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BWFC “Give Thanks” Holiday Drive

Baby Items

Diapers all sizes, Pull-ups, Baby wipes, Bottles, Baby medicine (baby aspirin, cough medicine), Sleepers all sizes, Socks, Baby Cups

Children’s Playroom and Playground
Any outside toys (Not broken or missing parts, must be in good condition for safety

reasons), New Toys*, Children’s books, Children’s coloring books, Educational games/toys and videos, Yard toys, children’s broom set, train set, stickers

*Due to sanitary reasons, we are unable to accept stuffed animals (unless brand new) or baby dolls (unless brand new or they can be sterilized daily).


Tinfoil, Ziploc freezer bags, Glasses, Silverware, Burner covers for the stove, Tupperware containers w/lids, Seasonings, Casserole dishes, Bowls, Oil, Sugar, Tea bags, Kool-aid, Trash Bags (regular kitchen and 30 gal. Sizes), Dish brushes

Laundry Room
Laundry detergent, Bleach, Hamper, Laundry baskets, Dryer sheets, Stain remover, Mops, Buckets, Brooms, Body brushes, Cleaning brushes, Clear plastic storage boxes
Cleaning Supplies
Clorox clean-up, Oxy-clean, Orange clean, Lysol spray, Lysol liquid, Toilet bowl cleaner, Pledge, Mildew remover, Bath tub cleaner, Clorox wipes, Plug-ins with fill-ins, Paper towels, Sponges, SOS pads, Carpet fresh (foam – no powder), Vacuum, Vacuum cleaner bags (bag type D, bag for Singer), Lysol spray cleaner, Trash bags

Children’s Clothing

Jogging pants (all sizes), Sweatshirts (all sizes), T-shirts (all sizes), Underwear for boys and girls (all sizes), Socks (all sizes), Long Johns

Women’s Clothing

Jogging pants (all sizes), Sweatshirts (all sizes), T-shirts (all sizes), Underwear (all sizes) Bra’s (all sizes), Socks, Footsies (slipper socks), Night gowns – Long sleeve tees, Long Johns

Personal Care Products
African-American hair products, Brushes, Deodorant, Hairspray, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair-dryer, Soap, Feminine hygiene products, Cotton balls, Q-tips, rubbing alcohol, Toilet paper
Medication for Adults
Tylenol (for headaches, sinus, cold/flu) Ibuprofen, Cough drops, Cough syrup, Nyquil, Peroxide, Band-aids, Upset stomach medication, Tums/Rolaids, Midol or medication for cramps, Ace bandages, Heating Pads, Thermometer with disposable coverings, Tissues (Kleenex), Vicks Vapor Rub, Rubber gloves, Calamine lotion
Other Misc.
Twin bed sheet sets, Pillows, Blankets, Mattress cover (vinyl so they can be disinfected), Light bulbs, Towels, Washcloths, Irons, Ironing boards, Batteries (especially AA), plastic storage boxes, Holiday decorations, Dried beans, blank video tapes, wrapping paper, potting soil, plants or plant seeds, Videos or DVDs, parenting magazines
Used Cell Phones and Chargers
Non - Perishable Food
Donations of Other types of Clothes (dresses, slacks, tops, jeans, etc.) and Accessories (jewelry, shoes, hats, purses, etc.) for Women and Children
Craft items (i.e. yarn, other craft supplies, afghans, placemats, dish towels, scarves, quilts, craft books, etc.)
Construction paper, Glue sticks, Markers, Children’s Scissors, Juice boxes, Child size water bottles, Individual snacks, Clay, Paint and Paint Brushes, Computer Paper(glossy/decorative), tape, dry erase markers, cardboard, rubber, vinyl, aluminum pie pans, empty cake icing containers and lids, drop cloth, large drawing paper, small buckets
Special Needs: Blow up Mattresses and pump, Large Microwave, Furniture, New Car Seats, Laptop, Radio, Power Point Projector, screen, Office Furniture, Fabric, Quilting Supplies, Board Games, Dust Buster, School Uniforms (purple, gold, black, gray, white, Columbia blue or kelly green plain shirts or blouses; kaki, black or navy blue slacks or skirts), Educational Toys/Games, Garden Tools, Weed/Grass Trimmer, Gift Certificates/Gift Cards, Microscope & pre-made Slides, Child Security Gates, Computer Desk, Color Printer, TV/VCR/ DVD Combo, Small Bookshelves, CD Player, Sweeper, Weather Radio, Tape Recorder, Dollhouse, Family of Dollhouse Dolls, Toy chests, lawn mower

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