Computer application II (use of packages) windows, msword, powerpoint, excel and internet table of content chapter One

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Modifying Page Setup Options

In Internet Explorer, you can modify the page orientation, set new margins, add information on the header and footer, and change the size of the paper. To modify the settings of a Web page, perform the following steps:

    1. Click File à Page Setup command to display Page Setup dialog box

    2. In the Page Setup dialog box, you can:

      • Use the Size drop-down list to change the size of the paper, such as Letter, A4, or Executive.

      • Use the Source drop-down list to change the source of the paper.

      • Use the Header text box to specify the header information and the Footer text box to specify the footer information.

      • Use the Portrait or Landscape radio button under the Orientation section to set the orientation of the page.

      • Use the Left, Top, Right, and Bottom text boxes under the Margins (inches) section to set different margins for the page.


  • To print a Web page:

    1. Click File à Print command to display the Print dialog box

    2. In the Print dialog box, you can:

      • Specify the printer, page range, and number of copies

      • Specify the page setup information using the Page Setup tab

      • Click the Options tab to display the following dialog box:

      • Select the required options to print frames and linked documents.

    3. Click the Print button to print the Web page.

Search Engines

You can use the Internet to search for information on any topic, such as education, computer, medicine, and sports

    • A search engine comprises a set of programs that include:

    • A program that searches all the pages on the Web sites and uses the hypertext links on each page to discover and read other pages on the site. This program is called a spider

    • A program that creates an index of the pages, which have already been read by the users

    • A program that receives the search request, compares the search entries with the entries in the index, and returns the results to the Web browser for display

  • Popular search engines in the Internet include Google, AltaVista, and Lycos

  • Different search engines use different mechanisms to search for information

  • For example, using AltaVista search engine, we get the following:

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