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The section “Interfaces of Computer” is included into various disciplines of educational plans. Basic difficulty at study of this unit is that this section contains a lot of information (for example tables of condition, timing diagrams), which requires dynamical representation. And also the majority of an information on this theme in the books is obsolete or is inaccessible. The information exists in Internet, but it is problematic to find it is not systematized.

In educational course the following parts are represented: the interfaces – common information, work of the interface, the timing diagrams of work.

The automated educational course is oriented on deriving: theoretical know of a device and work of interfaces, skills to analyze processes, skill of development of tools of interfaces, use of interfaces, skills of reading of the timing diagrams.

As information resources there are used: manuals of corporation of the developers of interfaces placed in Internet, information resources, which represent a various engineering information on interfaces, additional information from manuals (books) on interfaces.


When means of Intranet University management are created, there occurs a problem of arranging the information resources to be available under various circumstances. The report is about the solving the problem for electronic curriculum.

The electronic curriculum should reflect the educational activity of university clerks, teachers, and departments. Such activity is rather various, and so are the formats for the curriculum Intranet publications. The system of curriculum WEB publications allows to pay attention to all the informational needs of the departments, dean’s offices, teachers, students, entrants. To keep the information of a curriculum, a MSSQL Server 6.5 database is used. CGI-scripts are used to generate dynamic HTML documents. The basic languages are PERL, JavaScript. A subsystem of access authorization is built in the system, that allows to control the rights of reading and modification. The system also gives the possibility of saving basic curriculum backups. It is possible to change the curriculum and save different versions, saving the original version as it was.

Now the system passed the step of the technical design and is under implementation. The DB editor and the interface are ready. This project is a part of an Informatization programme of Ulyanovsk State Technical University.


The automated Learning system (ALS) is an automatic system, in which the part of functions of the teacher incurs a computer. To me the task posed to design the universal software package for tutoring and testing of the students. The program should work with the tests in any subject and on any themes in this subject.

The student may do the following operations: to read the theory, to be tutored, to respond on the test, to select a subject, to look the help and to quit from a system. The teacher can: to select, to change or to delete subjects and themes, to install the review, to install response time on the test, to install criteria of ratings, to install a path for output

statistics and to install size of the test od persent. Also he can change or entered files with the theory, files with tutoring and files with the tests.

All this can be made not going out from the main program. The program should inspect errors, which can arise at input of files with the theory, by tutoring or tests and to output to the user the message with the indication such as an error, and filename, where this error is. The system permanently additions with the new tests in various subjectsand themes. The realized a possibility to additions all lists of subjects and theme, that controlling with a system not going out from it. Also it is possible to delete some subjects. In that all files will not be erased from the disk. With them the connection will be only torn. If necessary, you can be restored connection.


System is intended for organisations of testing by means of using a computer. In its functions enters an administering a database of conducting testing, automatic exposing the evaluations on available results of testing, scheduling the reports on mistakes tested. System allows developing new tests on free discipline.

System can function both in «one-user» mode, and in «multi-user». Multi-user mode is made on the base a «File-Server» technology. At the system operation in the multi-user mode, one copy of program is installed on «File-Server», and all computers in local network, specially adjusted for working with the system, can with she interacts.

System consists of three programs - a «Place of Developer», «Place of User» and «Place of Teacher».

«Places of Developer» gives a chance create tests with the free amount of questions and variants of answers, each question and variant of answer can be connected with the graphic file. In the making test teachers can accompany each variant of answer to the question by their own marks-recommendations. These marks can be intended as for the most teachers, using given system, so and for the test person. Marks-recommendations, carried in a time of test development, will be then enclosed in the report on results of testing. Analysis of knowledge is produced by the way to generations of two types of reports:

  • Report for the teacher. For each wrong variant of answer of testing person, teacher, for instance, can get an error description, and recommendations that needed to undertake to tested people did not make such type errors.

  • Report for the test person. Report can, for instance, contain explanations for the test person, why given variant of answer to the question is wrong, and what subjects from the textbook to him needed to repeat for the assimilation of material.

A report on results of testing generates a «Place of Teacher».

«Place of Teacher» allows to expose evaluations for testing on the free scale, which has chosen a teacher; to control a process of exposing the evaluations, by means of the choice of condition of correctness of answer to the question of test ("Only correct variants of answers"; "Correct variants of answers + 1 error"; "Correct variants of answers more than wrong"); to give statistical information on the process of testing; to adjust parameters of «Place of User» for organisations of following testing.

«Place of User» serves for organisations of testing.

In the system included powerful hypertext help. User, working with the system, can always address to the file hypertext help and get detailed reference information, on any one of components any one of three programs. System constantly traces, what component of program, has a focus, and when user presses on the key "F1" gives reference information on this component exactly. Functioning of hypertext help greatly corresponds to a real working a system.

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