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During the year 2016, EDC Ltd. had conducted a competition among technology startups. This competition was very much successful such that the first prize winner received equity investment of Rs.3.00 Crore from a private investor merely on the basis of the Chief Minister’s technology startup award given by EDC.

With this background of success, EDC again went ahead with a similar competition during the year 2017 but in general category of startups. The present competition received applications from 38 participants. In order to broaden the awareness of the competition, EDC collaborated with “Goa State Innovation Council”, Government of Goa. It also associated Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda in the process.

The first three winners will be awarded each, Rs.5.00 lakh, Rs.2.00 lakh and Rs.1.00 lakh respectively. The first prize winner will be also awarded “Chief Ministers’ Startup Challenge - 2017 award at the hands of the Hon. Chief Minister, Government of Goa. The prize money is contributed by EDC and Goa State Innovation Council, Government of Goa.

Entire concept of Chief Minister’s startup challenge has been conceived by Shri Santosh R. Kenkre, Vice Chairman, EDC. This innovative concept is taken forward in the right direction by Shri Arvind Ghatkar, Managing Director, EDC and is assisted by Shri B. S. Borkar, Dy. General Manager, EDC.

The applications were scrutinized in the first round and the best ten entries were selected. A panel of following judges comprising of Businessman, Technology Experts, Academicians, Investors, etc. was formed to evaluate the shortlisted 10 startups.

  1. Mr. N. Shriram, Director, Tulip Diagnostics Ltd.

  2. Mr. M. R. Swaminathan, Head –Operations, EMS – Goa, TCS Ltd.

  3. Mr. Ralph D'souza, owner of chain of hotels and Director of EDC LTD.

  4. Mr. Pandurang Kamat, Chief Architect, Innovation and R & D, Persistent Systems Ltd.

  5. Mr. Nigel Cabral, Industrialist/businessman

  6. Mr. Shripad D. Kulkarni, Director of Diebold Systems Pvt. Ltd.

  7. Prof. Dr. Mridula Goel, Prof in BITS & member of Goa State Innovation Council.

  8. Mr. Ryan Carvalho, IT consultant

  9. Fr. Kinley D’ Cruz, Director, Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda

  10. Dr. Neena S. Pai Panandikar, Principal, Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda

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The Evaluation of all the 10 listed startups was done on 21st March 2017, at EDC House, Panaji, Goa. Each of the 10 startups gave a separate presentation before the 10 judges. The basic criteria fixed for evaluation was as below:

  1. Technology

  2. Innovation in business model

  3. Scalability

  4. Team composition

Following evaluation, each of the judges have given the 10 startups, a lumpsum marks based on their presentation and the above criteria. The score sheets have been sealed immediately and same will be opened by Statutory Auditors of EDC on the day of the prize distribution ceremony which is expected to be held in April 2017.

A brief summary of 10 final startups is as below:

  1. Garage Guy

Garage Guy is an online marketplace dedicated towards Automobile Services, to combat common problems that occurred during vehicle servicing. One of the major problems being appointments booking. Booking appointments physically at a service station would at times get very cumbersome. This startup has devised a solution wherein dealers have access to "Garage Guy Systems" which will notify these merchants of Customer Bookings. Customers can conveniently use the app "Garage Guy" or visit the website "" to view the list of offerings & book respective packages. Garage Guy offers customers online appointment booking for Automobile Services from the comfort of their own residences. After booking a particular service, the auto-reminders will assist the customers throughout the process. Customers can select a wide range of services right from automobile maintenance, accessory fitments to even booking a test drive for a newly launched vehicle.


  1. Growth Gravy

Growth Gravy is a Growth hacking startup founded in 2016. The idea is to help businesses market their services & products in simpler ways and generate 2x revenue growth in a short period. Through various digital media platforms, Growth Gravy helps their clients to reach out to targeted audiences, generate new business online and enjoy better ROI when compared to traditional marketing. They provide end to end digital marketing solutions that range from consulting & strategy solutions to managing businesses’ entire brand presence online.  Growth Gravy consists of a young dedicated team, brimming with creativity who look for innovative ways to help businesses grow exponentially.

