Constitution of the stout antique auto club

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University of Wisconsin Stout

“Stout Antique Automobile Club” Constitution, Revised April 12, 2011


Article I – Name and incorporated activities.

SEC 1. The name of this organization shall be “Stout Antique Automobile Club” (hereafter known as “the club”)

SEC 2. The Activities of the Stout Antique Auto are:

1. To provide a friendly environment to meet, discuss, and learn about automobiles and other motor vehicles.

2. To create and stimulate interest in all types of automobiles.

3. To help members obtain automobiles.

4. To help members obtain parts and equipment required to maintain their vehicles.

5. To help members restore automobiles by

a. To help members obtain parts and equipment required to restore automobiles.

b. To instruct members on how to use equipment required to restore automobiles.

6. To collect literature pertaining to automobiles.

SEC 3. The official vehicles of the Stout Antique Auto Club (hereafter known together as “club vehicles”) are a 1952 Chevrolet Truck (hereafter know as “the ‘52”) and a 1954 Desoto Firedome Sportsman Hardtop (hereafter known as “the Dome”)

  1. Article VII pertains to the regulations regarding the club vehicles.

Article II – Membership

SEC 1. Membership to the Stout Antique Auto Club shall be limited to students, faculty, staff and other persons connected with the University of Wisconsin – Stout.

1. Alumni can join as inactive members.

2. Members of the community can join the club, pending club approval

3. Members must work in the annual auto show in spring to remain in good standing, run for office.

4. All members of the Club must be involved in one committee as described in Article VI.

5. Stout Antique Auto Club reserves the right to refuse and or revoke membership to any persons if it is found that the person is acting in a manner harms the club or results in negative consequences to:

a. Stout Antique Auto Club,

b. University of Wisconsin Stout

c. currently elected officers,

d. current advisors, and/or

e. members in good standing.

f. club vehicles

Article III – Advisors

SEC 1. Stout Antique Auto Club requires at least 1 advisor with connections to the University that is not a student or alumni. Any other person is eligible to become an advisor pending majority vote by the club.

SEC 2. Advisors are only allowed to suggest course of actions, make recommendations, and help maintain order, should the executive board unable. The executive board is not allowed to nominate officers, vote, etc.

SEC 3. Advisors are subject to Article II, Sec 1, Subsection 5.

Article IV – Fees and Dues

SEC 1. The club shall be authorized to fix its due dates and assessments as shall be estimated to be sufficient to cover the expenditures of the club for the ensuing year.

SEC 2. Dues for the following year will be determined at the fourth meeting of the fourth quarter.

SEC 3. Dues must be paid by the end of the first quarter.

SEC 4. Dues for new members joining the club in the second semester must be paid by the end of the third quarter.

SEC 5. Dues are $5 per year from the first meeting of the academic school year to Homecoming. After Homecoming, dues are $10.

SEC 6. Advisors and alumni are exempt from paying dues.
Article V – Elections
SEC 1. There will be two types of elected positions:

1. The Executive Board

    1. President

    2. Vice President

    3. Secretary

    4. Treasurer

2. Junior Officers or Committee Chairs

    1. Historian

    2. Vehicle Keeper

    3. Fundraising coordinator

SEC 2. All elected positions, except advisors, are held for one year.

SEC 3. Elections are held in the second semester, four weeks prior to the end of the semester.
SEC 4. There are qualifications for running for office:

  1. The Executive Board

    1. The member must have paid dues.

    2. The member must have worked at the show.

    3. In addition, the president must have been on the executive board for a year prior to being nominated for President.

  1. Junior Officers or Committee Chairs

    1. The member must have paid dues

    2. The member should have worked the show.

    3. The Vehicle Keeper shall have a good understanding of vehicle mechanics.

SEC 5. Elected positions will be filled in hierarchical order, with executive board first, followed by Junior Officers or Committee Chairs.

SEC 6. A brief description of each position will be given prior to nominations for the position.
SEC 7. The only two positions that can be occupied by one member are Treasurer and/or Fundraising/Sponsorship and/or Vehicle Keeper.

