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Written by Duncan Chalmers, Elizabeth Robson Gordon, Izzy Izumi, Max Johnstone, Stuart Macdonald, Nick Penner, Connor Pierotti, Shelby Robert, Olivia Seto, Joe Su, Gennesse Walker-Scace.
Edited by Nick Penner, Joe Su, et al.
1. The second longest-running animated series in the U.S., behind The Simpsons, the titular character has two younger sisters. The protagonist's father David is a chef, and his mother Jane is an accountant. His alien obsessed best friend suffers from asthma and left the show for a short time in order to travel the world with his pilot dad. Notable guest stars of the show include Michelle Kwan, Neil Gaiman, and Yo-Yo Ma. For ten points, name this cartoon about an anthropomorphic aardvark who has an affinity for yellow sweaters.

ANSWER: Arthur

2. A song by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins involves a version of this substance made from alligators. One song about this declares “Those were the days, We'd lay in the haze” and is by Elton John. A song by Deana Carter about a strawberry variety of this beverage opens “He was working through college on my grandpa's farm/I was thirsting for knowledge and he had a car.” Paul Anka sang about “A Steel Guitar and a glass of” this. For 10 points name this beverage, which UB-40 sang about being “red red”.


3. This player was Rookie Player of the Month in the NBA Summer League in July 2010, shortly after he was picked 5th overall in that year’s draft. He played only one year in college for the Kentucky Wildcats before declaring for the draft. In 2012 the league suspended this player for two games without pay for confronting San Antonio Spurs color commentator Sean Elliott. Elliott had criticized this man for attempting to “bully” Tim Duncan on the court. For 10 points name this Center who currently plays for the Sacramento Kings.

ANSWER: DeMarcus “BoogieCousins (accept either underlined part)

4. Columns on this website include “Old Lady Movie Night” and the “Paper Vitamins” book blog. Known for its no gossip and no cursing policies, this site was inspired after its creator was chastised by Julie Klausner for tweeting excessive numbers of cat pictures. This website describes itself as a “positive online community for women” and was cofounded by Molly McAleer and Sophia Rossi. For 10 points name this website, launched by Zooey Deschanel, named for a small burst of girlish laughter.

ANSWER: (prompt on HG or Gigglers)

5. In one early role, this woman played Dee Dee Travis in Dr. T & the Women. Recently she’s played more indie roles like Sarah Bloom in Wish I Was Here and Erica in The Reluctant Fundamentalist. This woman showcased her dance skills in the movie Nine and produced and starred in the movie Bride Wars. Her early 2000s breakout roles include playing Andie Anderson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and the title role in Raising Helen. For 10 points name this woman, Oscar nominated as Penny Lane in Almost Famous.

ANSWER: Kate Hudson

6. The first player to record 1000 points in a decade, the Blackhawks traded this player away in 1967 as part of a deal for Pit Martin. This player served as the Rangers’ GM for 3 seasons in the 1980s and later co-founded the Tampa Bay Lighting, serving as their inaugural President. After Game 4 of the Summit Series, this player gave a famed speech, and later assisted Paul Henderson’s series winning goal. This player won 4 consecutive Art Ross trophies as a Bruin, who retired his #7. For 10 points name this hockey centre, older brother of goalie Tony.

ANSWER: Phil Esposito (prompt on last name)

7. In one of these comics, a rook can be seen in the background with a pair of dice both showing ‘1’. An orange octopus is in an aquarium in another one of these comics, as one of the two characters says to the other that being an octopus would allow having four times more arms for hugging. In one of the most famous one of these comics, one character made a cookie for the other but “eated it”. For 10 points, name these comics by Jeff Thomas featuring a yellow figure and a blue figure with large heads and red hearts.

ANSWER: Pon and Zi

8. This song was penned after the artist watched a Porter Wagoner gospel TV special. Despite this singer’s Jewish faith, this song contains strong Christian messages including the line “I’ve got a friend in Jesus”. The best ever selling song for Reprise Records, its fuzzed guitar riff was an avowed favourite of John Lennon. This song is allegedly the second most played song at memorial services, behind Danny Boy. For 10 points, name this song about going to “the place that’s the best”, a song by Norman Greenbaum.

