonstration of effective reporting from research and statistical analysis

 Outgoing and enthusiastic personality.

 Ability to sell and market the United Way mission to the community.

Principle Expectations:

  • Works in conjunction with Partnership Director, Agency Partners, Community Partners and other volunteers to support a successful investment in key focus areas.

  • Tracks and maintains annual goals, follows-up with recognition,

  • Performs and presents in a manner that positively reflects upon the organization and its partner agencies.

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