SEC 8. All elected officials must be nominated for office.

  1. Members may express interest in running for office to

the executive board and then will be considered for nomination.

  1. Only members can nominate fellow members for office, provided the nominee meets the qualifications.

  2. The nominee must accept the nomination before being considered a candidate.

SEC 7. Advisors and Alumni may NOT be involved in elections.

SEC 8. There shall be general election by ballot in which only active of the club may take part. A plurality of total votes cast by members present shall elect.
SEC 9. Extraordinary Circumstances:

  1. Vacancies shall be filled by a special election at a regular meeting.

  2. Resignation:

    1. An officer that voluntarily resigns will provide two weeks notice in order for the club to find a replacement.

    2. An officer that is asked to resign will step down immediately and the position will be filled according to the Vacancy subsection.

  3. Early Graduation: Only under extenuating circumstances are early graduates allowed to run for office. If an early graduate is elected to office, in the Fall term, elections will be held to find a candidate to fill the year.

SEC 10. Any member not in good standing with the club may

not be considered for office, nominate officials, or vote

in elections.

SEC 11. Duties of all Officers are explained in Article VI.
Article VI – Officers
SEC 1. The duties of the officers are outlined below. These are only guidelines. Officers may get jobs and responsibilities not listed below.
SEC 2. The Duties of the President:

1. The President shall preside and moderate the meetings.

2. The President is to delegate responsibility to members in the organization.

3.The President is required to get involved in any major undertaking, such as legal actions.

4. Unless a member is appointed, the President will be the contact individual for all legal matters.
SEC 3. The Duties of the Vice President:

1.To assume the responsibilities of the President in the President’s absence.

2. To assist the President whenever possible.

3. To coordinate the Christmas Party.

SEC 4. The Duties of the Secretary:

1. To keep minutes of the meetings and post them or make them available to members.

2. To send out any correspondence on behalf of the organization.

3. To keep records of all correspondence.

SEC 5. The Duties of the Treasurer:

1.To maintain the checking account and the clubs funds. This includes deposits, withdrawals, check writing, and balancing the checkbook. The Treasurer is RESPONSIBLE for any overdrafts.

2. The Treasurer has the right to refuse writing a check if the club has not authorized the use of funds.

3. The Treasurer is responsible for paying all the bills and renewals including registration and insurance of the Dome on time.

SEC 6. The Duties of the Historian:

1. To keep a history of club members and activities.

2. To take charge of all club property of a historical nature, including all records (title, work) of the Dome.

3. To maintain a yearly scrapbook and take photos at all club events including garage nights, the Christmas party, and the Show.

4. To prepare a PowerPoint for the Fall for new members.
SEC 7. The Duties of the Vehicle Keeper:

1.To maintain and upkeep all vehicles belonging to the club.

2. To coordinate with the events coordinator, garage nights, to work on club vehicles.

3. To educate members about repair procedures.

SEC 8. The Duties of the Sponsorship & Fundraising:

To coordinate fundraising events to generate funds for club activities.

1. To procure materials for fundraising.

2. To solicit firms to donate or sponsor club activities.

3. To follow up with area businesses to ensure a good lasting relationship with the club.

Article VII – 1954 Desoto Firedome Sportsman Hardtop and 1952 Chevrolet Truck.

SEC 1. The club vehicles are a 1954 Desoto Firedome Sportsman Hardtop and a 1952 Chevrolet Truck.

SEC 2. The vehicles shall not be owned and/or in the possession of persons outside of current, active members in good standing of the club. This includes Alumni.

SEC 3. Rules regarding operation and repair of the vehicles are covered under the By Laws.

Article VIII – Amendments and Revisions

SEC 1. The club reserves the right to revise the Constitution, including adding or deleting areas.

SEC 2. Amendments to the Constitution shall be made by a quorum of three-fourths (75%) of the present active membership of the club. A majority vote by this group shall be necessary to make, repeal, or revise any article of the Constitution.

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