ANSWER: “Spirit In The Sky

9. This TV show’s intro depicted a moose wandering the empty streets of its central town. In a Season 2 episode of this show, Rick is killed by a falling satellite. The main character of this series had an on and off relationship with Maggie O’Connell, and got his medical degree at Columbia. Set in the fictional town of Cicely, this show won the Outstanding Drama Emmy in 1992.This show starred Barry Corbin and Maurice Minnifeld and Rob Morrow as Dr. Joel Fleschman. For 10 points name this 1990s TV drama about a doctor forced to practice in rural Alaska.

ANSWER: Northern Exposure

10. This athlete made his first ATP final at the Thailand Open. A favourite in the 2009 US Open, this athlete was hampered by a wrist injury. Teaming with Laura Robson, this athlete lost to a Belarusian pair in the 2012 Olympic mixed doubles competition. He lost to Novak Djokovic in the 2013 Australian Open finals, having beaten him to win the 2012 US Open. This man won the men’s singles Olympic gold medalist in 2012. For 10 points, name this British tennis star, who in 2013 became the first British man to win Wimbledon since 1896

ANSWER: Andy Murray

11. This film’s final line, “I’ve gotta get a job!” is said after one character realizes he’s a father to six “mutant babies”. It’s not The Wizard of Oz, but a character screams “I’m melting!” when it begins to rain in this film. A travel montage in this film is framed by that character making annoying mouth noises. The film’s soundtrack hit the Billboard Top 10, featuring the song “Accidentally In Love”. After its release, it was the highest grossing animated film of all time. For 10 points name this film, second in a series about an ogre.

ANSWER: Shrek 2 (do not prompt on just Shrek)

12. This person's eleven-minute-long performance as Mrs. Miller in the 2008 film adaptation of John Patrick Shanley's Doubt earned several honors, including an Academy Award nomination. In 2001, she won the Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award for her portrayal of Tonya in King Hedley II. In August 2011, this actress played the role of Aibileen Clark in The Help. On TV, she has played Lynnette on City of Angels and Jan Marlow on Traveler. For ten points, name this star of the ABC legal drama How to Get Away with Murder.

ANSWER: Viola Davis

13. This singer-songwriter wishes that she could grow a beard so she can cover all her spots, not play connect the dots. In another song, she is not impressed by a rocket scientist, Brad Pitt, or a man's car. In another song she accuses a boyfriend of cheating saying “I've seen you around with Rita/The redhead down the lane.” According to her, “the best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun.” For ten points, name this artist who penned hits like “Come on Over”, “Up!”, and “Man! I feel like a woman”

ANSWER: Shania Twain (accept either underlined part)

14. This film was nominated for Best Sound Mixing and Best Film Editing and won the Oscar for Best Documentary. Despite a $600,000 budget, this movie grossed over $50 million. A number of artists were excluded from this film, like Sweetwater, Mountain, and the Grateful Dead. This film was praised for its audience shots which captured the spirit of a certain upstate New York music festival. For 10 points, name this 1970 documentary by Michael Wadley with acts like The Who, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix.

ANSWER: Woodstock

NOTE: Description acceptable.

15. 50 Cent and Arsenio Hall have both done this action when asked about family members by a certain woman. In one episode, Brandy did this action after admitting her marriage was a sham. Maya Angelou did this when talking about religion in one of her last interviews with a particular TV personality. Jennifer Aniston did this while talking about Friends ending. In 2014, Pharrell did this after seeing a video of fans singing his song “Happy” on a specific show. For 10 points name this action, in which people show emotion while talking to a certain talk show host.

ANSWER: Crying on Oprah (accept equivalents)
16. The Mac port of this game was made by Westlake Interactive. Players in this game can only carry two weapons at once, and up to eight grenades. Rare weapons in this game include the M7057 Flamethrower and the Type-25 Plasma Rifle. At the end of this game’s story, players use the Pillar of Autumn to destruct the title structure. The inaugural winner of IGN’s Game of the Year award, this game was used for the web series Red vs. Blue. For 10 points name this video game, the first time players got to be Master Chief.