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  1. SaleApp Advertising Limited

SaleApp Advertising Limited is an IT Start-Up from Goa that was conceptualised by its 3, very young founders, Mr. Carlos Lobo (22 yrs. old), Mr. Larrison Soares alias Larry (24 yrs. old) & Mr. Nathaniel Joseph alias Nathan (21yrs. old). It focuses on Digital Marketing and Advertising across Goa through interactive and engaging forms of Digital Media. It has taken one step further by creating Goa's very first online portal for posting Newspaper Classified Ads in all Leading Newspapers across Goa, through the SaleApp Website and Android App. In less than 6 months, since the inception, SaleApp was selected for Facebook’s developer focused programme “FbStart” which caters to the early-stage, mobile-focused startups. This is the first IT start-up from Goa to be selected for this programme. As part of this programme, the start-up was provided with services & tools worth $40,000 (Rs.27.00 Lakh equivalent). The firm has put up its own unique form of Digital Medium for advertising, called DMS (Digital Media Signage). SaleApp has already installed 37 DMS screens positioned for maximum visibility and prolonged viewing durations in 28 different locations across Goa. These are large 32” HD Screens with the option of playing Audio-Video and also having remarkable viewing angles. The firm has currently rolled out DMS network in the top supermarket chains & some famous individual supermarkets across Goa, i.e. Magsons, AJ Supermarkets, Newton's, etc. The firm is simultaneously working on securing more locations across Goa.

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  1. Lokaso

Lokaso is an exclusive platform that connects travelers & Local experts to engage & share resources, information & advice related to travel. It helps them communicate over posted queries/Local tips or direct messaging.
For travellers, Lokaso helps them gain amazing insight about the places through local tips suggested by locals & asking queries about anything that concerns the place of travel. They can follow their favourite travellers and local travel experts for any updates, news or information regarding any events or activities happening in the vicinity. For Local experts, it’s an amazing platform to showcase their expertise and knowledge of travelling. They can post local tips of a place, connect with travellers over chat or respond to the queries posted on the app. Lokaso holds amazing incentives for the most active and accurate local experts, which is yet another reason to join the community.

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  1. Brush flicks

The promoters at Brushflicks are product builders and solution providers to two major problems in our country. Brushflicks aims on hacking at solving a major problem of unemployment among the creative sector, launched on November, 2016. India as we know is an immensely rich in culture with diverse forms of creativity .Yet the irony is millions of people engaged in creative fields have difficulty in making their ends meet. Only a fraction of the country's artists have made a living at their avocation.

Brushflicks will be the biggest talent hub for all the creative industries to recruit the best of the best talents.

Under Brushflicks, the promoters have come up with an initiative that in turn is solving other big problems i.e., the acrylic waste that survives in the environment for more than 3000 years. They convert the waste into beautiful and immortal art boxes with IOT integrated technology.

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  1. Counterfeit

Every year, counterfeiting causes loses of worth 20 billion USD in India and 1.7 trillion USD worldwide and the promoters are solving this problem using their platform. Counterfeit IQ is a Block chain based platform, which helps to detect any counterfeit (a.k.a Fake) products or documents. This product is based on Block chain which is a proven technology used in the financial world to transfer money securely. Counterfeit IQ can identify any fake drugs in circulations, can be used to track, authorize and authenticate each and every items in the supply chain and detect possible fraudulent activities, identify fake degree certificates, mark sheets, property documents, ID cards, experience letters, etc. It is impossible to fake a document protected by counterfeit IQ. All types of Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) , Luxury items , electronic items etc. can be protected from being counterfeited Thus Helping brands to protect their brand identity.

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  1. Intellis Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.

