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Rare Birds of the Pacific Northwest Essences

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Rare Birds of the Pacific Northwest Essences

Aleutian Canada Goose

Tracking, being more aware of one's surroundings and thus being able to seize opportunities as they become available. Living in the present moment from which all things can be created.

American Avocet

Facing new challenges with calm, faith and courage. Trusting in the universe for support, guidance and inspiration. Doing what feels right in the present moment, because you know it's your inner self speaking to you.

Ancient Murrelet

Deeply grounding and transformative, releases past life ties and agreements that are no longer appropriate. Draws the proper shamanic or spiritual teacher to you.

Barrow's Goldeneye

Making decisions and choices based on one's soul truth. Seeing with great clarity what is the best means of achieving one's goals based on inner guidance and direction. Following one's higher purpose.

Chestnut-Backed Chickadee

Opens and balances the backs of the chakras for greater movement and distribution of energy. Back problems may be due to the backs of the chakras being blocked or clogged. Helps one to develop a stronger sense of self and individuality.

Chestnut Collared Longspur

For long range goals, setting an intention that is positively focused, not allowing for negative thoughts and beliefs to get in the way. Helps to speed up manifestation of goals, using even the smallest indications of success to spur you on to even greater things.

Clark's Nutcracker

Resolving unresolvable problems, breaking through to the heart of the situation. Releasing deeply ingrained negative thoughts and beliefs, especially those that are self-critical and self-sabatoging.

Common Tern

For knowing that "everyday" reality is not so real as we might want to believe. Enables us to step out of our normal boundaries to experience new ways of being and creating in the world. An excellent essence to use as a follow up spray for a house or room that has been Feng Shui.

Emperor Goose

Excellent for the root chakra, manifesting, bringing the symbol of the square which represents prosperity and success into one's life. Asking for and receiving support to manifest goals. Envisioning a higher sense of self, feeling good about yourself without becoming over inflated.

Gray Catbird

Validation of intuition and one's perceptions, especially for those who sense that something is not right beneath the surface, but are unable to precisely define what is really happening. This essence is for clarity of inner sight and knowing, you do know the truth.

Greater Scaup

Understanding mystical symbols and how to harness their energy to bring greater good into your life. Excellent for those who enjoy meditating with tarot cards or other forms of divination. Also very helpful for understanding dream symbols.

Harris's Sparrow

Strength and courage in all endeavors. Balances the meridians, aligns the chakras. Enhances fertility, using whatever resources are available to create one's dreams.

Heerman's Gull

Finding the path of least resistance which leads to an upward flow in one's life. Accepting what needs to be accepted with ease and grace. Knowing one is always provided for, a new day is dawning.

Lapland Longspur

Excellent essence for those whose travels in dreams ranges far and wide. Allows for continuing exploration of different realities in the dream time without depleting the physical body. Also helpful for facillitating astral projection conciously.

Little Gull

Draws love and joy. Seals energy leaks in a person, place or thing with radiant light. Also excellent for psychic protection.

Long Billed Curlew

Sound therapy, clears the throat chakra, empowers one to speak one's truth while being respectful of another's truth.

Marbled Godwit

Group unity and cooperation, eases fears of being in a crowd, especially in new and unfamiliar situations. Developing trust in the god self within, knowing you can handle any situation with ease.

Old Squaw

Excellent for women undergoing menopause including perimenopause. Enjoying the "crone" years, helps others to develop more honor and respect for all elders, be they male or female. Helps to drop fears of aging.

Pacific Loon

Taking specific actions to makes one's dreams a reality. Listening to your own inner wisdom and guidance as to what path to follow rather than relying on another's belief system.

Parasitic Jaegar

Cutting karmic bonds that are detrimental, completing karmic contracts, soul agreements easily and without pain. Breaking free from those or that which would hold you back releasing niggling problems that create internal imbalance.

Pink Footed Shearwater

Feeling a sense of being carried by Universal love and support, guided by angels. Raises one's vibration, attracts love and good wishes from others.

Red Crossbill

Excellent for when one has been "kicked" by a person or circumstances and so feels their very survival is threatened in some way. Knowing that nothing can harm you without your permission.

Sabines Gull

Helps to keep the mind positively focused, expecting that the balance of one's life will be restored with ease no matter what the situation. Moving forward fearlessly, trusting that whatever choice you make will be the right choice.

Short Tailed Shearwater

Remembering past lives, moving through painful, troubling times rapidly, healing at a deep soul level. Powerful emotions are harnessed and put to constructive use. Being in the present moment, focusing on what needs to be done from moment to moment without getting sidetracked or distracted.

Sooty Shearwater

Hope in the midst of darkness, growing without pain or suffering. Cleanses the mind and emotions of negative expectations and beliefs.

Surf Scoter

Balances the emotions and intellect, the intuitive and the rational in order to make sound decisions based on an expanded range of data.

Swainson's Thrush

Taking pride in one's abilities, talents and achievements. Sharing your gifts with the world and being honored for them. Enhances both being of service and allowing yourself to be served by others.

White Headed Woodpecker

Following the ancient rhythm back to source. Excellent for those undergoing any type of major transition.

White Fronted Goose

Using the power of light to clear blockages in the road, speeds up the manifestation of what is desired. Balances all of the chakras, including the hands and feet while activating the miracle chakra.

White Winged Dove

Profound feelings of peace, joy and bliss. Soothes troubled hearts and minds. Knowing that everything is in the hands of the Universe and all is well.

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