ANSWER: Halo: Combat Evolved (accept Halo: CE or Halo 1)

17. The short-lived TV show named for this actor featured him as Andy LeBeau, an apprentice angel. His other voice acting work includes playing Kevin on Waynehead. A onetime candidate for Governor of California, he played himself on shows such as The Ben Stiller Show, The Parkers, and the pilot of The Wayans Bros. His most notable character was adopted by Phillip Drummond and had the catchphrase “What’chu talkin’ ‘bout Willis?” For 10 points name this child actor who played Arnold Jackson on Diff’rent Strokes.

ANSWER: Gary Coleman

18. Hall of Famer Charles Nichols earned this nickname as a member of the Boston Beaneaters. Other players with this nickname include Billy DeMars, Eddie Foster, and Willie McGill. Ken Griffey, Jr. was known by this nickname in Seattle, even when he returned at the age of 39. Gary Carter earned this nickname for his exuberance, and Robin Yount earned this nickname by debuting at age 18. Willie Mays was known as the “Say Hey” variety of this nickname. For 10 points name this common baseball nickname, often used to indicate youth.

ANSWER: Kid (accept slight variations such as The Kid)

19. This film opens with two men breaking into the main character’s home, and causing havoc, claiming that the lead character owed money. In the censored version of this film, one line is dubbed over as “See what happen when you fight a stranger in the Alps?!” This film ends with the lead character’s friend, played by John Goodman, giving a eulogy that turns into him talking about the Vietnam War. For 10 points, name this iconic Jeff Bridges movie, the events of which occur because some guy peed on The Dude’s rug.

ANSWER: The Big Lebowski

20. One song by this woman, about her internet detractors, has the lyrics “No matter what you do/I’ll just keep on dreaming”. The chorus another single of hers, released in 2013, states “I’m moving on/Cause you set me free”. Aside from “My Moment” and “In Your Words”, this woman also sang “Person of Interest” and “Sing It”. Most recently she worked with Dave Days on the song “Saturday”. In this woman’s most prominent song she notes “Yesterday was Thursday” and asks “Which seat can I take?” For 10 points name this singer of “Friday”.

ANSWER: Rebecca Black (prompt on RB)

TB. In their inaugural season, this team finished last under coach Bill Fitch, and used their draft pick on Austin Carr. Walt Frazier played for this team from 1977 to 1980, while Lenny Wilkens played for this team from 1972 to 1974 then coached it from 1986 to 1993. Currently playing in the 2014 NBA Draft, this team selected Andrew Wiggins 1st overall, but traded him to the Timberwolves in a deal for Kevin Love. For 10 points name this basketball team, who LeBron James returned to this past offseason.

ANSWER: Cleveland Cavaliers (accept either underlined part. Also accepts Cavs)



1. In one scene from this film, a character climbs through an outhouse to get an autograph. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this 2009 Danny Boyle film. In this film, Jamal Malik not only wins an Indian game show, but also reunites with his love interest Latika, and everyone dances to “Jai Ho”!

ANSWER: Slumdog Millionare

[10] This actor played Jamal in Slumdog Millionaire. Since then, this actor has gone on to play Andrew in About Cherry and Sonny Kappor in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

ANSWER: Dev Patel

[10] Jamal wins the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? by randomly correctly guessing that this man was the third musketeer. In 2011’s The Three Musketeers, this character is played by Luke Evans.

ANSWER: Aramis
2. For 10 points each, name some interesting MLB batting music.

[10] After being benched by the Padres in 2008, Jim Edmonds changed to this song, whose refrain declares “Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play, today”. By John Fogerty, this song’s title is also Edmonds’ position.

ANSWER: “Centrefield

[10] While a member of this team, Chipper Jones memorably used Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” as his walk up music. In 2014, Evan Gattis started using Richie Havens’ “Freedom” while a member of this team.

