Domestic Travel and Subsistence Policy

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Domestic Travel and Subsistence Policy

Solely based upon pre-approval from BUYER, SUPPLIER shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred in connection with the performance of Services. SUPPLIER will bill expenses monthly for actual travel and living expenses incurred. SUPPLIER shall, each month, provide BUYER with itemized statements of claimed reimbursable expenses. Each statement shall contain the Agreement and Order(s) number under which the expenses were incurred. SUPPLIER will maintain hard copy backups for all expenses over $25 and on an exception basis will provide copies to BUYER. Unless otherwise provided in the Order(s), the following expenses are allowed:

  1. Airfares: at the lowest rate available (14 days minimum fares when appropriate) not to exceed Coach for US travel and not to exceed Business Class for international travel.

  2. Automobile Mileage: at the per mile rate established by the Internal Revenue Service for miles actually traveled in connection with the performance of Services.

  3. Automobile Rental:

      1. When and as necessary in the performance of Services.

      2. A subcompact or compact shall be used unless more than two people share the same car.
  1. Meals: shall not exceed in Thirty-five dollars per day ($35 US dollars) per person.

  2. Lodging: shall be reimbursed at reasonable rates for the locale.

  3. Travel expenses, other than automobile mileage and highway tolls, for Consultant(s) living within a 50 mile radius of their location are not reimbursable and will be refused by BUYER, except with prior approval by BUYER.

  4. Parking at 'home’ airport, or taxi fare to and from such airport.

  5. Highway tolls.

  6. Gasoline for rental car.

  7. Reasonable Hotel internet access as it pertains to performing BUYER business.

  8. Tips as appropriate for hotel.

  9. Mileage below normal business commute will not be reimbursed.

The Parties will work together to minimize travel costs by utilizing the best approach to leverage each other's travel program. Representatives from each party's travel program will meet on a quarterly basis to evaluate options and determine if further expense management activities are required.

Alternative Abbreviated Language:
Client shall reimburse Supplier for its pre-approved, actual, itemized, documented, reasonable and necessary travel expenses (e.g. transportation, lodging and, only if overnight travel is involved, meals) at Supplier’s cost, with no mark-up or overhead adjustment, provided such expenses are incurred by Supplier at the written request of Client, within forty-five (45) days of Client’s receipt from Supplier of documentation of the actual charge or cost to Supplier. Supplier’s estimate of such expenses will be specified in all quotations, estimates, orders, and statements of work. Supplier expenses for lodging, meals and transportation shall be at reasonable rates and Supplier shall exercise prudence in incurring such expenses. Client shall not reimburse the costs of first class travel unless pre-authorized by Client in writing, and expects that all Supplier travel arrangements will take advantage of available cost-effective discounts and special rates. Client shall not reimburse the Supplier for travel time of its employees.

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