Intellis Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. is on a mission to simplify business automation, using their Workflow Management System called Weave. The Weave platform builds software systems that can make any business paperless and can gracefully handle changes in work flow without having to edit software code. The system works seamlessly on Laptops, Smart phones and Tablet computers providing users complete freedom in choosing how and where they work. Organizations in India have depended on individual expertise to get the work done but with increasing attrition rates, it is getting harder to train and retain expert staff. Weave empowers your workforce and eliminates bottlenecks due to dependence on individual employees.

Government processes in India are in desperate need of automation, but traditional methods have failed to translate them into sustainable e-Governance solutions. Weave offers an alternative that can make our government systems paperless and transparent. Intellis has accepted the challenge and is actively working to build e-Governance solutions to replace manual government procedures.

Weave was the brainchild of Shri Amit Tamba, who recognized the need for a simple system to automate how work is done. Shri Vinit Naik and Shri Rahul Prabhu joined him in bringing this system to life. The trio bring over 3.5 years of technical expertise to the table. The team is driven to succeed because they want to work on cutting edge technologies, while living in Goa, and generate employment for likeminded individuals.

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  1. Sevarat

The promoter, Ms. Rohini Gonsalves is a vivacious and enterprising go-getter who believes in giving a shot at doing the unconventional. A Gold Medalist – PG Diploma in Marketing, Sales Management and Sales Promotion – Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, she has over 16 years experience in Marketing, Business Development, Relationship Management & Sales. Rohini is the founder of Sevarat, a Marketing Consultant and Columnist. Sevarat is Goa’s first dedicated Senior Care Service which provides timely reliable and professional services to meet every single need of the elderly within their own homes. They provide Diagnostics, Home Care, Home Nursing, Palliative Care, Outdoor Assistance, Physiotherapy, Counseling, Prescription Drugs and Medical, Surgical and Healthcare Products. With an annual membership, Sevarat members enjoy the flexibility to use these services customized as per each person's need. Sevarat Caretakers and Nurses are well trained, well groomed, dedicated and trustworthy and are committed to provide loving companionship, care and cure to the elderly within their own homes. Sevarat Vision is to be a brand to be reckoned with in the area of home care for the elderly. With a strong local presence in every leading city in 5 years, Sevarat aims to be the most preferred Home Care Service for Senior Citizens across India. Sevarat has offices in Panaji and Verna.

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  1. Androcid

Androcid is a Mobile Development Studio exclusively working on building mobile apps. The organization works on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. Backed by a strong team of UI/UX designers and Engineers, the company engineers the products for its clients. Androcid's in-house team of designers are committed to the design particulars of the project. Inline themselves to careful craft of Mobile and Web UI, the team synergizes the right technical and innovative skills to bring the best for the project. Androcid experience within the industry, across spectrum of sectors, has built a wealth of knowledge about industry fit and best practices of implementation of mobile & web projects. Some of the clients it works with are IFB, AMDOCS, GSIDC, Digital Goa, Govt. of Goa and many more.  The Founder of the company is Mr. Prajyot Mainkar, who is himself an android developer/consultant with more than 300 android development talks across the globe. He is part of Google's Developer Community. More about the organization can be read at:

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  1. Dubl’up

Dubl’up is a startup venture incorporated by 3 aspiring Goan entrepreneurs. It is Goa’s first lifestyle app which opens up doors to hundreds of “Buy One Get One Free” offers valuing thousands of rupees ranging from categories like Eating & Drinking, Salon & Spas, Health & Fitness and Hotel & Leisure all across Goa. Dubl’up provides its customers with incentives to explore new restaurants, rejuvenate at the best salons & spas, get away to the best hotels & resorts, ensure a healthy lifestyle with the top gyms & fitness centers or fancy some leisure activities all at half the cost. The app can be downloaded from GooglePlay or AppStore. Customers can subscribe to any of the exciting packages & become a Dubl’up member; this provides access to all existing & new offers under the subscribed package. Further, new outlets & offers are added regularly that can be accessed at any time of the year. Dubl’up currently has around 400+ “Buy one get one free” offers from 100+ outlets across Goa worth over Rs. 3+Lakhs.

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