ANSWER: Atlanta Braves

[10] Midway through the 2014 season, this catcher changed his song to The Wolf of Wall Street’s money chant. With the Cardinals since 2012, he backed up Yadier Molina and A.J. Pierzynski during the team’s 2014 playoff run.

ANSWER: Tony Cruz
3. This series began with Jen outlining her computer skills in a job interview. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this British comedy about the titular department that answers the phone with “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

ANSWER: The IT Crowd

[10] This actor played the socially awkward Maurice Moss in The IT Crowd. This man’s other TV work includes Templeton on Strange Hill High and he voiced Mr. Pickles in 2014’s The Boxtrolls.

ANSWER: Richard Ayoade (pronounced eye-oh-AH-dee)

[10] Also on The IT Crowd, Noel Fielding played this character. Originally a young go-getter at Reynholm Industries, he later goes Goth, catches scurvy, then turns his life around to start the company Goth2Boss.

ANSWER: Richmond Avenal (accept either underlined part)
4. This song ends with the offered advice being rejected since it “makes no sense at all”. For 10 points each,:

[10] Name this song, in which Rikrok’s revelations of infidelity are met with the titular advice of denial. Rikrok’s girl apparently “saw me bangin’ on the sofa”, and “She even caught me on camera”.

ANSWER: “It Wasn’t Me

[10] “It Wasn’t Me” was a hit for this Jamaican-American reggae artist. His albums include Lucky Day and Rise.

ANSWER: Shaggy (accept Orville Richard Burrell)

[10] This other Shaggy song shares its title with his third studio album. In this song, Shaggy says that women “say me fantastic” and “says I’m Mr. Romantic”.

ANSWER: “Boombastic” (do NOT accept or prompt on Mr. Boombastic)
5. This film is set primarily at Westerburg High School. For 10 points:

[10] Name this 1988 dark comedy film about four girls, three of whom share the titular name. Directed by Michael Lehman, the movie ends with Martha and Veronica watching movies on prom night.

ANSWER: Heathers

[10] This man played J.D. in Heathers. This man played an apprentice monk in The Name of the Rose, Will Scarlet in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and Daniel in Interview with the Vampire.

ANSWER: Christian Slater

[10] To symbolize her role as leader of The Heathers, Heather Duke wears a prominent red one of these items. Other movie characters who wear these items include Sam Sparks in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

ANSWER: Hair scrunchie (prompt on hair tie)

6. On this show, Tracey Needham played Meg Austin before leaving after the first season. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this military legal drama. It follows the adventures of Capt. Harmon Rabb, Jr. as he works as a lawyer in the US Navy.


[10] This actor played Rabb on JAG. Recently, this actor played Ripp Cockburn on GCB, James Conlon on Close to Home and David Renwald on The Guard

ANSWER: David James Elliot

[10] Elliot played “Wolf” West on the only season of this ABC comedy-drama about a family of criminals trying to reform. This show starred Virginia Madsen as Cheryl and Leven Rambin as Heather.

ANSWER: Scoundrels

7. This site was acquired by Twitter shortly before it was due to officially launch. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this video sharing site, which allows users to upload six second long looping videos.


[10] This American teenager is the most followed Vine star in the world. This 16 year old’s Vines frequently involve his sister Skylynn, and in 2010 this Viner came under fire for using homophobic slurs.

ANSWER: Nash Grier

[10] This Vine series depicts daily life in Hong Kong. Created by Joseph Chuk, this series discusses stresses like overcrowded public transportation and the depressing urban jungle environment.

ANSWER: Vertical City Vine
8. This song states “With your love, I can board the skies”. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this song, the latest single for Pharrell. Pharrell compares the songs subject to this phenomenon, since “you hit me off sometimes” and “You remind me there’s someone up there”.

ANSWER: “Gust of Wind

[10] Gust of Wind comes from this 2014 Pharrell album. Intented as a pro-feminist album in the wake of the “Blurred Lines” controversy, it also features the hits “Happy” and “Come Get It Bae”.


[10] Besides his solo work, Pharrell is a member of this hip-hop and funk band. Also including Chad Hugo and Shay Haley, this group’s latest studio album was 2010’s Nothing.

9. Name some things about Stanley Cup champions from the 80s that AREN’T the Oilers for 10 points each.

[10] This team won 4 Cups in a row from 1980 to 1983. Coached by Al Arbour and led by Mike Bossy and Bryan Trottier, they lost to the Oilers in 1984.

ANSWER: New York Islanders

[10] In this year, the Calgary Flames beat Montreal 4 games to 2 to win the Cup. Also in this year Brian Leetch won the Calder Trophy and Marcel Dionne retired following this season.

ANSWER: 1989

[10] This coach led the Canadiens to a Cup victory in 1986, but in 1988 was unceremoniously fired and replaced by Pat Burns. Later a coach of the Nordiques, he was also a mainstay on the sports program 110%.

ANSWER: Jean Perron
10. This show’s producers had the mantra was “No hugging, no learning”. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this TV show, often described as a show about nothing. Jason, Elaine, and Kramer often gathered in the titular man’s apartment.

ANSWER: Seinfeld

[10] This actor played Kramer on Seinfeld. In 2013 this actor played Frank on Kirstie, but this man has been all but unemployable since he had choice words for an African American heckler in 2006.

ANSWR: Michael Richards

[10] On Seinfeld, Heidi Swedberg played this recurring character. Briefly George’s fiancé, George reacts calmly after learning she died from licking poisonous envelopes.

ANSWER: Susan Ross

11. In A.D. 2101, war was beginning. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this 1989 side-scrolling game. The player controls a “ZIG” star fighter, and works to destroy the alien race CATS.

ANSWER: Zero Wing

[10] Zero Wing launched this meme, based on a bad translation in the opening cutscene. This line is followed by the lines “You have no chance to survive make your time” and “Move ZIG for great justice.”

ANSWER: “All your base are belong to us

[10] Another game with translation issues, this NES game’s victory screen simply read “A Winner Is You”. Characters in this game include Giant Panther and King Slender, whose specialty move is the “back breaker”.

ANSWER: Pro Wrestling

12. The first tracks for this sport were built in St. Moritz, Switzerland. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this sport, in which teams of two or four make timed runs down iced tracks in upsized toboggans.

ANSWER: Bobsleigh (accept Bobsled)

[10] At the 2014 Winter Olympics, this country won gold in two-man and four-man bobsleigh. Their pilot, Alexandr Zubkov, previously won a silver in 2006 and a bronze in 2010.

ANSWER: Russia

[10] This American overcame keratoconus in his eyes to win the Bobsleigh World Cup in 2007, 2010, and 2014. He also won four-man gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics, but settled for bronze in 2014.

ANSWER: Steven Holcomb
13. Name some unique facial hair styles, for 10 points each.

[10] This is a straight moustache that descends into two “tendrils”, with a third “tendril” descending from the chin. Based on a traditional Mongolian style, this type of facial hair is named for a stock Asian character.

ANSWER: Fu Manchu

[10] This moustache style is similar to a handlebar moustache, but it dips downwards making an inverted U around the mouth. Examples of this style can be found on the faces of Luis Tiant and Hulk Hogan.

ANSWER: Horseshoe moustache

[10] This style of moustache is a thin line just above the upper lip, as can be observed on Little Richard or John Waters. It is designed to look appear so skinny that it could have been drawn by the namesake writing instrument.

ANSWER: Pencil moustache
14. This man has made short films such as The Alphabet and Idem Paris. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this director, known for his surrealist style. Movies this man directed include Dune, Wild at Heart, Mulholland Drive, and he created the TV show Twin Peaks.

ANSWER: David Lynch

[10] This 2006 movie is Lynch’s most recent feature film directorial effort. This film stars Laura Dern as Nikki Grace and Jeremy Irons as Kingsley Stewart, and the film ends with The Lost Girl running into Smithy’s house.

ANSWER: Inland Empire

[10] Lynch’s film The Elephant Man starred this actor in the title role. This man won a BAFTA for The Elephant Man, and later played Kane in Alien and Control in Tinker Tailor Solider Spy.

ANSWER: John Hurt
15. “There’s a party goin’ on right here” For 10 points each:

[10] Name this song 1980 funk song. This track later states “It’s time to come together/It’s up to you, what’s your pleasure?/Everyone around the world COME ON!”

ANSWER: “Celebration” (do not accept “Celebrate”)

[10] “Celebration” was by this jazz/soul/funk band from Jersey City. Named in part for their bass player, this group featured James “J.T.” Taylor as lead singer and Mark Blakey on triangle.

ANSWER: Kool & the Gang

[10] This other Kool & The Gang song was the second single from the album Wild and Peaceful. Prominently featured in the movie Pulp Fiction, the song repeatedly chants “Get down, get down”.

ANSWER: “Jungle Boogie

16. This company filed for bankruptcy in 2011 after previous owners had made bad financial decisions regarding real estate. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this chain of restaurants owned by Yorgo Koutsogiorgas that improved their quality of side dishes other than their speciality food as part of their way of recovering from the 2011 bankruptcy

ANSWER: Giordano’s

[10] Giordano’s signature food is a variant of this. Other types of this food include one named for New York characterized by thinner crust and a New Haven style variety.


[10] A pizza named after this city has an extremely thin crust and uses Provel cheese instead of mozerella. This city is also known for its barbecue style, which involves grilling and heavy sauce.

ANSWER: St. Louis

17. For 10 points each, name some things about the 2011 NBA Finals:

[10] This team won the championship. They were led by clutch play from Jason Terry, Jason Kidd, and Tyson Chandler.

ANSWER: Dallas Mavericks

[10] This man was named series MVP. This German average 26.0 points and 9.7 rebounds per game.

ANSWER: Dirk Nowitzki

[10] The 2011 Final was actually a rematch of this year’s final. In that year, the Heat beat the Mavs in 6 games, coming back from a 0-2 deficit.

ANSWER: 2006
18. After one character begins talking only in rap, Dennis states “I am incredibly frightened.” For 10 points each:

[10] Name this film about a US Senator who takes out an assassination contract on himself. The main character breaks down suffering from insomnia, discovers hip-hop culture, and is ultimately killed by the insurance industry.

ANSWER: Bulworth

[10] This man directed, produced, and starred in Bulworth. This man played John Reed in Reds, the title character in Bugsy, and Clyde Barrow in 1967’s Bonnie and Clyde.

ANSWER: Warren Beatty

[10] Beatty also starred in this 1978 film, about a football player sent back to earth in the body of a millionaire. Julie Christie plays love interest Betty Logan, while Jack Warden plays Max Corkle.

ANSWER: Heaven Can Wait
19. This show’s first season theme song was RuPaul’s “Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous”. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this reality competition, in which obese individuals win cash prizes by losing weight. This show’s inaugural winner was Ryan Benson

ANSWER: The Biggest Loser

[10] This man has served as a personal trainer on all seasons of The Biggest Loser. This trainer has released books such as Jumpstart to Skinny, and he came out as gay during the show’s 15th season.

ANSWER: Robert “Bob” Harper

[10] This man won the show’s most recent completed season, Glory Days. A business administrator, this contestant was a semi-pro soccer player before gaining weight, and joined the show as a promise to his recently deceased dad.

ANSWER: Toma Dobrosavlijevic (accept either underlined part)
20. This song states “Baby it’s you/who fills up my life”. For 10 points:

[10] Name this song, about a man trying to convince his lover to stay. The lyrics also state that if a woman did the title action “It wouldn’t change a thing/I’d still be singing celebration of you”

ANSWER: “If You Walked Away

[10] “If You Walked Away” was a hit for this singer-songwriter. This man’s albums include Time to Fly, while this man wrote the songs “Tryin’ to Get the Feeling Again” and “The Old Songs” for Barry Manilow.

ANSWER: David Pomeranz

[10] Pomeranz wrote this musical about the life of Charlie Chaplin. The CD of this musical’s score featured artists like Petula Clark and Lea Salonga, and this musical was a surprise hit in Russia.

ANSWER: Little Tramp

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